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Cassie Robinson (Character)
from "Supernatural" (2005)

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"Supernatural: Route 666 (#1.13)" (2006)
Dean Winchester: Don't leave the house.
Cassie Robinson: Don't go getting all authoritative on me, I hate it.
Dean Winchester: Don't leave the house, please?

Cassie Robinson: [bringing in coffee on a tray] My mother's in pretty bad shape. I've been staying with her. I wish she wouldn't go off by herself, she's been so nervous and frightened. She was worried about Dad.
Dean Winchester: Why?
Cassie Robinson: He was scared, he was seeing things.
Dean Winchester: Like what?
Cassie Robinson: He swore he saw... an awful-looking black truck following him.
Sam Winchester: A truck. Who was the driver?
Cassie Robinson: He didn't talk about a driver. Just the truck. He said it would appear and disappear. And in the accident, Dad's truck was dented, like it'd been slammed into by something big.
[she hands them coffee]
Sam Winchester: Thanks. Now, you're sure this dent wasn't there before?
Cassie Robinson: He sold cars. Always drove a new one. There wasn't a scratch on that thing. It had rained hard that night, there was mud everywhere. There was a distinct set of muddy tracks from Dad's car, leading right to the edge, where he went over. One set of tracks. His!
Dean Winchester: And the first person killed was a friend of your father's?
Cassie Robinson: Best friend. Clayton Soames. They owned the car dealership together. Same thing. Dent, no tracks. And the cops said exactly what they said about Dad. He lost control of his car.
Dean Winchester: Now, can you think of any reason why your father and his partner might be targets?
Cassie Robinson: No.
Sam Winchester: And you think this vanishing truck ran him off the road?
Cassie Robinson: [embarrassed] Oh, when you say it aloud like that. Look, I'm a little skeptical about this... ghost stuff, or whatever you guys are into.
Dean Winchester: Huh. Skeptical. If I remember, I think you said I was nuts.

Mayor Harold Todd: What is it, exactly, you want me to do?
Cassie Robinson: Well how about closing this section of road, for starters?
Mayor Harold Todd: Close the main road, the only road in and out of town? Accidents do happen Cassie. That's what they are: accidents!
[Dean and Sam walk up]
Dean Winchester: Did the cops check for additional denting on Jimmy's car, see if it was pushed?
Mayor Harold Todd: Who's this?
Cassie Robinson: Dean and Sam Winchester, family friends. This is Mayor Harold Todd.
Mayor Harold Todd: It's one set of tire tracks. One. Doesn't point to foul play.
Cassie Robinson: Mayor, the police and town officials take their cues from you! If you're indifferent about...
Mayor Harold Todd: [offended] Indifferent!
Cassie Robinson: Would you close the road if the victims were white?
Mayor Harold Todd: You're suggesting I'm racist, Cassie. I'm the last person you should talk to like that.
Cassie Robinson: And why's that?
Mayor Harold Todd: Why don't you ask your mother.

Sam Winchester: [on cell] Okay, the courthouse records show that Mr. and Mrs. Mayor bought an abandoned property. The previous owner was the Dorian family, for like a hundred and fifty years.
Dean Winchester: Dorian?
Sam Winchester: Yeah.
Dean Winchester: [to Cassie] Didn't you say the Dorian family used to own this paper?
Cassie Robinson: Along with most everything else around here. They were pillars of the town.
Dean Winchester: Right, right.
[looking through articles]
Dean Winchester: That's interesting.
Sam Winchester: What?
Dean Winchester: This Cyrus Dorian, he vanished in April of '63, the case was investigated but never solved. That's right around the time the string of murders was goin' on back then.
Sam Winchester: Well, I pulled a bunch of paper up on the Dorian place, it must 'a been in bad shape when the mayor bought it.
Dean Winchester: Why's that?
Sam Winchester: The first thing he did was bulldoze the place.
Dean Winchester: [to Cassie] Mayor Todd knocked down the Dorian place?
Cassie Robinson: [nodding] It was a big deal, one of the oldest local houses left. He made the front page.
Dean Winchester: [to Sam] You got a date?
Sam Winchester: Uh... The third of last month.
Dean Winchester: Mayor Todd bulldozed the Dorian family home on the third; the first killing was the very next day.

