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Porky Pig (Character)
from Porky in Wackyland (1938)

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The Ducksters (1950)
Daffy Duck: I will now play a passage from a famous opera, and you must name the opera.
Porky Pig: But... but I'm weary.
Daffy Duck: Listen carefully!
[plays a single note on piano]
Daffy Duck: And there you have it! Now, what's the opera?
Porky Pig: C-Cavalleria Rusticana?
Daffy Duck: Audience?
Audience: Rigoletto!

Daffy Duck: Who was the Father of our country?
Porky Pig: Th-That's easy! G-George W-Wash...
[Alarm clock rings, Daffy hits Porky repeatedly with mallet]
Daffy Duck: Aw, I'm sorry! Time's up! You don't get the Super Chief, but you're still the winner of the Rocky Mountains, a 17-jeweled Half Nelson, and the La Brea Tar Pits!
Porky Pig: L-Lucky me!

Daffy Duck: Listen, bub, you've got 32 teeth, would you like to try for 16?
Porky Pig: Are you th-th-threatening me, because I...
Daffy Duck: HHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPPP! This cry for help has been brought to you by the Eagle Hand Laundry.

Porky Pig: Pardon me, but may I have my jackpot?
Daffy Duck: Oh, well, fair is fair.
[giving Porky a cauldron]
Daffy Duck: Here's you pot, Jack.
Porky Pig: B-but my name's isn't Jack
Daffy Duck: It's not? Oh, I'm sorry. This pot was made for Jack. Jack-pot, get it? Your name isn't Jack, so you must pay the penalty!

Porky Pig: [on a conveyor belt, about to be cut by a buzzsaw] T-the cotton gin was invented by Eli Whitney.
Daffy Duck: [stops the buzzsaw] You're absolutely correct! And let me remind you again, folks, that you're listening to Truth or -Aaaugh! Brought to you by the Eagle Hand Laundry. If your eagle's hands are dirty, we'll wash them clean. Now, back to our contestant. Mwahahahah!

Daffy Duck: The next question is: What was Cleopatra's aunt's maiden name?
Porky Pig: Which one? Her maternal aunt, or her paternal?
Daffy Duck: Here, watch your language, bud. We're on the air.

Daffy Duck: In my hand you'll notice I hold two buzzers. You must push one. Hurry now. Which one? Quick! Good, clean, wholesome fun!
[Porky pushes one buzzer; a safe falls on him]
Daffy Duck: You're a great sport. A great sport!
Porky Pig: C-could I please take my prizes and g-go home now? I-I'm not feeling too well.
Daffy Duck: And for being such a great sport, I'm going to let you push the other button and win a prize. Come on, now. Don't be bashful. Push.
[Porky pushes the other buzzer; a huge boulder falls on him]
Daffy Duck: And the gentleman wins the Rock of Gibraltar! And that's not all. The gentleman also wins six hundred gallons of genuine Niagara Falls.
[Water falls on Porky]
Daffy Duck: Give the lucky winner a hand, folks.

Daffy Duck: Guess who Miss Shush is and I'll give you 26 million dollars and three cents.
Porky Pig: W-w-well, now, I...
Daffy Duck: Here's the clue. This is the sound of Miss Shush brushing her teeth on Wednesday.
[plays record]
Daffy Duck: Now who is Miss Shush?
Porky Pig: L-L-Lauren Bacall?
Daffy Duck: Oh, I'm sorry. But don't be discouraged. Miss Shush is right here in this studio, and I'm going to let you meet her. The famous movie star, Miss Shush!
[Opens dressing room door]
Porky Pig: Oh b-b-boy! I-I'll add to my autograph collection.
Daffy Duck: Miss Shush is in there, all right, but what I didn't tell him was that Miss Shush is really Mamie, the 600-pound gorilla, who appears in Obnoxious Pictures' "Jungle Jitters."
[Offstage growls and thrashing sounds]
Daffy Duck: Next contestant, please.

Daffy Duck: And for being such a good sport, I'm going to give you the 26 million dollars and three cents.
Porky Pig: [on phone] H-hello, I would like to speak to the president of the Ajax Broadcasting Company.
Porky Pig: H-hello? How much will you take for your television network?
Porky Pig: Eh, 26 million dollars and three cents? Sold!
Daffy Duck: [uneasy] Hello, boss.
Porky Pig: [snatches Daffy's answer sheet] In w-what latitude and l-longitude did the wreck of the Hesperus occur?
Daffy Duck: Well, I...
Porky Pig: [hits Daffy repeatedly with a mallet] Oh, I'm sorry. Time's up. So y-you must pay the penalty.
Daffy Duck: Anyone for tennis?
[water, a safe, and a boulder fall on Daffy]
Daffy Duck: [on the conveyor belt of the buzzsaw] Have you got a doctor on the balcony, lady?

Riff Raffy Daffy (1948)
[Porky Pig steps into the room and closes the door behind him, looking very mutinous]
Daffy Duck: How did you get in, gang buster?
Porky Pig: Ble-ble-er-er with this!
[Porky Pig holds up a key with a skull on one end]
Daffy Duck: [walking towards him] Skeleton key eh? Where did you pick that up?
[Daffy slaps Porky Pig to the ground and laughs]

Porky Pig: [finds a gopher crying and hoists Daffy out of the gopher's hole in the groud] This is the last time I'm gonna w-warn you! If I find you ar-around here once more, I'm gonna re-er-run you in! Now beat it!
[Porky Pig kicks Daffy out of the park]

Porky Pig: I know how I can get that dog-gone duck.
[Porky picks up a "Duck Call" whistle]
Porky Pig: Th-this oughta bring him out.
[Porky Pig blows the whistle]
Daffy Duck: [standing behind him] Did you call?

Daffy Duck: [walks out of a room dusting his hands] You missed me.
[Daffy comes face to face with a cannon that Porky Pig is ready to fire]
Porky Pig: Ble-ble-er-er this won't miss you!

Daffy Duck: [casually walking away from the elevator shaft] Oh Daffy, you have a good head on your shimmering shoulders.
[Porky Pig appears and hits Daffy on the head with his club. A large red lump comes up on Daffy's head and stars appear in his eyes]
Daffy Duck: [floating] Officer, do you have an aspirin? My head is splitting.
Porky Pig: Ble-ble-er-er yes. Well I think so.
[Daffy collapses]
Porky Pig: [afraid] Gee-gee-gee-gee, maybe I hit him too hard. Uh, speak to me! Say something! Anything!
Daffy Duck: [jumps up with excitement] I LOVE YOU HORTENSE!

[Daffy is sleeping in a trash can when Porky Pig arrives and hits the trash can three times with his club]
Daffy Duck: [appears, holding a candle] Something the matter?
Porky Pig: Ble-ble-er-er plenty! No sleeping in trash cans, bud! Now-now move along there!

