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Ken Boon (Character)
from "Boon" (1986)

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"Boon: Stamp Duty (#6.13)" (1991)
[at the railway station, having just escorted a wanted man onto the train, after a lot of hassle]
Harry Crawford: Lot of fuss over nothing, eh?
Ken Boon: Harry, the next time you lumber me with a job like that, I'm going to take one of your CBS mugs and shove it right up your...
[guard blows his whistle]
Harry Crawford: I don't know what's matter with you these days, Ken. You're getting very moody in your old age.

"Boon: Wheels of Fortune (#2.6)" (1987)
[Glynis at her squeakiest!]
Ken Boon: Glynis, where are you going?
Glynis: Well it's Friday afternoon, Mr Boon.
Ken Boon: I know it's Friday afternoon.
Glynis: Well I always see my acupuncturist on Fridays.
Ken Boon: Acupuncture?
Glynis: Mmm. For my back. Oh, he's absolutely marvellous. After half an hour with one of his needles, I feel like a new woman.
Ken Boon: Listen, love. Can't you arrange it for another day? I mean, Harry's left me here and I can't cope on my own.
Glynis: Oh, I'm sorry, Mr Boon, but I did tell Mr Crawford. I can't miss my appointment.
Ken Boon: Well who's going to look after the reception?
Glynis: He should have told you. I've got to go. I'll miss my bus. Otherwise, you know...

"Boon: Walkout (#7.3)" (1992)
[Harry is describing Ken to a client]
Harry Crawford: He's a bit of a rough diamond, but his heart's in the right place.
[guard dog barks, apparently in agreement]
Ken Boon: [to himself] My sentiments exactly, old son.

"Boon: Special Delivery (#2.2)" (1987)
Ken Boon: Come on Harry, spit it out.
Harry Crawford: Spit what out?
Ken Boon: I can always tell when you've got bad news. Your eyes go all small - like a gerbil's.

"Boon: Undercover (#5.9)" (1990)
[Ken is about to go undercover in the Hells Angels and Harry is concerned for his safety]
Harry Crawford: You meet all sorts of riff-raff down there.
Ken Boon: I'm doing a favour for a mate, just snooping around the place, not infiltrating the KGB, mate.
Harry Crawford: That's as maybe, Ken. But you do hear stories, you know.
Ken Boon: What stories?
Harry Crawford: Well, all that satantical stuff. Blood rites. Initiation ceremonies. Animal sacrifices.
Ken Boon: I tell you what, Harry - I'll bring you back a virgin!

"Boon: Queen's Gambit (#7.2)" (1992)
[Joe Green thinks he deserves more respect from Ken]
Joe Green: How about sticking a "sir" on the end of that?
Ken Boon: [mutters] How about sticking it up your exhaust?