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Pirelli (Character)
from Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (2007)

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Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (2007)
Signor Adolfo Pirelli: [to Sweeney] May the good Lord smile on you... until we meet again.

Signor Adolfo Pirelli: Mr.Todd?
Sweeney Todd: Signor Pirelli.
Signor Adolfo Pirelli: [reverting to a Cockney accent] Call me Davy. Davy Collins is the name when it isn't professional.

Signor Adolfo Pirelli: [singing] I am Adolfo Pirelli, da king of da barbers, da barber of kings, e buon giorno, good day. I blow you a kiss! And I, the so famous Pirelli, I wish-a to know who has-a da nerve-a to say my Elixir is piss! Who says this?
Sweeney Todd: I do. I'm Mr. Sweeney Todd from Fleet Street. I have opened a bottle of Pirelli's Elixir and I say to you, it is nothing but an errant fraud, concocted from piss and ink. And furthermore, "Signor", I have serviced no kings, yet I wager that I can shave a cheek with ten times more dexterity than any street mountebank.

[the shaving contest has just started]
Signor Adolfo Pirelli: Now, signorini, signori, / We mix-a da lather / But first-a you gather / Around, signorini, signori, / You looking a man / Who have had-a da glory / To shave-a da Pope! / Mr. Sweeney whoever - / I beg-a your pardon - 'll / Probably say it was only a cardinal... / Nope! / It was-a da Pope!

Signor Adolfo Pirelli: To shave-a da face/ To trim-a da beard/ To make-a da bristle/ Clean like a whistle/ Dis is from early infancy/ Da talent give to me/ By God./ It take-a da skill/ It take-a da brains/ It take-a da will/ To take-a da pains!/ It take-a da pace/ It take-a da graaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace!
Beadle: And the winner is Todd!

Signor Adolfo Pirelli: [as Davy Collins] I'll be wantin' me five quid back, if'n you don't mind.
Sweeney Todd: What for?
Signor Adolfo Pirelli: Because you entered our little wager under false pretense. So as you don't make the same mistake again, I'll be taking half your profits from herewith, share and share alike. Is that alright... Mr. Benjamin Barker?

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (1982) (TV)
[Todd has engaged Pirelli in a shaving contest]
Pirelli: Now, signorini, signori, we mix-a da lather but first-a you gather around, signorini, signori, you looking a man who have had-a da glory to shave-a da Pope! Mr. Sweeney whoever - I beg-a you pardon-'ll probably say it was-a only a cardinal - Nope! It was-a da Pope!