Boobs in the Woods (1950)
[Porky is painting a lake]
Daffy Duck: Lake?
Porky Pig: Mmm-hmm.
Daffy Duck: That lake?
Porky Pig: Mmm-hmm.
Daffy Duck: That's my lake.
Porky Pig: Mmm-hmm.
Daffy Duck: You can't go around painting other people's property! At least have the decency to ask me if you can paint it!
Porky Pig: Okay, may I please paint your lake?
Daffy Duck: No. I don't want my lake painted.
Daffy Duck: [Daffy wipes it off of Porky's painting, with a cloth]
Daffy Duck: The mountains are okay, I don't own them.
Daffy Duck: [Daffy leaves Porky, just temporarily]
Porky Pig: [angrily] Ooh!
Daffy Duck: [Daffy returns, dressed in an old man's clothes] Hey there, sonny.
Porky Pig: And who are you?
Daffy Duck: I'm the old man of the mountains!
Daffy Duck: [Daffy then wipes the mountains off of Porky's painting]
Daffy Duck: And I don't want them painted!
Porky Pig: [Porky rips the disguise off of Daffy] You wait here, I've got something for you.
[Porky then laughs diabolically, after this remark]
Daffy Duck: I like him, he's crazy!

Porky Pig: There ought to be a law against crazy ducks!

Daffy Duck: Hunting ducks out of season, eh? That goes tough on you around these parts. Executioner! Oh, executioner!
[Daffy walks off screen and returns, wearing an executioner's black hood & brandishing an ax]
Porky Pig: [Porky lays his neck on the chopping block] Gosh, they're sure strict around here.

Daffy Duck: Have you a marriage license?
Porky Pig: G-g-gosh no, I'm not married.
Daffy Duck: Aha! Not married eh? Well,uh
[jumps into Porky's arms]
Daffy Duck: whaddya say you and me go steady?

Porky Pig: [Porky always stutters, as he begins to speak. He threw a rock at Daffy] T-Take that, you w-web-footed maniac!
Daffy Duck: [Daffy is wearing a catcher's uniform, he catches the rock] Right over the middle! That's a-pitching 'em!
[Daffy throws the rock back to Porky]
Daffy Duck: He's stealing second! Cover the bag! Here he comes! Tag 'im!
[Porky catches the rock as Daffy slides below him]
Daffy Duck: [Daffy pushes Porky until he starts to run] Steal home, DiMaggio! It means the game! Atta boy, DiMaggio! Hit the dirt! Slide, DiMaggio, slide!
Porky Pig: [sliding] Hey! What am I sliding for? I'm not DiMaggio. My name's m-m-m...
[Porky then slides into a mud puddle]
Porky Pig: ...Mud.

[Porky is using Daffy as his car motor & closing lines, also]
Daffy Duck: He's got no right to do this to me!
[a license permit quickly pops up, it reads "Porky Pig's Permit to use Daffy Duck as motor"]
Daffy Duck: What a revolting development this is.
Porky Pig: When I get to California, I'll have his valves crowned.
[closing line & remark, before Closing Credits' sign appears]

The Prize Pest (1951)
Porky Pig: The d-d-oorbell. Oh, i-it couldn't be the grand prize. He-he-he. I've never won anything in my life.
Delivery Man: [hands Porky a present] Well, you have now Here it is, lucky boy. The grand prize. He-he-he-he-he!
Porky Pig: Oh, f-fortunate, fortunate me. G-golly, I w-wonder what it is?
Daffy Duck: [pops out of present] It's a duck, fat stuff! A genuine live duck!
Porky Pig: A d-d-d-d-duck?
Daffy Duck: Yes, a d-d-d-duck.
Porky Pig: G-gee, just what I always wanted, I s-suppose.

Daffy Duck: Hmm. Not a bad-looking dump, if you got rid of some of this trash.
[Sees vase on table]
Daffy Duck: Yeesh! This monstrosity's got to go.
[Throws vase out the window]
Porky Pig: Here now, y-you stop that!
Daffy Duck: [Throws chair out window] This is out.
Porky Pig: C-cut that out! Stop it!
Daffy Duck: This junk goes.
[Throws more stuff out window]
Porky Pig: N-n-now you s-s-stop that!
Daffy Duck: Umm... Yup. That's gotta go.
[Picks up Porky to throw out the window]
Porky Pig: N-now you cut that out! P-p-put me down!
Daffy Duck: Oh, all right. If you wanna spoil the whole effect.

Porky Pig: N-now just a minute, you n-nervy old duck. You got outside in the chicken coop where you belong.
Daffy Duck: Coop, schmoop! I ain't sleeping in no chicken coop. I'm a duck. Have you got a duck coop?
Porky Pig: Y-yes, I have.
Daffy Duck: You have?
Porky Pig: Y-yes.
Daffy Duck: Oh. Well, is it a convertible coupe? Because I'm a convertible duck.
[a car top appears in Daffy's back]
Daffy Duck: See, chubby?
[Runs around making car noises]

Daffy Duck: Hmm. Guess I'll have to use my Jekyll and Hyde routine on this wise guy.
[knocks on door]
Porky Pig: Yes?
Daffy Duck: I'm sorry you did that to me. People shouldn't push me around. It isn't good for me.
Porky Pig: Oh, f-f-fiddlesticks. And why not?
Daffy Duck: Because I'm a split personality, that's why not. I'm two people in one. A schiz... a schiz... a schizophreniac. When people are nice to me, I'm sweet, gentle, and loving.
[Jumps into Porky's arms and starts caressing him, speaks in French accent]
Daffy Duck: Ello, baby. Nice, fat, little butterball.
Porky Pig: Oh, n-n-now stop.
Daffy Duck: But when some wise guy starts pushing me around, look... out! I turn into a hideous monster.
[Puts on fake fangs and messes up his hair, then pants and snarls at Porky, who jumps up to the ceiling and hangs on to a chandelier]
Daffy Duck: Get the idea, buster?
Porky Pig: I d-do, I do! Ind-deed I d-d-do! And I'll be r-real nice and k-kind and gentle to you.

Porky Pig: Oh, t-that treacherous trickster. I'll show him who's a knucklehead. I'll give him a dose of his own m-m-medicine.
[puts on a hideous Halloween costume]
Porky Pig: I hope I look sc-sc-scary enough.
Daffy Duck: Well, I think I'll go scare some more daylights out of the little butterball.
[he walks by a door, where Porky in costume walks by; he looks at Porky, thinking it's a mirror]
Daffy Duck: Sufferin' catfish. I didn't realize I was that hideous.
Daffy Duck: I'm not!
[Daffy goes to pieces, then reconstructs himself, gets back inside the present and runs screaming out the door]
Porky Pig: Gosh, what a scaredy-cat. Anyone who'd be scared of a masquerade costume is a c-craven little coward.
[Passes by a mirror and sees himself, then jumps out of costume and into chandelier again]
Porky Pig: S-so I'm a c-craven little coward.

