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Matrix (Character)
from "ReBoot" (1994)

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ReBoot: Daemon Rising (2001) (TV)
Phong: How is Enzo taking your transformation?
Welman Matrix: Well...
Enzo Matrix: Hey, Phong, Dad's a null monster now! It's sooo cool! He can change shape and things! Hey, there's Frisket!
Welman Matrix: Quite well, actually.

Enzo Matrix: I am Enzo Matrix. My function: To mend and defend. And you three are gonna help me.

Enzo Matrix: What's a Nullzilla?

Andraia: What happens if Hex loses?
Matrix: I'm worried what'll happen if she wins!

Hexadecimal: She's killing Bob! We have to do something!
Matrix: Like what? I'm out of ideas here!
Andraia: We just haven't got the firepower to go up against her!
[Hexadecimal runs off]
Matrix: Where are you going?
Hexadecimal: To get more firepower.
Matrix: From where?
Hexadecimal: The Core.

"ReBoot: AndrAIa (#2.6)" (1995)
Bob: All right, Enzo, you did it! You saved everyone! Are you okay?
Dot Matrix: Did the game sprite hurt you?
Enzo Matrix: I'm okay, and that game sprite was my friend. She helped save us all.
Bob: Wait, what's that on your icon?
[Bob touches the game sprite logo on Enzo's icon, which causes AndrAIa to manifest]
Enzo Matrix: AndrAIa! You're here!
AndrAIa: I told you we'd be together, Enzo! I downloaded a backup of myself on your icon. The game let me out thinking I was you.
Enzo Matrix: You can do that?
AndrAIa: Apparently!
Enzo Matrix: Cool!
AndrAIa: Now, Guardian, who are your friends?
Bob: It's a Game Sprite, outside of the game? I don't believe it!... Hey, what does she mean "Guardian"?

Enzo Matrix: Everyone's having a better time than me! I've got no one to play with and it's all Dad's fault! If he hadn't deleted most of the Sprites I'd have some friends!

Enzo Matrix: Oh no! There's Bob and Dot! They're trapped! The user's gonna win and we're all gonna be nullified!
AndrAIa: Nullified? What is nullified?
Enzo Matrix: You know, offline! Deleted! Quit without saving!
[Slowly realizes the truth]
Enzo Matrix: ... You're a Game Sprite, aren't you?
AndrAIa: [sadly] Yes... I tried to tell you.
Enzo Matrix: I know, but I didn't want to listen... I thought you could be my friend!
AndrAIa: I am, Enzo.
Enzo Matrix: How? You're a Game Sprite! You leave with the game, win or lose! We could never stay together, no matter what happens!
AndrAIa: We can be together, Enzo.

Enzo Matrix: Wow, you're okay! I thought the user offlined you for sure! Hey, cool spines! Are they acid or poison?
AndrAIa: Umm... not poison, they paralyze.
Enzo Matrix: Totally random! I bet they're really useful in this game! When I rebooted, all I got was this eye-patch.
AndrAIa: Rebooted? Who are you?
Enzo Matrix: Me? I'm Enzo. Uhh... a Guardian! Yeah, that's it! I come from the Net. And who are you?
AndrAIa: I am AndrAIa. I'm a...
Enzo Matrix: Cool! I haven't seen you around Mainframe. AndrAIa, that's a nice name.

"ReBoot: The Great Brain Robbery (#1.10)" (1994)
Enzo Matrix: Yeah Bob! You saved my brain!

Enzo Matrix: [singing] I'm a little source code / Short and stout.
Enzo Matrix: [pointing to mouth] This is my input.
Enzo Matrix: [pointing to rump] This is my out.

"ReBoot: Number 7 (#3.7)" (1997)
Matrix: Bob, if this was a game I could end it right now. But I won't.
[Matrix sets Bob down on his feet gently]
Matrix: I need you to -
Matrix (Megabyte's voice): - trust me.

Matrix: No, not you.
Enzo Matrix: I am Number One. The original. Do you think this is a game? Do you?
Matrix: But how? You're me?
Enzo Matrix: But you hate me. You must. Look at what you've become.
Matrix: You're wrong. I had to become bigger, tougher. I had be ready for Megabyte, to survive the games.
Enzo Matrix: Did you like the games more than Mainframe? More than your family?
Matrix: No! No, I didn't. I was trapped in the games.
Enzo Matrix: Games, games, games. It was only a game. You killed my family!
Matrix: My family!
Enzo Matrix: You've forgotten your family! You let yourself become a prisoner of the games. What would Bob think of you now?
Matrix: Bob...
Enzo Matrix: There can be only one. Be see'in you.

"ReBoot: High Code (#2.2)" (1995)
Enzo Matrix: [singing] Nanu, nanu, nanu, nanu, nanu, nanu, nanu, nanu - Codemaster!

"ReBoot: The Tearing (#1.1)" (1994)
Enzo Matrix: Bob!
[Enzo jumps onto Bob, forcing Bob to the floor, and sits on him]
Enzo Matrix: We tried to quit-file them, dude, but it was seriously default! A major surge of goons showed up at the Diner and started to completely off-line the place! I mean...
[Enzo stands up and starts jumping as he describes the attack]
Enzo Matrix: ...jack out, crash, crunch, backslash, delete, trash, log-off...
Dot Matrix: Enzo.
Enzo Matrix: What?
Dot Matrix: I think Bob gets the picture.
[They look down. Enzo is standing on Bob's chest]
Bob: [strained] That's for sure!

"ReBoot: My Two Bobs (#4.5)" (2001)
Bob: This is really starting to freak me out now. Just tell me the point of this game: why am I stuck in here?
Matrix: I'm a Pantsu heavy trainer, you are a Pantsu heavy X. A mutant creature. I keep you in that tiny container and release you to fight for me.
Bob: You keep creatures in cages and release them just to fight?
Matrix: Yeah?
Bob: That is SICK!

"ReBoot: To Mend and Defend (#3.1)" (1997)
Dot Matrix: He's just standing there, shooting at things.
Enzo Matrix: I know, and in the next level, sprites are zombies. They've got flesh on their bones!
Dot Matrix: I don't even want to think about that. I mean, what kind of sick creature gets enjoyment out of playing this sort of game?
[Breaking the fourth wall, both Dot and Enzo turn and glare at the screen]

"ReBoot: The Episode with No Name (#3.8)" (1997)
Matrix: You were gonna warn me about somethin'?
Turbo: This. It's the infection. But I'm strong, I can still fight it.
Matrix: Megabyte?
Matrix: No. *Much* worse. A Supervirus. Daemon.

"ReBoot: Racing the Clock (#1.2)" (1994)
Bob: How does she do that?
Enzo Matrix: What? Get everybody else to do all the work? Beats me, I've been trying to figure that one out forever.

"ReBoot: Talent Night (#1.11)" (1995)
Enzo Matrix: [mimicking Bob] 'Come on, it'll be fun! Just one more time! Birthday boy this, birthday boy that!'
[noticing the cars parked for the surprise talent show]
Enzo Matrix: Wow, what's with all the parking?