Benny the Cab
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Benny the Cab (Character)
from Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988)

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Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988)
Roger Rabbit: Benny, is that you?
Benny the Cab: [sarcastically, trapped in the boot of the Toon Patrol's vehicle] No, it's Eleanor Roosevelt! Get me outta here, Roger!

Roger Rabbit: [Noticing Benny, injured from the Dip he drove through spilled onto the Road] Benny, is that you?
Benny the Cab: [sarcastically] No, it's Shirley Temple!

Benny the Cab: [Noticing the Remains of Judge Doom, having been dissolved by a Large Pile of Dip] Sister Mary Frances! What the hell happened in here? I've been a cab for thirty-seven years, and I've never seen a mess like this!

Roger Rabbit: Jumpin' Jeepers.
Benny the Cab: Hey Roger, what do you call the middle of a song?
Roger Rabbit: Gee, I don't know
[sees that they're heading for... ]
Roger Rabbit: A BRIDGE!

Benny the Cab: [after being released from the Toon Patrol's vehicle] Ah, that's better. I can't believe they locked me up for driving on the sidewalk.
Roger Rabbit: Come on, Eddie, get in!
Benny the Cab: It was only a couple of MILES.
Eddie Valiant: I'll drive.
Roger Rabbit: But I wanna drive.
Benny the Cab: No. I'LL drive, I'M the cab! Outta my way, pencil neck!

[Roger and Benny arrive outside the Acme Factory]
Roger Rabbit: Benny, you go to the cops. I'm gonna save my wife.
Benny the Cab: Be careful with that gun. This ain't no cartoon, you know.
Roger Rabbit: [Struggling to open a Nearby Window] Wouldn't you know? Locked!
[Roger presses his hand against the window and slips, landing into a Toilet that sucks him through]

Benny the Cab: [as Eddie and Roger are escaping the Toon Patrol] And how about those Brooklyn Dodgers? Are they bums or what?

Benny the Cab: Pull the lever!
Eddie Valiant: Which one?
Roger Rabbit: Which one?
Benny the Cab: "Which one?"
[a sign pops up on the dashboard reading "This one, stupid!"]

Jessica Rabbit: Uh-oh. It's the weasels! This way. We'll take Gingerbread Lane.
Eddie Valiant: No, no! Gingerbread Lane's this way!
[Points with his thumb; suddenly, Benny the Cab appears in front of them]
Benny the Cab: So, Valiant, you call a cab or what?
[Sees Jessica]
Benny the Cab: Hubba, hubba, hubba!
[Opens the door for her]
Benny the Cab: Allow me, mademoiselle.

Benny the Cab: This is no way to make a livin'.

Benny the Cab: How about this weather, huh? It never rains!

Benny the Cab: [seeing two cars in each lane blocking his path] Will you look at these two?
[swerves past and between them]
Benny the Cab: Excuse me, ladies! Now that's what I call a couple of roadhogs.