Paying the Piper (1949)
Mayor: You've done a wonderful job, Pied Piper. Rid our fair city of every last rat. How did you accomplish such a magnificent feat?
Porky Pig: Oh, shucks, Mr. Mayor, 'tweren't nothing. J-Just blew some corn right through this horn.

Mayor: On behalf of our fair city, I proudly present to you...
Supreme Cat: [in rat disguise] Gangway, fellas! Let a rat through!
Mayor: A rat!
Porky Pig: A r-r-rat!
Supreme Cat: You expecting maybe Bugs Bunny?
Mayor: Mr. Pied Piper, not a penny do you get until you get rid of all the rats!
Supreme Cat: Me last of Mohicans.
[war whoop]

Porky Pig: I'll t-take care of you after I catch that rat.
Supreme Cat: Ah, your sister smokes corn silk!
Porky Pig: M-m-my sister doesn't smoke corn silk. S-s-she works at a butcher's shop and sm-sm-smokes hams.

Porky Pig: I'll be b-back after you, you u-unsanitary old cat!
Supreme Cat: Ah, your brother eats jelly beans!
Porky Pig: I w-w-wonder how he knows so much about my family?

Porky Pig: [Speaking to The Supreme Cat after retrieving the stolen money from him] Eh! Your sister drives a p-p-pickle wagon!

You Ought to Be in Pictures (1940)
Studio Guard: Who do you think you are, driving through here like that?
Porky Pig: Why, I'm P-P-Porky Pig.
Studio Guard: Oh, so you're Porky Pig.
[Porky nods]
Studio Guard: And you wanna go in there.
[Porky nods]
Studio Guard: And you want me to be a nice guy and let you go in there.
[Porky nods]
Studio Guard: So I can lose my job.
[Porky starts nodding, catches himself and shakes his head]
Studio Guard: Well, I'm not a nice guy, and I'm not gonna let you in, and I'm not gonna lose my job, but I am gonna throw you out!
[Guard picks up Porky, car and all, and tosses him out]
Studio Guard: Get out and stay out!

Daffy Duck: Psst. Hey, Porky. Say, you want a good job?
Porky Pig: B-but I got a good j-jo-j-position.
Daffy Duck: Oh, you call this a job? Working in cartoons? Phoo! I know where you can get a job in features, as Bette Davis' leading man. Three grand a week.
Porky Pig: Oh, I'm n-n-not good enough for that. Besides, I g-g-got a contract here.
Daffy Duck: You can get out of that. Just go up and tell the boss that you wanna quit.
Porky Pig: D-d-do you think I ought to?
Daffy Duck: Sure. Come on, come on. You don't get an opportunity like this every day. Come on.

Leon Schlesinger: Hello, Porky. Come on in.
Porky Pig: Hello, Mr. Schl-Schle-Schles-g-g-g-g... Hello, Leon.
Leon Schlesinger: Well, Porky, what's on your mind? What can I do for you?
Porky Pig: You see, I've been in cartoons a long time, and I was thinking, t-that if I had a chance to act in features... What's Errol Flynn got that I haven't?
Leon Schlesinger: You mean to say you want to get out of your cartoon contract?
Porky Pig: Y-yeah, t-that's right.
Leon Schlesinger: Well, if that's the way you feel about it, it's all right with me. You sure you know what you're doing?
Porky Pig: Y-yes.
Leon Schlesinger: Well, if you say so, I'll tear up your contract, if that's what you want.
Porky Pig: Y-yes.
Leon Schlesinger: Well, if that's the way you feel about it, it's all right with me.
[Leon tears up contract and throws it in wastebasket]
Leon Schlesinger: [Shakes hands with Porky] Okay, Porky. Don't forget me when you're a star.
[Porky leaves]
Leon Schlesinger: He'll be back.

Porky Pig: [end credits]
Porky Pig: Th-th-th-that's all, folks!

Fool Coverage (1952)
Porky Pig: Now, w-where did I put that screwdriver? I bet I l-left it in the oven.
[Looks inside oven with a lit match]
Porky Pig: Ah, h-here it is.
Daffy Duck: No accidents in the home, eh? You should never use a match to look in the oven.
Porky Pig: Oh, f-f-fiddlesticks.
Daffy Duck: You should use a flashlight, like so.
[Peeks inside oven with flashlight; it explodes]
Daffy Duck: Must have been a short in my battery.

Daffy Duck: I just gotta prove this meatball that the home is loaded with pitfalls. Aha, the hall closet.
[Peeks in closet, which is full to bursting]
Daffy Duck: Aha, just as I thought. A veritable booby trap. I'll just prime it a little.
[Adds more stuff, then goes to Porky]
Daffy Duck: Do you have a tennis racket I could borrow?
Porky Pig: N-no, I don't.
Daffy Duck: Hmm. Water skis?
Porky Pig: Uh-uh.
Daffy Duck: Golf clubs?
Porky Pig: N-n-no.
Daffy Duck: Outrigger canoe?
Porky Pig: N-n-no, I don't.
Daffy Duck: Croquet set? Elephant gun? Sidesaddle?
Porky Pig: N-n-no.
Daffy Duck: A yo-yo?
Porky Pig: W-why yes.
Daffy Duck: Well, where is it?
Porky Pig: R-right there in the hall closet.
Daffy Duck: Why didn't you say so in the first place?
[Runs to hall closet and opens door; all the stuff falls on him; emerges with yo-yo]

Daffy Duck: Good morning, sir. I represent the Hotfoot Casualty Underwriters Insurance Company of Schenectady.
Porky Pig: B-b-but I...
Daffy Duck: As everybody knows, most accidents occur right around the home. A Hot Foot accident policy pays you for any injury incurred in the home.
Porky Pig: B-b-but I, b-b-but I...
Daffy Duck: For instance, Hotfoot pays you one million dollars for a black eye.
Porky Pig: B-but I don't wa... One million dollars for a b-black eye?
Daffy Duck: Oh, of course, there are a few minor provisions. I'll read it to you.
[Puts earmuffs on Porky]
Daffy Duck: "Provided the accident occurs as the result of a stampede of wild elephants in your own living room, on the Fourth of July - of any year - between the hours of 3:55 and 4:00 p.m., during a hailstorm."
[Removes earmuffs]
Daffy Duck: Did that come through okay?
Porky Pig: Why...
Daffy Duck: All right, just sign here on the dotted line.
Porky Pig: Oh, b-but I don't want a policy. I n-never have accidents in my home. Now you'll have to excuse me, I have a g-great deal to do today. Good day, sir.
[escorts Daffy out the door]
Daffy Duck: Oh, he doesn't have accidents in his home, eh?

