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Eddie Shoestring (Character)
from "Shoestring" (1979)

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"Shoestring: Higher Ground (#1.3)" (1979)
Major Ross Hansford: Some sort of a radio detective.
Eddie Shoestring: [smiles] Some sort.

Eddie Shoestring: [to Major Hansford] Killing me isn't going to end it.

"Shoestring: Nine Tenths of the Law (#1.6)" (1979)
[Tom, the grandfather of the girl who has gone missing, and his friend Ralph threatened to beat up Eddie if he didn't reveal her whereabouts once he discovered it. Eddie is now showing Erica his sketches of them]
Erica Bayliss: D'you mean one of those two gorillas is actually the little girl's grandfather?
Eddie Shoestring: Yeah, that one. Said he was anxious to be of assistance. He even offered to break both my kneecaps just to show his enthusiasm.
Erica Bayliss: Hmmm. Very nice. What will they break if you actually find father and daughter?
Eddie Shoestring: I dunno. Dennis Philips' skull, I suppose. He isn't exactly top of grandad's popularity poll.