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Quotes for
Sadie (Character)
from Across the Universe (2007)

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Across the Universe (2007)
Sadie: [upon seeing Prudence for the first time] Where'd she come from?
Jude: She came in through the bathroom window.

Sadie: You got a good memory for faces?
Max: Yeah, I think so. Why?
Sadie: There's no mirror in your bathroom.

Prudence: [on how Max can avoid the draft] Say you're a pedophile - say you want to go into the villages and you want to rape and pillage all the little girls that look like me!
Sadie: Prudence!

Sadie: [while singing] Oh darling, if you leave me, I'll never make it alone...
JoJo: I doubt that.

Max: You're up before two and looking wicked cool. Who's it for?
Sadie: I have a meeting.
Max: [southern accent] Why, is that prayer a meeting?
Sadie: Yeah, for your twisted soul.
Sadie: [kisses Max's cheek]
Sadie: Put my shirt away when you're done.
Max: Yes ma'am.

Jude: [about the letter he got] Max, what exactly does it say?
Max: It says I have to report to an induction center on the 7th.
Sadie: You've got a week to contract some fatal disease, honey.