Daffy Duck: [Dazed from all the mishaps he had to endure] I represent the something-or-other insurance company. Could I interest you in an accident policy?
Porky Pig: Why, c-certainly.
Daffy Duck: Our policy... What did you say?
Porky Pig: After w-w-witnessing your unfortunate mishaps about the house, I'm r-ready to sign on the dotted line. T-t-there, now all I have to do to get a million dollars is get a b-black eye.
Daffy Duck: Provided the accident occurs as the result of a stampede of wild elephants in your own home between 3:55 and 4:00 p.m. on the Fourth of July during a hailstorm.
[Evil laugh]
Porky Pig: I kn-kn-knew there'd be a catch to it.
[Suddenly a pack of elephants stampede into Porky's house]
Daffy Duck: Stampede of wild elephants!
[Looks at watch]
Daffy Duck: 3:57 p.m.!
[Hears marching music outside; looks at calendar]
Daffy Duck: Fourth of July!
[Sticks head out door, is pelted with hailstones]
Daffy Duck: Hail storm! Oh, no!
Porky Pig: Oh, yes. A b-b-black eye. Pay me.
Daffy Duck: Oh, no. It distinctly says "a stampede of wild elephants and one baby zebra."
[Aside to audience]
Daffy Duck: I just added that one.
[Suddenly a baby zebra runs into the living room, trampling Daffy]
Daffy Duck: And one baby zebra.

Duck Dodgers in the 24½th Century (1953)
[Presenting a gift-wrapped dynamite stick to Martian Commander X-2]
Porky Pig: Happy b-b-birthday, you thing from another world, you.
Marvin Martian: Ooh, thank you!
[the dynamite explodes]

Duck Dodgers: Are you ready, eager young space cadet?
Porky Pig: I-I-I'm r-r-r-all set, sir.
Duck Dodgers: Then make way for DUCK DODGERS IN THE 24 1/2TH CENTURY!
[Dodgers activates the controls, but the rocket sinks into the ground]
Duck Dodgers: Whoops! Had the silly thing in reverse.
[the rocket blasts off]

[last lines]
Duck Dodgers: And now this planet is hereby claimed for the Earth in the name of DUCK DODGERS IN THE 24 1/2TH CENTURY!
Porky Pig: B-b-b-b-big deal.

Duck Dodgers: And now then, eager young space cadet, here is the course we shall pursue to find Planet X. Starting from where we are, we go 33,600 turbo miles due up. Then west in an astro-arc deviation to here, then following the great circle seven radiolubes south by downeast. By astro-astroble to here, here, and here, then by space navigo-compass to here, here, and then to here and here. By thirteen point strato-cumulus bearing four million light-years, and thus to our destination. Now do you know how to reach Planet X?
Porky Pig: Y-y-ye... Oh sure.
Duck Dodgers: [Staring stunned at the cadet, then at the chart's ridiculously complex path] Well, I wish you'd explain it to me some time, buster!
Porky Pig: Why, it's very simple, sir.
[Points to progression of lettered planets]
Porky Pig: If we follow those planets, we can't very well miss Planet X.
Duck Dodgers: [laughing] Oh, that's ridiculous! Of all the stupid suggestions! Ha ha ha! Hey, wait a minute. I think I've got it. I'll just bet that if we follow those planets, we'll find Planet X. Gad! How do I do it?
Porky Pig: I d-d-don't know.

Porky Pig's Feat (1943)
Daffy Duck: [after the manager falls down an almost endless flight of stairs] I guess I showed that overstuffed turnip.
Broken Arms Hotel Manager: [Appears wearing bandages] WHAT?
Daffy Duck: Yipe.
Porky Pig: M-m-me too. Yipe.

[first lines]
Porky Pig: [reading from his bill] "B-B-Broken Arms. B-bill. Room, uh, six-sixty-five dollars. Bath. Te-te-ten dollars and fifty cents. T-t-total: a hundred-and-fifty-two-dollars and fifty cents."
Broken Arms Hotel Manager: You will, of course, pay the bill now before you leave, no?
Porky Pig: N-no - I mean, yes! M-my partner, Daffy Duck, will be r-right back. He's out c-c-c-cashing a check.
[Cut to Daffy playing dice with elevator operator]
Daffy Duck: Come on, seven! Be good to Daffy! Don't fail me now!
Elevator Gambler: Oh-oh! Snake eyes. Too bad! You is a dead duck, duck.

Porky Pig: D-don't worry, D-Daffy will be here in a minute with the d-d-dou-d-d-money.
Broken Arms Hotel Manager: Well, I hope so.
Daffy Duck: [Bursts into the room and shoves himself into manager's face] Insulting my integrity, eh, Fatso? Insinuating I'd flee this flea-bitten dump, eh, Fatso? Intimating I'd abscond with your financial remunerations, eh, Fatso?
[By now, Daffy has gone so far into the manager's face that it has been pushed into itself]
Daffy Duck: Hey, look! A Dick Tracy character: Pruneface.

[last lines]
[Daffy and Porky are chained up in their room]
Daffy Duck: I can't stand it. I can't stand it! It's getting me! I'm going stir crazy! Bastille batty! Cooler cuckoo! Look at my prison pallor. I'm as black as a sheet.
Porky Pig: Gosh, if B-Bugs Bunny was only here.
Daffy Duck: Yeah! Bugs Bunny, my hero. He can get out of any spot.
Porky Pig: I saw him in a L-L-Leon Schlesinger cartoon once.
Daffy Duck: The hunter had him covered...
Porky Pig: And he g-g-grabbed the gun...
Daffy Duck: And bang! The hunter fell. What a guy. Nothing can hold him. He'll get us out of here.
[Daffy picks up the phone]
Daffy Duck: Hello, Central? Give me Bugs Bunny. Hello, Bugs. This is Daffy.
Bugs Bunny: [on phone] Eh, what's up, duck?
Daffy Duck: That palooka manager has got us locked up in the Broken Arms Hotel. We thought you could help us get out.
Bugs Bunny: Eh, did you try the elevator?
Daffy Duck: Yes.
Bugs Bunny: Throw him down the stairs?
Daffy Duck: Yes.
Bugs Bunny: Use the sheets?
Daffy Duck: Yes.
Bugs Bunny: Swing across on the ropes?
Daffy Duck: Yes. We tried all those ways.
[The door to the next room opens; Bugs is inside on the phone, chained to a ball as well]
Bugs Bunny: Ah, don't work, do they?

