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Quotes for
Jerry O'Keefe (Character)
from 2gether (2000) (TV)

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2gether (2000) (TV)
Jerry O'Keefe: I heart you.

Chad Linus: I know! What about Matchbox 20?
Jerry O'Keefe: Chad, there's already a Matchbox 20.
Chad Linus: Matchbox 30!

Jerry O'Keefe: Wait a minute, why does he get all the gay fans? I mean I do ab crunches, I take care of my hair.

Jerry O'Keefe: I made a commitment to you guys, and keeping a commitment is good manners. It's called the Axel Rose Rule.

Bob Buss: [while doing interview rehearsals] Okay, QT, what's your favorite color?
Jason "Q.T." McKnight: Blue.
Bob Buss: Jerry?
Jerry O'Keefe: Blue.
Bob Buss: No! It can't be blue.
Jerry O'Keefe: But it's *always* been blue. It was blue, since before QT was born.
Bob Buss: You guys! There can't be any overlap! Let's say a girl picks up an issue of Teen Beat and there's an article with you guys. Her favorite color is green - but no one in 2gether likes green, ergo no one in 2gether likes *her*, ergo she does not matter as a human being!