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Babe Ruth (Character)
from The Babe (1992)

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Home Run on the Keys (1937)
Babe Ruth: What are you doing?
Bryon Gay: Trying to get an idea for that broadcast next week.
Babe Ruth: Well, why don't you play some of those songs? You know, those old hits of yours.
Phil: You ought to give him some of your old hits.
Babe Ruth: Don't mind about my old hits. The copyright is out on those.

Phil: Say, Babe, speakin' of hits, what hit gave you your greatest thrill?
Babe Ruth: Well, I suppose that one out in Chicago in the World Series of 1932.
Phil: What happened?
Babe Ruth: Well, I'll tell ya. The papers said it was the longest and the most dramatic home run ever hit at the Cubs park. I'll never forget it. It was a tough Series. Both clubs riding each other. Doing everything to get each other's goat. Well, at this one particular time when I went to bat, Charlie Root was pitching, and the first pitched ball was a called strike. Well, I thought it was outside and didn't like it very much. So the boys over there were given me the "on ya" "on ya". You know what I mean... Well, the second pitched ball was another called strike. Well, I didn't like that one either. So, I let it go by. And by that time, they were over there going crazy! Well, I stepped out of the box and I looked over to the bench and then I looked out at center field and I pointed, I said, "I'm going to hit the next pitched ball right past the flag pole." Well, the good lord and good luck must have been with me; because, I did *exactly* what I said I was going to do. And I'll tell you one thing, that was the best home run I ever hit in my life.
Phil: Oh, it must have been a dandy!
Babe Ruth: It was a pip as far as I was concerned.

Babe Ruth: Well, listen, you fellas write hits, why don't you write a home run?
Bryon Gay: A home run?
Babe Ruth: Yes, a home run on the keys!
Phil: That's a great idea, Mr. Gay. Why don't you do that on the radio?
Bryon Gay: Gee, that is a great idea, Babe. How would you do it?
Babe Ruth: Well, let me show ya.
[pounds a chord twice on the piano]
Babe Ruth: Ball one!
[pounds a chord twice at a higher octave]
Babe Ruth: Strike one.
[Runs his fingers along the keys from a low to a high octave]
Babe Ruth: A home run!

Babe Ruth: [On the radio] Hello, folks. My two friends and myself have written a number called 'Home run on the Keys". We're jumping into the studio like this, so sudden, why, we figure we got two strikes on us already. But, remember, you only have one to hit. So, David, play it!
Orchestra Conductor: Okay.
[Orchestra starts playing]
Babe Ruth: Play ball! - - Strike one! - - Strike two! - - Foul ball. - - Ball one! - - Ball two! - - Ball three! - - It's a home run!

Speedy (1928)
Harold "Speedy" Swift: [talking to Babe Ruth and not watching traffic] Gosh, Babe - this is the proudest moment of my life!
Babe Ruth: If you don't look out, it'll be the last.

Babe Ruth: [after riding in Speedy's cab] If I ever want to commit suicide, I'll call you.

Babe Ruth: Hey, taxi!
Harold "Speedy" Swift: Huh? Me?
Babe Ruth: Come over here. Drive me to Yankee Stadium - in a hurry!

Harold "Speedy" Swift: [Dodging traffic while driving Babe to Yankee Stadium] Even when you strike out, you miss 'em close.
Babe Ruth: I don't miss 'em half as close as you do.

The Sandlot (1993)
"The Babe": Remember kid, there's heroes and there's legends. Heroes get remembered but legends never die, follow your heart kid, and you'll never go wrong.

"The Babe": Let me tell you something kid; Everybody gets one chance to do something great. Most people never take the chance, either because they're too scared, or they don't recognize it when it spits on their shoes.

"The Babe": [looks at baseball card] Henry Aaron. I don't know why but can I have this, kid?

61* (2001) (TV)
The Babe: Hey Roger, up here! It's the voice from above. Hey Maris, up here. It's the Babe! Hey, you want my record? You want my record? You can come up and kiss my Bambino ass! Hey I saw ya in the paper the other day. Nice hookers you have there pal. You're nothing! You're never gonna be nothing! Hey what, you can't even face me? You can't even look at me? Oh, you wanna play ball? You wanna play some ball? Hey, I tell you what. Catch this you piece of shit!
[throws a chair at Maris]

"Voyagers!: Cleo and the Babe (#1.6)" (1982)
Cleopatra: [Bogg and Jeffrey know Cleopatra and Babe Ruth are in danger, so they "borrow" a car to escape] I command you to stop this car.
Phineas Bogg: No way. You're too good at gettin' into trouble.
Cleopatra: I wasn't in any trouble until you showed up.
Phineas Bogg: And stopped you and Luciano from kidnapping him.
[Lucky Luciano's plan was to keep The Babe from hitting home run number 60]
Babe Ruth: What's a hood like Luciano gonna do for a girl like you, anyway?
Cleopatra: Get me an audience with the Emperor.
Babe Ruth: What Emperor?
Cleopatra: Emperor Coolidge.
Babe Ruth: [aside, to himself] Whew, this dame's a nickel short.