Thumb Fun (1952)
Daffy Duck: Mighty nice of you to give me a rid south. Going to Miami, I see? Well, what could be southier?
Porky Pig: Well, b-b-but I...
Daffy Duck: Oh, just a second while I get my bags.
Porky Pig: But there really isn't any room in the back. I...
Daffy Duck: [Carrying about a dozen suitcases] I always crave light. No use taking a lot of stuff you'll never use, I always say.
[Opens trunk and tosses bags in]
Daffy Duck: [singing] This is the way we pack our bags, pack our bags, pack our bags / This is the way we pack our bags to take them to Miami.
[Struggles to close trunk]
Porky Pig: G-Gosh, did you get them all in that l-little compartment?
Daffy Duck: Certainly. Take a look for yourself, buster.
[Porky opens trunk; all the bags come flying out, knocking him back]
Daffy Duck: Now that was a bright thing to do. Now we gotta stow'em all over again.

Cop: Kinda stepping on it, weren't ya?
Porky Pig: Well, you see... He, I...
Daffy Duck: Relax, I'll handle this. Oh, officer. This man's been acting very suspiciously. If I were you, I'd have a look in the back of the car.
Cop: Well, uh...
Daffy Duck: [to Porky] In the back... Boi-i-ing!
Porky Pig: Oh, n-n-no! Oh, n-no no, please don't look in the b-back compartment, M-mister officer.
Cop: Is that so, now? Well, that's just what I'm going to do, mister.
[Daffy snickers as the cop opens the trunk and all the suitcases come flying out and knocking him back]
Daffy Duck: Who-ho-hoa, Nelly! Well, let's go. I told you I'd keep you out of trouble, didn't I, buster.
[Cop grabs both by the shoulder]

Daffy Duck: [as Porky comes out of the police station] Well, how'd you make out, chum?
Porky Pig: He l-let me off easy. He only fined me t-t-two dollars.
Daffy Duck: Two dollars? Why that's an outrage! You wait right here. I'll fix it. I'll slap him with a habeas corpuscle.
[Goes inside, arguing heard]
Daffy Duck: Oh, he-he, looks like you'll have to cough up another fifty bucks. They slapped us with a reckless driving charge.
Porky Pig: I t-t-tried to tell you. Oh, d-drat that crazy duck anyhow!
Daffy Duck: [Get's kicked out] I hope you appreciate what I've done for you.
Porky Pig: Oooh... Oh, I do, I do. I really do. W-w-wait right here a minute.
[laughs evilly]
Daffy Duck: Now what's he doing in that gifty shoppe?
[Porky arrives with a present]
Daffy Duck: Well, what have we got here?
Porky Pig: Oh, it's j-j-just a little present for you in a-appreciation for all you've done for me.
Daffy Duck: A present for me? Oh, boy, give me my present! Give me my present, let me see what my present is! Come on, give me my present!
Porky Pig: Oh, n-n-no. It's a surprise for you. I'll j-just put it in here.
[Quickly puts present in trunk]
Porky Pig: And d-don't you dare peek.
Daffy Duck: Ooh, I hate not knowing what it is. I think I'll have a little peek.
[opens trunk, all the luggage comes flying out; Porky drives off laughing]
Daffy Duck: Ooh, the dirty double crosser!
[sees present]
Daffy Duck: My present. Oh, boy, I wonder what it is? I gotta see! Gotta see! Gotta see!
[Opens present; inside is an Acme Hitch-hiker Thumb, approved by AAA; cut to Daffy hitchhiking with fake thumb in the snow]
Daffy Duck: Oh, my aching thumb!

Brother Brat (1944)
Woman: You wanna help the United Nations, don't ya? You want those ships and planes roll off the assembly line, don't ya? You want those Nazis and Japs bombed off the earth, don't ya?
Porky Pig: I h-hate Hitl-Hitl-Shicklegruber and Toj-Toj...
Woman: Then mind my kid. Here, this might help you.
[Gives Porky a book]
Porky Pig: [Reads cover] Ch-Ch-Child Psychology.
Woman: Now I can go weld planes. We gotta have planes, you know.
[acts like a plane taking off, then flies off like one]
Porky Pig: S-Say, she's a character.

Porky Pig: And w-w-what's your name?
Baby Butch: Butch.
Porky Pig: B-B-B-Butch? He-he-he-he.
Baby Butch: Not B-B-B-B-B-B-Butch - He-he-he-he. Just plain Butch!

Woman: What's the matter? Didn't you use the book?
Porky Pig: Yeah, b-b-b-but it didn't work.
Woman: Maybe you didn't use it right.
[spanks Butch with book]
Woman: It always works for me.

Daffy Duck Slept Here (1948)
Porky Pig: And who is Hymie?
Daffy Duck: [laughs] Who's Hymie? That's rich, that's a lulu! Hey, Hymie. Come here, get a load of this.
[door closes by itself]
Daffy Duck: You wanna know who Hymie is, huh? Well, ask me. Go ahead, ask me.
Porky Pig: Who is he?
Daffy Duck: Oh, he's not much. Just a kangaroo. Just six feet of kangaroo, that's all.
Porky Pig: You're pixilated. T-There's no kangaroo in this room.
Daffy Duck: Oh, yeah? Well, you just watch. Hey, Hymie, come here a minute, kid.
[Daffy steps into an invisible pouch; only his head shows]
Daffy Duck: No Hymie, huh? How do you suppose I'm doing this?
[Daffy's head starts hopping around the room, as in an invisible kangaroo]
Daffy Duck: There, I hope you're satisfied. You've hurt Hymie's feelings. He's so sensitive.

Daffy Duck: Good night, fat boy.
Porky Pig: B-B-Buenas noches.
[turns off lights; Daffy turns them on again and taps Porky on the head]
Daffy Duck: What's "Bonus noches"?
Porky Pig: That's Spanish for "Bon soir."
Daffy Duck: Oh.
[Turns lights off; turns them on again and knocks on Porky's head]
Daffy Duck: What's "Bon sewer"?
Porky Pig: O-Oh, that's French for "B-B-Buenas noches."
Daffy Duck: Oh.
[Turns off lights; turns them on again and hits Porky's head with the alarm clock]
Daffy Duck: Uh... Oh, skip it!

Porky Pig: T-T-That does it! You web-footed, n-n-no good, two-timing, d-d-double-crossing, d-d-double-dealing, unsanitary old snake in the grass!
Daffy Duck: Unsanitary?

Porky's Bear Facts (1941)
[first lines]
Porky Pig: [singing] # For your long winter needs, / You just plant a few s-seeds. / You must get up and w-work, not sleep. / D-Dig and how. W-Watch them grow. / As ye sew so shall ye r-r-r-reap. #

Porky Pig: You b-b-b-buttered your bread. N-n-now sleep in it.

