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Dino Whitman (Character)
from "Life As We Know It" (2004)

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"Life As We Know It: Natural Disasters (#1.6)" (2004)
Jackie Bradford: Oh, thanks Dino. I miss one class and you get us and F
Dino Whitman: What you shouldn't have skipped. Where were you anyways?
Jackie Bradford: None of your business. I can't believe this Dino. How can you be so inepth?
Dino Whitman: [laughs]
Dino Whitman: I am so done with her. Ya i'm gunna have sex with Zoe right here on Jackies desk. Then well do it on Changs desk

"Life As We Know It: Pilot Junior (#1.2)" (2004)
Jackie Bradford: Who do you keep calling?
Dino Whitman: No one
Jackie Bradford: Oh come on, you've been avoiding me all night on that stupid phone every time I see you
Dino Whitman: Who's avoiding who? And maybe if you answered your phone every now and again you could have told me you were having a party
Jackie Bradford: Me? Me? You didn't tell me first. I had to hear at practice about the party
Dino Whitman: Ben and Jonathan mad me have one
Jackie Bradford: What happened to a nice quiet evening just me and you talking?
Dino Whitman: I can't tell you right now
Jackie Bradford: Oh of course you can't. Right
Dino Whitman: Not right now. But I will.
Jackie Bradford: Look you were al over me. Jackie lets do it. And as soon as I say okay, you start messing with my head.
Dino Whitman: Ya, except you didn't say okay until after said I didn't want it. So who's messing with who's head?
Jackie Bradford: Because I thought I could trust you.That maybe we could tell each other everything. Guess I was stupid.
[walks down stairs]
Jackie Bradford: [turns to Dino] Oh and for the record, your supposed to act all weird and distant after you get the sex. Write it down so you don't forget.

"Life As We Know It: With a Kiss, I Die (#1.7)" (2004)
Dino Whitman: It's part-time at the mall, not a sweat shop in Indonesia

"Life As We Know It: Pilot (#1.1)" (2004)
Annie Whitman: [after Dino snaps her bra strap] Ow! Don't you ever do that again! Do you here me?
Dino Whitman: I bet that Coach Scott did it.
Annie Whitman: [pauses] What do you mean Coach Scott?
Michael Whitman: [far away] What about Dave Scott?
Dino Whitman: We were talking about my scedule, weren't we mom?
Dino Whitman: Oh, that will be great so you won't have to wake at the crack of dawn. How about in the afternoon?
Dino Whitman: [looks at Annie] I think he's busy in the afternoon.