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Quotes for
Annie MacLean (Character)
from The Horse Whisperer (1998)

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The Horse Whisperer (1998)
Annie: I've heard you help people with horse problems.
Tom Booker: Truth is, I help horses with people problems.

[Tom walks up to Annie with two horses]
Annie: The answer is 'no'.
Tom Booker: I haven't even asked you the question yet!

Robert: Judith's dead.
Annie: And what about Grace?
Robert: She's in pretty bad shape.

Annie: I haven't ridden Western before.
Tom Booker: Yeah, but he doesn't know that. Just sit on the horse.

Annie: [reading] A million years before man they grazed the vast empty plains, living by voices only they could hear. They first came to know man as the hunted knows the hunter. Before he used horses for his labors, he killed them for meat. The alliance with man would forever be fragile. For the fear he struck deep into their hearts was too deep to be dislodged. Since that neolithic moment when a horse was first haltered, there were those among men who understood this. They could see into the creature's soul and sooth the wounds they found there. The secrets uttered softly into troubled ears. These men were known as the Whisperers.

Grace: I've decided about Pilgrim.
Annie: Oh.
Grace: I think we should put him down. It's not fair to let him suffer.
Annie: Well I think that's a very...
Grace: And maybe we should put me down too.

Annie: Don't they believe in signs around here?
Grace: What would they say? Ten miles to big rock. Twenty miles to bigger rock.

Annie: I had a hard time finding the place. There are no signs.
Tom Booker: Oh, there are plenty of signs. Just not many of them printed.

Annie: I've never been on a cow farm before. It seems to me that the bulls have the best time. Just laying around the fields waiting for someone to come along and ask them to do their work.
Tom Booker: You get born a bull you have a 90% chance of being castrated. Served up as hamburger. So on balance, I reckon I'd choose bein' a cow.

Tom Booker: Do you ever sit still for just a minute?
Annie: Well, you sit still too long in New York and you get renovated.

Tom Booker: Jogger, huh?
Annie: I don't jog, Mr. Booker, I run.
Tom Booker: Well that's lucky for you. The grizzlies around here mostly go for the joggers.

[last lines]
Annie: Can we have one last ride?
Tom Booker: Yep. I'll saddle up.