[end credits]
Porky Pig: Th-th-th-that's all, folks!

Rover's Rival (1937)
Puppy: See, old timer? You're through. Washed up.
Rover: You mean to say, I'm one of them there used-to-wasits?
Puppy: [Imitating Rover] Yes, I mean to say you're one of them there used-to-wasits.
Porky Pig: Hey, D-don't imi... imi... mimic rover like that. He's sensitive.
Puppy: [Imitating Porky] Oh g-g-gee, I'm sorry to hear th-th-that. Nyah!

Porky Pig: Th-th-th-th-that's all folks!

The Pest That Came to Dinner (1948)
Porky Pig: Hello? Hello? Is this the Sureshot Exterminator Company? Th-th-this is Porky Pig. I want an exterminator over here right away. Y-yes, I-I got a termite. Yeah, hurry, hurry, p-please.
Sureshot: So you're bothered by a termite? So you need an exterminator? Well, son, I'm here to help you. Just give old Sureshot the lowdown.
Porky Pig: [the termite has eaten the table the phone was on, forcing him to crouch down] Th-th-this is about as low down as I can get. Hurry, please.
Sureshot: [Immediately enters through front door] Got held up in traffic, sonny, but old Sureshot is here now and all your troubles are over. I'm here to help you, son! Now you take this squirt gun and give the little squirt a squirt. Why, you know what it'll do? I'll send that pest right up to Termite Heaven.

Sureshot: Now you take this stick of dynamite in your left hand, and you take this match in your right hand, and you take the match you got in your right hand and apply it gently to the stick of dynamite you got in your left hand. And always remember, son, I'm right here to help you.
[Rushes out of Porky's home and back to his office; room is shaken by explosion; moments later, Porky enters, all tattered from the explosion]
Sureshot: Well, so you finally got rid of him. Good, good, good.
[Porky rushes Sureshot over his desk]
Sureshot: Good.
Porky Pig: N-n-n-now I'm here to help you, son!
Pierre the Termite: Tell you what we are going to do.
[Porky and Pierre eat Sureshot's desk]

Often an Orphan (1949)
[Porky doubts Charlie is a Labrador retriever]
Charlie Dog: If you doubt my word, get me a labrador and I'll retrieve it for you. That sounds fair, doesn't it?
Porky: A labrador? Why, sure, I, I...
Charlie Dog: Have ya got a labrador?
Porky: N-no.
Charlie Dog: Know where ya can get a labrador?
Porky: N-no.
Charlie Dog: Then shut up!

Charlie Dog: All my life, I've dreamed the day I could live in the country. I'm not strong! I need lots of fresh air, and milk, and cream...
Charlie Dog: and fresh leafy vegetables!
Porky: B-but I -
Charlie Dog: Good, clean, wholesome farm living!
Porky: B-but I -
Charlie Dog: And now -
Charlie Dog: Now that I got a chance to regain my health... and you want to send me back to the city!
Charlie Dog: THE CITY. I can see it all now. It's high towers, cold, tall, ominous, closin' down on ya, from every side till ya can't breathe! Closer! Closer!
[Begins to choke]
Charlie Dog: Can't breathe...
Charlie Dog: The traffic! Ya can't think! BEE-BEEP! BEE-BEEP! Watch out for that truck! HONK HONK! Look out for that taxi! BOING! BEE-BEEP! AWOOGAH! HONK HONK, BEE-BEEP, oh...!
Charlie Dog: Hark, what's that? Look, it's the towers! THEY'RE FALLING! AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!
[collapses onto ground]

Claws for Alarm (1954)
Porky Pig: What are you? a schizophree... schizophree... a manic-depresive or something?

Porky Pig: Tell me, Sylvester. I-is there any i-insanity in your family?

My Favorite Duck (1942)
Porky Pig: G-g-gosh, what a cra-cr-screwy duck.
Daffy Duck: That, my little cherub, is strictly a matter of opinion.

Porky Pig: [cracks open a large egg planted by Daffy, and a baby eagle drops out] G-G-Gosh, it looks just like a b-b-baby eagle.
Eagle: [angrily] For your information, it *is* a baby eagle.

Bugs Bunny's Mad World of Television (1982) (TV)
Porky Pig: [stammers] But you can't quit, Bugs. You-you've made our network, er, uh, number one.
Bugs Bunny: Sorry, pal, but what you need for a president is someone less sensitive than me.
Yosemite Sam: [pounding his fist on Bugs's desk] I'm not sensitive about *nothin*'!
Bugs Bunny: Someone not afraid to make raw decisions.
Yosemite Sam: I'm about as raw as you're a-gonna get!

[last lines]
Porky Pig: You know why I'll...
Porky Pig: put you on as, uh, President, Sam?
Yosemite Sam: [earnestly] Why?
Porky Pig: [staring him in the face angrily] Uh, so as I can fire you!
[he kicks Sam out the window and he plummets into a fountain down below]
Yosemite Sam: Now can you see why it's so lonely at the top?
Bugs Bunny: [appearing at the fountain] And so wet at the bottom!

Porky in Wackyland (1938)
[last lines]
Porky Pig: Oh b-b-boy! I caught the l-last of the D-D-Do-Dos!
The Do-Do: Yes, I'm really the last of the Do-Dos. Ain't I, fellas?
[hundreds of Do-Dos surround Porky]
Other Do-Dos: Yeah, man! Woooooooooo!

Porky Pig: Are you really the last of the Do-Dos?
The Do-Do: Yes, I'm really the last of the Do-Dos!

Daffy Duck's Quackbusters (1988)
Porky Pig: [after Sylvester wrestles a stuffed moose that's trying to shoot Porky Pig] Sy-sy-sylvester! What are you trying to do, wake everybody in the house? Of all the screwball ideas. Fighting with stuffed animals.

Porky Pig: Wh-wh-what now?
[Sylvester hides himself in Porky Pig's suitcase]
Porky Pig: Brother, the things I have to put with, with an idiotic cat. It's just a little, teeny, harmless spider, you shameless craven, you.

The Bugs Bunny Mystery Special (1980) (TV)
Elmer Fudd: Aha! I've got you now! You tall, dark stwanger!
[Bugs tacitly tells Elmer that the tall dark stranger wasn't him, he motions Elmer to look at the actual tall dark stranger, looming before them]
Bugs Bunny: All right now, this has gone far enough. Let's have a look at ya.
[the stranger unmasks himself, which turns out to be Porky]
Elmer Fudd, Bugs Bunny: You!
Porky Pig: [stammers] Well, I had to get this story...
Porky Pig: moving somehow.
Bugs Bunny: I could've sworn the butler did it.

