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Audrey (Character)
from Little Shop of Horrors (1986)

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Little Shop of Horrors (1986)
Audrey: [singing] I'd cook like Betty Crocker and I'd look like Donna Reed!

Audrey: Seymour's first radio broadcast! I wanted to hear it so bad. I tried to be on time, but...
Mr. Mushnik: Don't tell me. You got tied up.
Audrey: No. Just handcuffed a little.

Audrey: [of Orin's disappearance] It wouldn't be terrible at all. It would be a miracle, not to mention the money I'd save on epsom salts and ace bandages.

Audrey: All I ever wanted was you and a sweet little house.
Seymour: Oh Audrey, you're the most wondeful person that ever lived. We're gonna get that little house and everything's gonna be alright, you'll see.

Audrey: [singing about her dream home with Seymour] Between our frozen dinners, and our bedtime - 9:15 - we'd snuggle watching Lucy on a big, enormous, 12-inch screen!

Audrey: I'm sorry doctor, I'm sorry.
Orin: Fall off the motorcycle my ass!

Audrey: [singing] A matchbox of our own, a fence of real chain-link/A grill out on the patio, disposal in the sink/A washer and a dryer and an ironing machine/In a tract house that we share/Somewhere that's green

Orin: Stupid woman! Christ, what a friggin' scatterbrain!
Audrey: I'm sorry, doctor! I'm sorry, doctor!
Orin: Falls off the motorcycle!
Audrey: I'm clumsy, doctor! I'm clumsy, doctor!
Orin: [kicks down the doors] Messes my hair! Get the door open, you little slut!
Audrey: I'm trying, doctor! I;m trying, doctor!
Orin: Get the Vitalis! Quick, the Vitalis!
Audrey: [feeling threatened] I'M OUT OF IT!
Orin: [grabs her] WHAT!
[Orin slaps her harshly making her cry]

Seymour: [singing] Suddenly Seymour / Is standing beside you
Audrey: [singing] Suddenly Seymour / Showed me I can...
Audrey: [singing over sustain] Yes you can...
Patrick Martin: Excuse me! Pardon me, beg your pardon, if you two kids would stop singing for just a moment I've got something I want to discuss with you.

Patrick Martin: Me and the guys at the home office have been following this plant of yours. We've come up with one incredible idea. We're very proud of it. Picture this: we take leaf cuttings, develop little Audrey IIs and sell them to florist shops across the nation. Pretty soon every household in America could have one.
Seymour: [concerned] Every household in America!
Patrick Martin: For starters, kid. Why, this thing could go... worldwide!
Seymour, Audrey: [to each other, panicked:] *Worldwide*?
Patrick Martin: With the right advertising, this thing could be bigger than Hula-Hoops.
Audrey: [to Seymour, intrigued:] Bigger than Hula-Hoops?

Audrey: I don't believe it.
Audrey II: Believe it, baby. It talks.
Audrey: Am I dreaming this?
Audrey II: No, and you ain't in Kansas, neither.

Audrey II: I need me some water in the worst way. Look at my branches. I'm dryin' up. I'm a *goner*, honey!
Audrey II: [singing] Come on and give me a drink!
Audrey: I don't know if I should.
Audrey II: [singing] Hey, little lady, be nice.
Audrey: Do you talk to Seymour like this?
Audrey II: [singing] Sure do. I'll take it straight.
Audrey: Your leaves *are* dry.
Audrey II: [singing] Don't need no glass or no ice.
Audrey: I'll get the can.
Audrey II: [singing] Don't need no twist of lime...
Audrey: [sing-song] Here we go!
Audrey II: And now it's *suppertime*!

Audrey: I got a date.
Mr. Mushnik: With that same no-goodnik? I'm telling you, Audrey, you don't need a date - you need major medical!