[after the ghost truck threatens Cassie]
Dean Winchester: You didn't see who was drivin' the truck?
Cassie Robinson: It seemed to be no one. Everything was moving so fast. And then it was just gone. Why didn't it kill us?
Dean Winchester: Whatever's controlling the truck wants you afraid first.
Sam Winchester: Mrs. Robinson. Cassie said that your husband saw the truck before he died.
Cassie Robinson: Mom?
Mrs. Robinson: [distracted] Hm? Oh, uh, Martin was under a lot of stress, he... I can't be sure about what he was seeing.
Dean Winchester: Well after tonight I think we can be reasonably sure that he was seein' a truck. What happened tonight, you and Cassie are marked. Okay? Now your daughter could die. So if you know something now would be a really good time to tell us about it.
Cassie Robinson: Dean...
Mrs. Robinson: Yes. Yes, he said he saw a truck.
Sam Winchester: Did he know who it belonged to?
Mrs. Robinson: He thought he did.
Dean Winchester: Who was that?
Mrs. Robinson: Cyrus. A man named Cyrus.

Mrs. Robinson: Cyrus Dorian died more than forty years ago.
Dean Winchester: How do you know he died, Mrs. Robinson? The paper said he went missing. How do you know he died?
Mrs. Robinson: We were all very young. I dated Cyrus awhile. I, I was also seeing Martin, in secret of course, because, interracial couples didn't go over too well then. When I broke it off with Cyrus, and when he found out about Martin... I don't know, he, he changed. His, his hatred. His hatred was frightening.
Sam Winchester: The string of murders.
Mrs. Robinson: There were rumors. People of color disappearing into some kind of a truck. Nothing was ever done. Martin and uh, Martin and I, we were gonna be uh, married in that little church near here, but uh, last minute we decided to elope, because we didn't want all the attention.
Dean Winchester: And Cyrus?
Mrs. Robinson: [crying] The day we set for the wedding, was the day someone set fire to the church. There was a children's choir practice in there! They all died.
Sam Winchester: Did the attacks stop after that?
Mrs. Robinson: No! There was one more. One night, that truck came for Martin. Cyrus beat him something terrible. But Martin, you see, Martin got loose, and he started hitting Cyrus and he just kept hitting him and h-hitting him!
Dean Winchester: Why didn't you call the cops?
Mrs. Robinson: This was forty years ago! He called on his friends, Clayton Soames and Jimmy Anderson, and they put Cyrus's body into the truck and rolled it into the swamp at the edge of his land and all three of them kept that secret all these years.
Sam Winchester: And now all three are gone.
Dean Winchester: So is Mayor Todd. Now he said, that you of all people would know that he is not a racist. Why would he say that?
Mrs. Robinson: He was a good man. He was a young deputy back then, investigating Cyrus's disappearance. Once he figured out what Martin and the others had done, he... he did nothing. Because he also knew what Cyrus had done.
Cassie Robinson: Why didn't you tell me?
Mrs. Robinson: I thought I was protecting him. And now there's no one left to protect!
Dean Winchester: Yes there is.
[he looks at Cassie]

Cassie Robinson: My mother says to tell you thanks again.
Cassie Robinson: This was a better good-bye than last time.
Dean Winchester: Yeah well, maybe this time it'll be a little less permanent.
Cassie Robinson: You know what? I'm a realist. I don't see much hope for us, Dean.
Dean Winchester: Well, I've seen stranger things happen. Helluva lot stranger.
Cassie Robinson: [smiling sadly] Good-bye, Dean.
Dean Winchester: I'll see you Cassie. I will.