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George Cowley (Character)
from "The Professionals" (1977)

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"The Professionals: Stopover (#3.3)" (1979)
George Cowley: [to Meredith, who is clutching a gas canister and a lighter] Good to see you alive, Colin - the report said captured, assumed dead.

George Cowley: The doctor said you're to have a complete rest.
Meredith: I haven't worn civilized clothes for two years!

Meredith: [on Radouk's possible defection] You interested? This is the biggest thing since Philby!
George Cowley: God forbid!

[Meredith has complained about Bodie and Doyle, describing them as 'goons']
George Cowley: If it hadn't been for my 'goons' as you choose to call them, you'd be laid out on a slab by now!

George Cowley: [passing a picture from Malenski's file to Doyle] He takes after his mother, don't you think?

[Cowley orders Bodie and Doyle to join him in chasing after Kodai's helicopter, after Cowley survived being shot by Kodai by wearing a Bullet proof vest under his coat]
Doyle: Why aren't we taking the lads?
George Cowley: Because I don't want a bloody procession, Doyle!

[Doyle, Bodie and Cowley are following Kodai's helicopter in Cowley's car]
Doyle: How did you know to wear the fancy waistcoat? Clairvoyance?
George Cowley: Clairvoyance!

"The Professionals: The Ojuka Situation (#5.9)" (1983)
George Cowley: Right. Now, listen to me. John Avery at the Home Office has got more interests in African finance than you've got in air hostesses, Bodie, and he's acting very jumpy.

Avery: The notion of calling in CI5 for a school visit seemed akin to asking the SAS to rescue a cat out of a tree.
George Cowley: An error of judgement on your part, then?
Avery: It's easy to be wise after the event, Cowley. I won't be held responsible.
George Cowley: [ironically] Oh, yes, I can see that!

"The Professionals: In the Public Interest (#2.5)" (1978)
Minister: A city sewn up tight but safely... a city where hooligans are kept in check and suspicious characters are forced to move on. For God's sake, George, to most law-abiding citizens it sounds like Utopia!
George Cowley: Aye... That's what they thought about Hitler's Germany!

[the draconian regime instigated by Chief Constable Green has just been toppled]
Chief Constable Green: It was Chives. He took it upon himself. Overstepped his authority.
George Cowley: Chives was a runaway truck, careering downhill, running over the guilty *and* the innocent. A runaway truck. But *you* released the handbrake.
Chief Constable Green: [horrified] George!
George Cowley: [snarling] The name is Cowley! *Mister* Cowley! I don't know what we'll be able to make stick against you, Green, but I do know that whatever the outcome, you'll never have authority again. Not even to see kids across the road.
Chief Constable Green: [plaintively] My motives - what I did - I thought was in the public interest.
George Cowley: Aye. That's the tragedy.

"The Professionals: Hunter/Hunted (#2.1)" (1978)
[Kathie Mason's husband Preston has lured Doyle to waste ground to shoot him. Kathie is refusing to tell Bodie and Cowley where he is.]
Bodie: You set Ray up! She set us up from the start! He didn't even have to follow us, did he? You knew *exactly* where we were gonna be. And you know exactly where he is now.
Bodie: [menacingly, while tenderly stroking Kathie's hair] You'd better tell me, my lovely. Because if anything happens to Ray, I'm gonna find your sadistic boyfriend...
Kathie Mason: Husband.
Bodie: ... And kill him. Very slowly. And then to save you the pleasure of spending the rest of your miserable life in jail, I'm going to do the same to you. Great joy.
Kathie Mason: Did you hear that, Mr. Cowley?
George Cowley: I never heard a word, Miss Mason. Not a single word.
Bodie: His eyesight's not very good, either.

George Cowley: [a soldier is picking his way gingerly across scaffolding, evading a party of men in camouflage fatigues who are beating the bushes in the garden below for him. Cowley sees him, aims through the scope of his AR-10 rifle. He shines a red dot from the large laser pointer mounted beneath the barrel and tracks it up the scaffolding until it is zeroed on the soldier's body. Cowley moves the dot upwards and waves it across the soldier's face, stunning and temporarily blinding him, forcing him to fall into a pool in the garden below. The other soldiers crowd around the pool and drag him out. Cowley looks rather pleased with himself] Droppy.
Bodie: Poor bastard was nearly a mile away. On a different course.
George Cowley: His mistake, assuming the only enemy is the one you can see.
[Hefts the rifle in his hands]
George Cowley: Laser lock sight.
[Hands it to Doyle]
George Cowley: . Try it.
[Doyle takes it from him]
Doyle: [Doyle readies the rifle and points it down range. A popup silhouette target of an armed man with glasses jumps up. Doyle points the laser sight at it and fires two aimed shots at its head, quickly followed by a burst of fire at its torso. All the shots hit] *Whistles*
[Doyle then fires a series of bursts at a string of other popup targets at varying ranges. Finished, Doyle holds the rifle muzzle up and ejects the spent magazine]
George Cowley: Ah, very impressive.
[Turns to walk away]
Doyle: Couldn't miss.
Bodie: [Looking at the targets] Nobody could.
Doyle: Thanks...
Bodie: [Cuts Doyle off] Not with a thing like that.
Doyle: ...Friend.
Bodie: [Petulantly] Hey, don't I get a go?
George Cowley: [Firmly] It's not a toy, Bodie.
Bodie: [Chastened] No, sir.

