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Quotes for
Tommy Smith (Character)
from Hostage (2005)

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Hostage (2005)
Jennifer Smith: Would you stop it?
Tommy Smith: We need to help daddy.
Jennifer Smith: Shut up! Watch the tv. That's the police, okay? They're gonna help.
Tommy Smith: We gotta cut the tape.
Jennifer Smith: Shut up!
Tommy Smith: Pull all together, okay? Off the bed then like maybe we can get what's under the bed.
Jennifer Smith: Under my bed? What's under my bed?
Tommy Smith: Your bong. We can break it.
Jennifer Smith: What? Have you been sneaking in my room?

Tommy Smith: Chief Talley?
Jeff Talley: Yeah, Tommy.
Tommy Smith: Is my daddy gonna be okay?
Jeff Talley: Yeah, son. A good friend o' mine is watchin' over him.

Tommy Smith: Are you like Captain...
Tommy Smith: are you like Captain Wubba? And my house is like Planet Xenon! And Captain Wubba is gonna save Planet Xenon...
Tommy Smith: Right?
Jeff Talley: [pause, sniffling] Yeah, Tommy. Captain Wubba's gonna save Planet Xenon. But I need your help.

Tommy Smith: [opens door to safe room] Chief Talley!
Jeff Talley: [on his knees, hugs him] You did very good. You did really good. Ok?