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Quotes for
Dirk (Character)
from Stark Raving Mad (2002)

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Stark Raving Mad (2002)
Dirk: Nah, I don't think so.
Stacie: Let me in the fucking club, you piece of shit!
Ben McGewen: What's wrong?
Dirk: Fake I.D.
Stacie: No, it's not.
Ben McGewen: Sorry. You can't come in.
Stacie: That's my real I.D. Bite me.
Dirk: [hands Ben her I.D]
Ben McGewen: This doesn't look like just a dye job to me. See, you're a brunette, and this I.D.'s for a natural blonde.
Stacie: Oh, yeah? Does this look brunette to you?
[lifts her mini-skirt to reveal her blonde pubic hair]
Stacie: Huh?
Ben McGewen: Don't be a dick, Dirk. Let her in.

Ben McGewen: Dirk, the line's all the way down the street. How come we're not staying full?
Dirk: We're getting a lot of fake I.D.'s. It's all like jail bait.
Ben McGewen: So? Let 'em in, man. Let 'em all in.
Dirk: Huh? You're kidding.
Ben McGewen: [waving the kids in] Come on. Okay, let's go.
Dirk: They'll shut us down.
Ben McGewen: [to the kids] There you go.
Dirk: What the hell are you doing?
Ben McGewen: [to the kids] Single file.
Dirk: You no have club no more!
Ben McGewen: [still talking to kids and ignoring Dirk's pleas] Lots of room for ya. Get drunk. Be loud! Be really loud! Okay. All right. There you go.
Dirk: You'll never promote a club again!
Ben McGewen: I don't give a shit right now, man.