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President Grover Cleveland (Character)
from "The American President" (2000)

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Buffalo Bill and the Indians, or Sitting Bull's History Lesson (1976)
President Grover Cleveland: Where will you sleep, Buffalo Bill?
Ed Goodman: You can sleep with me, Uncle Will.
William F. 'Buffalo Bill' Cody: No, Ed, I will sleep out on the prairie underneath the moon and listen to the lullaby of the coyotes. You see, I ain't always been a comfortable man.
President Grover Cleveland: You know, it's a man like that that made this country what it is today!

William Halsey: Great Father, Sitting Bull has waited to ask you a very simple thing for his people.
President Grover Cleveland: Mr. Halsey, I remind you that in government, nothing is simple.

Princess Kaiulani (2009)
Princess Ka'iulani: What my father is saying is that I'm grateful to be a guest and would never presume to talk about the politics of Hawaii, which reminds me of this hen.
President Cleveland: Hen reminds you of Hawaii?
Princess Ka'iulani: "It does actually. Natural, unspoiled, perfect. For as long as anyone can remember, pepper has been the perfect seasoning for hen." She pours pepper. "Lately though, salt, a white mineral from the sea has been the fashion." She pours salt. "Careful to add just a bit, as the perfect balance can be easily upset." Then she pours cumin. "Should you introduce an American spice such as cumin, the salt is fortified, the hen destroyed." Princess Ka'iulani gets up to let President Cleveland have a taste. "Mr. President if you please."
President Cleveland: Has a taste, grunts and spits it. "Terrible. Tell me, how do we restore natural flavor?"
Princess Ka'iulani: Cumin has no place on hen.
President Cleveland: Well Princess, I only have four weeks left in office. But I promise to do what I can to halt the use of cumin. You need to get your spices in order quickly young lady. President elect McKinley is from Ohio and as far as I know, not a very good cook.