Alex P. Keaton
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Biography for
Alex P. Keaton (Character)
from "Family Ties" (1982)

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Alex P. Keaton was born in Africa in 1965, while his parents, Steve and Elyse, were in the Peace Corps. After his parents finished the Peace Corps service, they moved to Berkeley, California, where his parents were students and Vietnam War protesters. His sister, Mallory was born there in 1967. Later, they moved to Columbus, Ohio, where, in 1972, his sister Jennifer was born. His brother, Andrew, was later born in the 1980s.

Alex was a precocious straight-A student. His favourite topics were politics, business, and money. A conservative Republican, his favourite president was Richard Nixon. In 1972, he was happy that Nixon was reelected for a second term. In 1974, he was upset when Nixon had to resign. As for business and finance, he did school projects in those field. Once he went as far as invest his parents' AT&T stocks in a video company in the Phillipines, but he ended up losing his parents' money. His favourite TV show was Wall $treet Week. He even had a one-night stand with a college student who majored in economics.

Alex graduated Harding High in 1983, as salutarian. He lost as valedictorian to his then-girlfriend, Rachel Miller. He matriculated into Leland University. He had applied to Dartmouth and Princeton. He did not pursue Dartmouth further after tearing a glowing recommendation letter from an obnoxious teacher who had connections with the school. This teacher liked Alex, but insulted his family. He interviewed at Princeton, but Mallory messed up his chances of admission by intruding during his interview crying. She had seen her boyfriend kiss another girl, and she needed Alex to console her.

At Leland, Alex majored in business and economics. In 1985, he fell in love and went steady with Ellen Reed. They were seeing each other until Ellen got a scholarship in Paris in 1986. Later in 1987, he started dating Lauren Miller, a psychology student. They dated until 1989, when Alex gave into a woman he was tutoring. He and Lauren broke up, not only because of the other girl, but because Alex decided that his future plans could not involve Lauren. They remained friends, however.

Alex graduated Leland University in 1989 as valedictorian, and he moved to New York, where he got a financial job.

By 2000, Alex supposedly became a Repubilican Senator from Ohio.

Being pro-Republican, Alex had some very conservative views in contrast to his parents. He did not support the feminist movement, though he pretended to be one to impress a girl in 1983 or 1984. Although he cared a lot and loved his sisters, he always hoped for a brother. His wish came true in 1985, when Andrew was born. When Andy was born, he looked up to God and screamed, "THANK YOU! THANK YOU!".

He is portrayed by Michael J. Fox.

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