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Danny Wilde (Character)
from "The Persuaders!" (1971)

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"The Persuaders!: The Ozerov Inheritance (#1.22)" (1972)
Lord Brett Sinclair: [as the burly bodyguard enters] Did you ring for room service?
Danny Wilde: Not me.
Lord Brett Sinclair: [smiling as he notices the mysterious robed young blond girl, then addressing her] May I say that uninvited visitors have never been more...
[wants to extend a greeting to her, but he is halted by the big man]
Lord Brett Sinclair: ... welcome.
Danny Wilde: [to her] It's lucky you showed up.
Danny Wilde: We would have killed him.
Princess Alexandra: [regarding them coolly, then speaking out imperiously] I wish to identify you.
[extending her hand]
Princess Alexandra: Your passport.
Danny Wilde: All right.
[surreptitiously to Brett]
Danny Wilde: Do you have your passport?
Lord Brett Sinclair: Yes.
Danny Wilde: Give it to her.
Lord Brett Sinclair: Okay.
[hands it over]
Danny Wilde: [as Brett hands his passport to the bodyguard] Thank you.
[profusely bowing his head]
Danny Wilde: Oh, she's the Immigration Department. Personalized service.
Princess Alexandra: You are Lord Sinclair.
[Danny gushes appreciatively for his sake]
Princess Alexandra: Thank you for coming.
[whole demeanor changing, as Danny curtsies, and she comes down the stairs, and kisses them both on their cheeks]
Princess Alexandra: I am yours to command.
[kneeling respectfully]

Danny Wilde: We? What do you mean, we? You don't have the time, you got a secret message to come to Switzerland, not me. I'm here for the winter sports, whoever she may be.

"The Persuaders!: The Gold Napoleon (#1.2)" (1971)
Danny Wilde: [on his way out the door] I'm not taking any wounded girl in my red Ferrari.
Michelle Devigne: If you don't take me with you, I'll scream!

"The Persuaders!: The Man in the Middle (#1.14)" (1971)
Danny Wilde: [after Brett has learned of imminent danger] Well, cheer up, what can happen?
Lord Brett Sinclair: I could get killed, that's what can happen.
Danny Wilde: Not in the middle of a hotel lobby, and me as your bodyguard. You're dramatizing. Besides, I'm gonna be around you every second of the time from now on.
Lord Brett Sinclair: That's a depressing thought. Come on, I'll buy you a drink.
Danny Wilde: Okay.
Lord Brett Sinclair: I will never understand for the life of me how we always manage to let the Judge... Uh, bodyguard?
Danny Wilde: [has dropped back to pay attention to a lovely leggy girl] Ah, excuse me. I was watching... she looked suspicious. What do you think they are going to do, kidnap you in the lobby of a hotel?
Kay Hunter: [gorgeous girl, on phone, as the duo pass her in the lobby] Yes, he's in the lobby. Get over here as fast as you can. I know it's dangerous, but we've got to pick him up before they can.