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Hungerford (Character)
from "Bergerac" (1981)

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"Bergerac: The Company You Keep (#3.8)" (1984)
Charlie Hungerford: I thought we'd pop into town and see Peter and check up on those houses he was enthusing about. Then if you like the look of them, I'm sure I could arrange a 10 or even 20 per cent discount.
Dorothy Burgess: Tell me, Charlie. Have you *ever* paid the right price for *anything*?
Charlie Hungerford: [exaggerated Yorkshire accent] I wouldn't be where I am today, lass, if I'd done owt so daft as that.

"Bergerac: Private Fight (#6.7)" (1988)
[Jim is trying to get a vacuum cleaner to work. It is making rattling, whistling noises]
Charlie Hungerford: That looks as if it needs mending with a new one, as my old grand-dad used to say.
Det. Sgt. Jim Bergerac: Yeah, well I bought it second-hand. It probably *belonged* to your old grand-dad!

"Bergerac: Natural Enemies (#7.2)" (1989)
[a mysterious parcel has arrived for Charlie]
Bill Loman: What *is* that? Ash?
Charlie Hungerford: I've been sent cigars before, but never pre-smoked!

"Bergerac: Late for a Funeral (#1.8)" (1981)
Hungerford: Matt tells me you have a salvage job you want done in a hurry.
Falkenhorst: And in the greatest confidence.
Hungerford: Well of course. Salvage experts are like doctors and priests. Only they make a lot more money.