[last lines]
Porky Pig: Well, as - as you can see, everything came out fine in the end. Everyone got what they-they-they deserved.
Porky Pig: Even me.
Bugs Bunny: [closing Porky's cell door] Yep. Even you.
Porky Pig: [stammers] Th-th-th-th-that's all, folks!

Golden Yeggs (1950)
Porky Pig: J-j-jumping Juniper! A golden egg! T-twenty-four karat solid gold! I'm rich! I'm rich! W-who's resp-p-ponsib-b-... who's responsib-b-b... who did this?
Goose: I know who it was. It was me. But I'm no fool. I know what happened to the goose that laid the golden egg.
[Makes throat-slashing sound]
Porky Pig: W-w-well, come on now. Don't be bashful. Who did it?
Goose: I know who did it. He did it.
[Points at Daffy; the chickens lift Daffy over their shoulders, cheering]
Daffy Duck: Okay, so I laid an egg.

Porky Pig: B-b-but I d-don't wanna sell him.
[Cut to the gangsters taking Daffy away, then to a beaten-up Porky]
Porky Pig: T-t-they talked me into it.

Baby Bottleneck (1946)
Porky Pig: Gosh. Here's an egg w-without an address. D-D-Daffy!
Daffy Duck: Yes, sir.
Porky Pig: This egg has no address. You'll have to sit on it and hatch it out to see who it b-belongs to.
Daffy Duck: Yes, I'll have to sit on it, and... Oh, no! Oh-ho, no! Sitting on eggs is out. O-W-T out.

Porky Pig: Aaa-si-see-uh, sit on that egg!

Curtain Razor (1949)
[a two-headed man walks into Porky's office]
Porky: Boy, two-headed! This ought to be a sensational act!
Two-headed man: [cleaning out the dustbin] Act-schmact. I'm the janitor.

Turtle: I am known as The Man with a Thousand Voices. Shall I do my stuff?
Porky: Yes, go right ahead.
[the turtle proceeds to do many different voices, including Bugs Bunny, before stopping in exhaustion]
Porky: But that was only nine hundred and ninety-nine voices.
Turtle: Shucks, I know I've got another one... well, I'll think of it.
[leaves the office]

Robin Hood Daffy (1958)
[last lines]
Porky Pig: I'm sorry, but I can't join you. I'm convinced you're just not Robin Hood.
Daffy Duck: [appearing in friar garb] Never mind joining me, I'll join you. Shake hands with Friar Duck.
[Daffy shakes hands with Porky, as his bill bends up again]

Porky Pig: Prithee, O travelling clown, couldst thou directest me to Robin Hood's hideout? I wouldst fain join me up with his band of jolly outlaws.
Daffy Duck: Look no further, good friar, for I am he for whomst thou seekest. I am Robin Hood!
Porky Pig: Oh, cut it out. I'm serious. If you don't know where he is, just say so.
Daffy Duck: [swinging from a vine] But honest and truly, I am Robin Hood!
[Daffy crashes into a tree]
Porky Pig: *Sure* you are.
[Daffy's bill bends upward again]

Porky & Daffy (1938)
[first lines]
Porky Pig: Daffy, oh, Daffy. Get up.

[last lines]
Porky Pig: That's all folks.

Looney Tunes: Back in Action (2003)
Porky Pig: F-f-first they told me to lose the stutter, now they tell me I'm not funny anymore!
Porky Pig: It's a pain in the butt being p-p-politically correct.
Speedy Gonzales: You're telling me.

Porky Pig: [just before the end credits, Porky tries to say "That's all Folks!" but doesn't quite get there] Go home, folks.

Drip-Along Daffy (1951)
Daffy Duck: [as street-sweeper] I told you I'd clean up this one-horse town.
Porky Pig: Lucky for him it IS a one-horse town.

An Egg Scramble (1950)
Porky Pig, Pretty Boy Bagel: Are you t-t-telling me that you WON'T give me the egg?
Prissy, Hens, Housewife: Yeeeeeeeeees!
Prissy, Hens, Housewife: Just take it already. It's not even her egg!
[Prissy walks away crying. Drops egg and it hatches into miniature version of Prissy]
Porky Pig, Pretty Boy Bagel: Well, well, well! You WERE P-P-Prissy's egg all along, weren't you?
Prissy Jr: Heheheheheheheehhe... Yeeeeeeeeees.

The Wearing of the Grin (1951)
Porky Pig: [Porky walks into his room] Just put the bags down any place, Seamus.
[yawns, and gives OMike, who appears to be legs only, his coat and hat]
Porky Pig: All this excitement, I am tired. Boy, am I tire-tire-t-pooped.
O'Pat: Pardon me sir, but have you seen the lower half of me abouts?
Porky Pig: It's right back there, Seamus.
O'Pat: Thank you, sir.
Porky Pig: S-some people just can't keep track of their other halves.
[Porky, shocked, does a double-take]
O'Pat: Now, isn't this sight enough to set the heart crossways in ye?
Porky Pig: [high-pitched] L-ll-l-leprechauns!

Daffy Doodles (1946)
Porky Pig: I'm a beh-dia-beh-dia booby trap.

Dough for the Do-Do (1949)
Dodo: [chains Porky in a dodo disguise] I'm rich! I'm rich! I've got the last dodo! I've got the last dodo!
Porky Pig: Oh no you haven't!
[reveals himself]
Porky Pig: 'I-I'M rich! 'I-I'VE got the last dodo!
[after Porky runs with the dodo in the horizon, hundreds of dodos appear]
Dodos: Yes sir! He's got the last dodo! Hoot! Hoot! Hoot!
[iris out]

Awful Orphan (1949)
[last lines]
Porky Pig: You're gonna stay-uh-stay all right. I'm-I'm gettin' to like you.

I Haven't Got a Hat (1935)
Porky Pig: Listen, my children, and you shall hear 'The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere'.

Invasion of the Bunny Snatchers (1992)
Bugs Bunny: [speaking of Elmer Rudd] He likes me, he really likes me.
Bugs Bunny: [speaking Yosemite Sam] I never realized that so many people wanted to kill me.
Elmer Fudd: Come out of thewe, you wetch!
[Then the second and correct Closing Credits begin. After all names are complete, with the cast and crew, each persons occupation & dialogue are completed. A fraud Porky Pig, apparently from the planet, "Noodnik", starts to come out of a Warner Brothers' Looney Tune and Merry Melody drum hole. As it started to speak, Bugs Bunny recognized it to be a counterfeit and quickly immediately kicked it out it of the way and put the original Porky Pig in]
Bugs Bunny: Oh, no you don't!
Porky Pig: [after Bugs disposed of the counterfeit and much slower speaking pig, Porky Pig always stutters, and says his long time closing line of] Th-th-that's all folks!

