Errol Flynn
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Errol Flynn (Character)
from My Wicked, Wicked Ways: The Legend of Errol Flynn (1985) (TV)

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The Last of Robin Hood (2013)
Errol Flynn: I'm dying, Woodsey.
Beverly Aadland: No you're not.
Errol Flynn: I am. I feel it. I feel it.
Beverly Aadland: You are not.

Errol Flynn: While you're here, making this movie with me, you behave appropriately. Got it?
Beverly Aadland: What are you, my parent?
Errol Flynn: Don't dare try that with me.

Errol Flynn: Oh, Woodsey, this is the monstrosity in love, lady, that the desire is boundless, and the act, a slave to limit.
Beverly Aadland: Who said that, William Shakespeare?
Errol Flynn: Yes, how did you guess?
Beverly Aadland: It sounded corny.

Errol Flynn: You don't have to remind me, sport. I live with it every day. "In like Flynn." It'll be my epitaph.
Melvin Belli: That's exactly why they're gonna throw the book at you. And the studio can't protect you anymore.
Errol Flynn: Belli, you're a lawyer and I pay you quite handsomely to think like that. But at the end of the day, I don't give a damn. Do you know what a doctor once told me, that if I didn't give up the drink and the drugs and the wild ways, I'll have 6 months to live. That was 10 years ago, and I lived every day and night as if it was my last.
Melvin Belli: That's what I love about you, Barron. I really do. Well, now you're gonna listen to me. Statutory rape, that's hard time.

Melvin Belli: Are you out of your fucking mind?
Errol Flynn: Yeah, you bet. And loving every minute of it.