Seymour: You okay?
Audrey: Yes... no...
[Audrey falls to the ground. Seymour helps her up and holds her in his arms]
Seymour: Don't die, Audrey! Please don't die!
Audrey: You know, the plant just said the strangest thing just now. It said Orin and Mr. Mushnik are already inside!
Seymour: It's true. I did it. I fed them to it.
Audrey: And that's what made it so big and strong, and you so famous?
Seymour: I've done terrible things, Audrey, but not to you. Never to you.
Audrey: But... I want you to, Seymour.
Seymour: What?
Audrey: When I die, which should be very shortly, give me to the plant, so that it will live and bring you all the wonderful things you deserve.
Seymour: You don't know what you're saying.
Audrey: But I do! It's the one gift I can give you. And if I'm in the plant, then I am part of the plant, so in a way... we'll always be together.

Audrey: [singing] You'll wash my tender leaves/You'll smell my sweet perfume/You'll water me, and care for me/You'll see me bud and bloom/I'm feeling strangely happy now/Contented and serene/Oh, don't you see?/Finally, I'll be/Somewhere that's... green!

Audrey: [singing] Downtown/Where the guys are drips.
Company: Downtown!
Audrey: Where they rip your slips.
Company: Downtown!
Audrey: Where relationships are no go/Down on Skid Row.

Seymour, Audrey: [singing] Gee, it sure would be swell to get outta here/Bid the gutter farewell and get outta here/I'd move Heaven and Hell to get outta Skid/I'd do I don't know what to get outta Skid...
Company: Downtown!
Seymour, Audrey: But a hell of a lot to get outta Skid...
Company: Downtown!
Seymour, Audrey: People tell me there's not a way outta Skid...
Company: Downtown!
Seymour, Audrey: But believe me/I gotta get outta Skid...
Seymour, Audrey, Company: ...Row!

[theatrical cut]
Seymour: [after saving Audrey from Audrey II] Are you okay?
Audrey: Yes... No...
[Audrey collapses]
Seymour: Audrey! Audrey!
Audrey: [gets back up] No, really, I'm okay.
Seymour: I'm sorry, Audrey, I'm just so sorry. I never meant to hurt you, I never meant to hurt anyone. It's just that somehow it makes things happen - terrible things. Well, I guess I should've stopped when I found out what it lived on, but it was cute and harmless, and we started doing business and making money and you like me...
Audrey: Seymour! Do you really think I liked you because of that?
[Seymour goes silent]
Audrey: I liked you from the day I came to work here.
Seymour: You mean you still like me, even if I wasn't famous?
Audrey: [smiles] I'd still love you Seymour.
Seymour: Really?
Audrey: Yes. All I ever wanted was you... and that sweet little house.
Seymour: [happily] Oh, Audrey, you're the most wonderful person that ever lived! We're gonna get that little house and everything will be okay somehow, you'll see!
Seymour: Suddenly Seymour is standing beside you.
Audrey: [sings] Suddenly Seymour showed me I can!
Audrey: Yes, you can!

The Little Shop of Horrors (1960)
Audry Fulquard: [excited about the overnight growth of Audrey Jr] Isn't it empirical?
Gravis Mushnik: It grows like a cold sore from the lip.

Seymour Krelboin: Don't waste your pity on me, Audrey. I'm not worth it.
Audry Fulquard: Who says you're not?
Seymour Krelboin: Everybody.
Audry Fulquard: Yeah, I know.

Audry Fulquard: Don't worry, you're gonna be another Luther Glendale.
Seymour Krelboin: Pasadena.
Audry Fulquard: Burbank.

Audry Fulquard: Why don't you give him a chance to resurrect himself?
Gravis Mushnik: I give him chance to quit!
Seymour Krelboin: I ain't gonna quit!
Gravis Mushnik: You're a brave boy, you're fired.

Audry Fulquard: I wish you'd break out and tell me.
Gravis Mushnik: All right, I'll tell you tomorrow right after I am telling the police.
Sgt. Joe Fink: [voice-over] But Mushnik didn't come to the police. If he had, that might have been the finish of the unhappy story. It was not.

Gravis Mushnik: Now that is what I call a salad. What do you call that salad?
Audry Fulquard: Caesarean.