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Dave Harris (Character)
from "Minder" (1979)

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"Minder: Last Orders at the Winchester (#9.9)" (1993)
[Arthur is raising money for the repair of the Winchester Club by organising a football match against the police, but he has persuaded the vicar to lend them the football pitch for free by saying that it is for repairs to Winchester Cathedral]
Dave Harris: It don't seem right, somehow, conning the clergy.
Arthur Daley: He's the one who married me and 'Er Indoors. I prefer to see it as settling an old score.

"Minder: The Long Good Thursday (#10.10)" (1994)
[last words of episode and series: the police have recaptured escaped prisoner Crazy Frankie, and have arrested Arthur for harboring a wanted criminal and Ray and Dave as Arthur's accomplices; they are all being driven away in a police van]
Arthur Daley: Oh that is nice. That is very nice. I spend my life worrying about my fellow man, my friends, my family, making sure 'Er Indoors has a crust, pushing the economy of this septic isle ever upwards with my entrepreneurial skills. I don't have to apologise for that. Oh God, I've tried.
Frankie: He don't half go on, don't he?
Dave Harris: And on.
Ray Daley: And on.
Arthur Daley: I don't understand it. Why me? Why me? Have I not always conducted my life with decency and dignity? Have the time-honoured values of yesteryear deteriorated to the point that there is no place left in the black economy for men of vision?

"Minder: Whose Wife Is It Anyway? (#2.2)" (1980)
[Arthur is trying to sell a watch to Dave]
Arthur Daley: At that price, it's a steal.
Dave Harris: That's what worries me.

"Minder: I'll Never Forget Whats'ername (#9.1)" (1993)
[Arthur has just seen "The Silence of the Lambs" at the cinema and is shocked at its graphic nature]
Arthur Daley: I thought I'd gone in the back entrance to Smithfield.
Dave Harris: It's the style these days, Arthur. I mean, they don't leave much to the imagination.
Arthur Daley: An experience like that could haunt you for life. I remember as if it was yesterday dragging young Ray screaming out of "Bambi" when he was so high.
Dave Harris: Well they *are* impressionable at that age.
Arthur Daley: *He* wanted to stay. *I* didn't sleep properly for days.