Bah Humduck!: A Looney Tunes Christmas (2006) (V)
Daffy Duck: [with his usual lisp] Stop snacking on store merchandise mister or I'll see to it that you're arrested for stealing!
Bugs Bunny: [wiping his face with Daffy's necktie] You might wanna stay away from the "s" words until you work through that little spitting problem of yours.
Porky Pig: M-m-m-maybe you could see a speech thera-pe-thera-pe thera-pe... specialist.

Porky's Snooze Reel (1941)
Porky Pig: This is a d-d-d-doberman pinscher, you are a pinscher aren't you doberpuss?
Doberman Pinscher: Yeah I'm a pinscher!,
[grabs a dog's butt]
Doberman Pinscher: pinch!, pinch!, pinch!
[laughs hysterically]

Wagon Heels (1945)
Porky Pig, Injun Joe, Sloppy Moe, Trail Boss: I know something I won't tell, I won't tell, I won't tell! I know something I won't tell! Nya, nya, nya,nya!
Porky Pig, Injun Joe, Sloppy Moe, Trail Boss: [cuts branch] Him Screwball!

Kitty Kornered (1946)
[last lines]
[the cats have thrown Porky into the snow]
Porky Pig: Pardon me, but d-d-does anyone in the audience kn-know somebody who kn-knows somebody that has a house to rent?

The Scarlet Pumpernickel (1950)
Daffy Duck: The Lord High Chamberlain was simply furious.
Porky Pig: I'm s-s-s-s-simply furious.
Daffy Duck: But Milady Melissa was simply delighted.
The Fair Melissa: I'm simply delighted.

"Tiny Toon Adventures: Animaniacs! (#1.36)" (1990)
Porky Pig: Please, Bugs, I can't take anym-anym-I've had enough.
Daffy Duck: Yeah, when it comes to cartoons, us old timers only have a six minute attention span.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988)
[last lines]
Porky Pig: All right. M-m-m-ove along now. Th-th-there's nothing left to see here. That's all folks. Mmm, I like the sound of that.
Porky Pig: [turns to audience; iris closes in on Porky and "Merry-Go-Round Broke Down" plays on soundtrack]
Porky Pig: Th-th-th-that's all, folks!

Tom Turk and Daffy (1944)
Daffy Duck: You lose something, fat stuff?
Porky Pig: I'm l-l-looking for a d-d-darned old t-turkey.
Daffy Duck: Sir! Do you mean to insinuate that I'd hide your d-d-arned old t-t-turkey?
Porky Pig: I was ce-ce-certain it came this way.
Daffy Duck: Well, I ain't talkin', see? My lips are sealed.
[Locks appear on Daffy's beak]
Porky Pig: Well, g-g-gee, uh, g-g-gee...
Daffy Duck: I ain't no stool pigeon, see.
Tom Turk: [Inside snowman] What a pal, what a pal, what a pal, what a pal, what a pal. What a pal.
Porky Pig: Oh, d-d-dagnabit. And I had everything r-ready for a nice, big t-t-turkey dinner.
Daffy Duck: Not a word out of me! I ain't no squealer. I'm no... Turkey dinner?
Porky Pig: Uh-huh. And with ch-ch-chestnut dressing too.
Daffy Duck: Mmm-mmm. No. No, I won't talk. They can't make me. I'm no stool pigeon. I'm not... Cranberry sauce?
Porky Pig: Yeah, and w-with mashed potatoes and green peas.
Daffy Duck: Mashed potatoes and green peas? Gulp. No. No, they can't sweat it out of me. I won't be a stool pigeon! I won't! I won't be a st... And... and candied yams?
Porky Pig: Uh-huh. C-Candied yams.
Daffy Duck: [Sobbing] The yams did it! The yams did it! The yams did it!
[Stands on a stool marked "stool pigeon", cooing like a pigeon; rushes the snowman with Tom inside in front of Porky and puts up hundreds of signs pointing to it]
Daffy Duck: I didn't wanna do it. It was those yams. Oh, those nasty yams!
Tom Turk: Quisling.
Porky Pig: C-c-come out of there. I've got you covered. C-come one out of there, you old turkye you. Come out or I'll b-blast you!
[Tom digs his way out and sneaks up behind Daffy]
Daffy Duck: Those nasty, delicious yams!
Tom Turk: [Puts his tail on Daffy before sneaking away] Gobble, gobble, gobble.
Porky Pig: So t-there you are, you old turkey.
Daffy Duck: Turkey? Who's a turkey? Now wait a minute, Myles Standish. I'm a duck. Quack, quack, quack! I can swim. Observe.
[Dives into snow and swims, then runs as Porky gives chase]

One Meat Brawl (1947)
[Last lines]
Porky Pig: Shadow boxing. Th-th-this way, no one gets hurt.

"Robot Chicken: Rodigitti (#2.8)" (2006)
Porky Pig: Th-th-th-that's all, Bitches!

The Case of the Stuttering Pig (1937)
Porky Pig: [Trying to escape the evil Goodwill, he unknowingly winds up in Goodwill's arms] G-Gee, Petunia. I j-j-just saw the most te-te-awful-l-l-looking man, all b-b-big and b-black, with big teeth, and a long, b-b-big black nose, and... Whoa!

Looney Tunes: Stranger Than Fiction (2003) (V)
Porky Pig: Hi! Porky's Pizza Palace!
Daffy Duck: I'd like a pizza with everything on it! I'm at the Royal Mallard. Penthouse number five.
Porky Pig: Okay. I'll be there in thirty minutes or less or your pizza is fr... no charge.

Porky's Poor Fish (1940)
Porky Pig: B-Boy, when it comes to eatin', I'm a r-r-regular pig.

Scaredy Cat (1948)
[sign held by the bound and gagged Porky Pig as the mice wheel him off to the chopping block]

Cracked Quack (1952)
Porky Pig: Oh, th-th-this darned old income tax would come out all right if I only had a f-f-few dependants.
Daffy Duck: Did you say dependants?
[Opens door to reveal ducks partying in kitchen]
Daffy Duck: You got 'em, brother.

The Looney, Looney, Looney Bugs Bunny Movie (1981)
[Porky has been beaten by gangsters who are after Tweety]
Porky Pig: You talked me in to it.

Rocket Squad (1956)
Daffy Duck: This is the Milky Way. A nice galaxy. 875 billion trillion people live here. Yes, it's a nice place to live. It's my job to keep it that way. I'm a space cop. My name's Monday. My partner's name is Tuesday. He always follows me. It was Wednesday, January 23, 10:26 p.m.
Porky Pig: T-t-ten twenty-eight.
Daffy Duck: Like I said, it was 10:28 p.m.