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Emerald (Character)
from "Sailor Moon" (1995)

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"Sailor Moon: Rubeus Strikes Out (#2.27)" (1998)
Emerald: [appears to Rubeus laughing] You're a real winner.
Rubeus: Oh, Emerald, so glad you came! Take me back to the future, will you? We've got to hurry! This ship is set to self destruct in about one minute!
Emerald: Humph! What a pity!
Rubeus: Uh, but...
Emerald: You're a disgrace, Rubeus. Prince Diamond's got no use for incompetents like you. You're nothing but a failure; you struck out big time. With the Sailor Scouts, Rini, and the Silver Crystal, that means you're no longer up to bat. And you know what that means: three strikes and you're out!
[Emerald laughs and vanishes leaving Rubeus]
Rubeus: No! Emerald! Come back here! EMERALD!
[the ship explodes killing Rubeus]