Josh Trager
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Josh Trager (Character)
from "Kyle XY" (2006)

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"Kyle XY: Ghost in the Machine (#2.9)" (2007)
Josh Trager: [Jessi is being clingy to Kyle. Josh mumbling] New player on the field.

Andy Jensen: What?
Josh Trager: Nothing.
Andy Jensen: Then, stop staring at me like that.

Amanda: Kyle? Where'd he go?
Josh Trager: He went back in.

Josh Trager: Andy, about what you said...
Andy Jensen: Forget about it.
Josh Trager: How am I supposed to do that?
Andy Jensen: Easy. When you get the urge to talk about it, don't. Oh, and do me a favor and don't tell anyone.
Josh Trager: Andy?
Andy Jensen: I'm serious.

"Kyle XY: What's the Frequency, Kyle? (#2.8)" (2007)
Josh Trager: Hilary Duff called and she wants her shirt back.

Lori Trager: Okay. What's your problem?
Josh Trager: I don't have one.
Lori Trager: Seriously, you haven't said one witty, smartass comment all week.

"Kyle XY: Diving In (#1.4)" (2006)
Kyle: Everybody laughed at me.
Josh Trager: And you don't know why?
Kyle: No.
Josh Trager: You never had an erection before?
Kyle: Not that I can remember.

Kyle: So we come to the pool, but don't swim. And we scope babes, but we don't talk to them?
Josh Trager: It's a cruel world, I just live in it.

"Kyle XY: Primary Colors (#2.20)" (2008)
Josh Trager: [referring to Kyle] He's like the Idiot King of Stupid Town.

"Kyle XY: Hands on a Hybrid (#2.11)" (2007)
Josh Trager: [reading shirt that Andy gave him] "I'm With Cancer Girl." It's awesome. You're awesome.
Andy Jensen: You're pretty awesome too.
[Josh quickly kisses Andy]
Andy Jensen: Uhm... That's not how you do it.
[Andy starts making out with Josh]

"Kyle XY: Lockdown (#2.12)" (2007)
Andy Jensen: You're acting weird.
Josh Trager: I'm on top of you making out. What's weird about that?
Andy Jensen: You're being hesitant. Guys aren't supposed to do hesitant.
Josh Trager: I'm not being hesitant.
[Andy and Josh start making out again]
Andy Jensen: Totally hesitant.
Josh Trager: Would you stop using that word?
Andy Jensen: I'm sorry. But it's true. Any other guy would have his hand half way to the promised land by now.
Josh Trager: I'm trying to be respectful.
Andy Jensen: No. Respect is the slow inching, waiting for me to swat your hand away. Respect is at least trying to go there. Unless you...
Josh Trager: Unless I what?
Andy Jensen: Unless you've never gone there before.
Josh Trager: Ugh...
Andy Jensen: Oh my god! You've never touched a boob before.
Josh Trager: I've touched a boob before.
Andy Jensen: A real one? Or one of those inflatable ones?
Josh Trager: I've touched a boob before, okay? Just never one that...
Andy Jensen: Never one that what?
Josh Trager: Never one that mattered.
Andy Jensen: My boobs matter?
Josh Trager: Of course they matter. Why else would I put up with this humiliation?

"Kyle XY: The Lies That Bind (#1.3)" (2006)
Kyle: I thought it was good to help?
Josh Trager: It is, but, it has to be a secret.
Kyle: A secret? Is that lying?
Josh Trager: How can it be lying if we're not saying anything?