"The Professionals: The Acorn Syndrome (#4.1)" (1980)
George Cowley: By the way, did you two pick up my desk?
Bodie: Ah, well, yes sir, we did.
Doyle: And we didn't.
George Cowley: You did and you didn't?
Doyle: Yeah...
Bodie: Yeah, well, we did the first time...
Doyle: But not the, uh, second time...

[Bodie and Doyle collected Cowley's valuable antique desk but it fell off the roof-rack of their car as they were chasing Coleman and Angadi]
George Cowley: I suppose you heard what these two did to my desk, McCabe?
McCabe: It's the talk of the department, sir.
George Cowley: Battered beyond recognition... minus its drawers.
McCabe: Nasty. On that evidence I'm surprised you don't charge them with rape!

"The Professionals: Take Away (#4.6)" (1980)
[Bodie is squatting in a filthy, run-down house, in order to infiltrate a group of drug smugglers]
George Cowley: What's the smell? Washing or cooking?
Bodie: Cooking. It's sock soup tonight! Yummy!

[Bodie is unshaven, unkempt and smelly because he is infiltrating a group of drug smugglers]
George Cowley: There's a query about your expenses. Red Room at the Carlton Tower? Excessive, isn't it?
Bodie: It's the only place open, right.
George Cowley: They served you, looking like that?
Bodie: Yeah - they think I'm an American actor.

"The Professionals: Spy Probe (#5.6)" (1982)
Ferris: Where are you taking me?
Doyle: Don't worry... it's soundproof.
Ferris: [to Cowley] What does he mean 'soundproof'?
George Cowley: [straight-faced] He means... nobody will hear your screams.
George Cowley: [to Doyle] OK, get on with it.
Ferris: What's he doing?
George Cowley: Filling a bath... or, at least, half-filling it: we don't want to make a mess.
[Doyle picks up the telephone]
Doyle: Send Sparks down with his box of tricks.
Ferris: [terrified] What are you going to do?
[Doyle puts on industrial rubber gloves]
Doyle: Give you a bit of a shock. Might jog your memory.

"The Professionals: Lawson's Last Stand (#5.4)" (1982)
George Cowley: [talking about Lawson's campaign to restore Britishness to the country] He wants the National Anthem played on Radio Two... on the hour, every hour... forever!

"The Professionals: The Rack (#2.2)" (1978)
[a Court of Inquiry into the death of a suspect in CI5's custody has become a witch-hunt into the future of CI5 itself]
George Cowley: A man died and you want to close down the whole hospital!

"The Professionals: When the Heat Cools Off (#1.9)" (1978)
George Cowley: I back my men to the hilt.
Minister: Even if they're wrong.
George Cowley: Until they're *proved* wrong.

"The Professionals: The Untouchables (#5.8)" (1983)
Rahad: Mr Cowley! I have heard of you. You are... much smaller than I imagined
George Cowley: So was Henry VIII

"The Professionals: Klansmen (#1.13)" (1977)
[Zadie has had a burning cross put in his garden at his home and has been attacked by men dressed in Ku Klux Klan robes after his intervention at the Culver's place earlier when the black couple were being evicted. CI5 are handling the investigation: Cowley is briefing Bodie and Doyle on what he wants them to do]
George Cowley: I don't like it! I hate it! I revile it!
Doyle: It's still police business, Sir.
George Cowley: Not any more. I'm making it *our* business, *my* business.
Bodie: That's over-reacting a bit, isn't it? I mean after all, all they did was plant a cross in a spade's garden.
George Cowley: Bodie, you're taller than me, you're bigger. But if you ever use that word again in this office, you'll find out that you're not tougher. All right, so I'm over-reacting, but I've seen and fought prejudice of one kind or another all my life, and I intend to keep on fighting it. Yes, I'm over-reacting, all right, but by God, somebody's got to! Me, you, all of us. Any questions, Bodie?
Bodie: No, Sir.
George Cowley: They lit a torch last night, a small one. But fire spreads, fast! That's why this is a CI5 job, we're the firefighters. Now get to it and stamp it out!

"The Professionals: Not a Very Civil Civil Servant (#2.7)" (1978)
[Cowley has accused the Minister of corruption and withholding details of a murder. The Minister believes that he immune from the law]
Minister: [unconcerned] What do you suggest I do?
George Cowley: Resign. But we live in a world without much honour, where politicians hang onto office like dirty glue, so I don't suppose you will - blame is for others.