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Shinobu Maehara (Character)
from "Love Hina" (2000)

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"Love Hina Again" (2002)
[Naru is being chased by the angry residents of the Hinata Apartments, who don't realize the perpetrator who made them angry was an imposter of Naru]
Naru Narusegawa: What's going on here? Somebody help me!
Mitsune 'Kitsune' Konno: Come back here, Naru!
Shinobu Maehara: Come back here!
Naru Narusegawa: Are you kidding? No way, I'm running!
Kaolla Su, Tama: Get her, get her!
Motoko Aoyama: Naru must be possessed by an evil spirit, I'm sure of it!
Shinobu Maehara: I know the Naru that we know and love would never do anything like that to me!
Naru Narusegawa: [thinking while running] What are they talking about? I just got home and have no idea what they mean!
Motoko Aoyama: How DARE you try to rob me of my chastity!
[strikes with her sword]
[Everyone including the residents that were chasing Naru are thrown up into the sky by Motoko]

Love Hina Christmas Special: Silent Eve (2000) (TV)
[Kitsune shows Keitaro Naru's letter to Seta.]
Keitarou Urashima: Why should I read that? What good would it do now?
Shinobu Maehara: Mr. Urashima...
Keitarou Urashima: I do want to!
[Swats the letter from Kitsune's hands, and Shinobu picks it up.]
Shinobu Maehara: [Reading letter.] "Mr. Seta, thank you for all you've done for me over the years. Today, I have something very special that I must profess to you."
Keitarou Urashima: Stop it, Shinobu.
Shinobu Maehara: [Continues reading.] "Mr. Seta, ever since I was in high school, I had loved you. But I now believe that those feelings were childish adoration. I was so desperate to be loved by others, that I was content to have someone be kind to me. I have now come to realize that being loved is not as important as loving another. And so, I am now in..."
[Starts weeping.]
Mitsune Konno: Do you get it now?
Shinobu Maehara: Mr. Urashima, you only have until midnight today. Christmas Eve this year... is special. So you have to hurry.
[Keitaro leaves.]
Shinobu Maehara: Ms. Kitsune, I'm a horrible girl.
Mitsune Konno: You're a good kid.