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Molly Baker (Character)
from "Sailor Moon" (1995)

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"Sailor Moon: A Friend in Wolf's Clothing (#1.20)" (1995)
Molly Baker: [carries Molly after saving her] Thank you for saving me, Nephlite.
Nephlite: You don't have to thank me. I don't even understand myself why I saved you, Molly. You know I've been lying to you from the first moment I met you; and I'll probably go on lying to you.
Molly Baker: [smiles] Humph, I don't mind. It doesn't matter. Your heart hasn't deceived me, as long as you're with me.
[sees his injured arm]
Molly Baker: Oh, no! Look! You're hurt!
Nephlite: I'm okay.
Molly Baker: No, Nephlite! You got that cut because of me. Those evil creatures might come back! Come on, this way!

Molly Baker: [while tending Nephlite's wounds] You know, right downtown, there's a cafe where they serve delicious chocolate parfait.
Nephlite: Chocolate parfait?
Molly Baker: Yes, do you like it?
Nephlite: [groans] Yes, I do.
Molly Baker: [teases him] You're lying.
Nephlite: Hmm?
Molly Baker: [laughs] But you're only lying because you want to be nice to me.
Nephlite: [moves his arm after Molly finishes bandaging it] Thanks, Molly.
Molly Baker: [sits by his side] I wish we could have a chocolate parfait together. It's been a secret dream I've been having ever since I met you. But I guess it'll never happen, huh?
Nephlite: Why not? Let's do it.
Molly Baker: Really? Oh!
Nephlite: Do you think I'm lying?
Molly Baker: [shakes her head] Uh-uh. I'm just happy.
[Nephlite looks at her]
Molly Baker: Tell me, do you have any holidays in that evil society of yours?
[Nephlite lights up from this and laughs]
Molly Baker: Huh? Nephlite, you're actually laughing!
[they laugh at the same time]
Molly Baker: Hey, it's funny. I'm laughing and crying, too!

Nephlite: [after being injured by Queen Beryl's servant, near his death] Sorry.
Molly Baker: For what?
Nephlite: Don't think we'll be having a chocolate parfait.
Molly Baker: [gasps in tears] Oh, please!
Nephlite: [groans and laughs touching her face passionately] Sorry I lied to you again, but this time I didn't mean to. Forgive me.
[Molly cries feeling his hand]
Nephlite: Don't forget me. I just want you to know you're in my heart.
[he dies as his hand drops from Molly]
Molly Baker: Nephlite, no! Don't go!
[Nephlite fades away and turns into bubbles]
Molly Baker: We'll get a doctor and everything will be alright! Nephlite, hang on! I don't want you to go! Nephlite, no! Don't leave me!
[the bandage from Nephlite's wounded arm falls to her knees]
Molly Baker: [screams and cries] NO!
[the Sailor Scouts cry at this as well as the bubbles of Nephlite fly into the sky]

"Sailor Moon: Talk Radio (#1.2)" (1995)
Serena: But you don't even have a boyfriend.
Molly Baker: I know. I'm just going to invent one so I get my letter on the show.
Serena: Smart, Molly. You can make the perfect guy. Handsome. Smooth. Totally Cool. Sorry... Sorry...
Molly Baker: Darien, how are you?
Darien: What was that you were saying about someone totally cool? We can be sure it isn't you. Shouldn't you be going home and doing your homework, Meat-Ball Head?
Molly Baker: I just figured out who is going to be the inspiration for my letter.
Serena: How is this for inspiration? You're a creep Darien and you don't know the first thing about being cool!