Jacqueline Susann
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Jacqueline Susann (Character)
from Isn't She Great (2000)

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Isn't She Great (2000)
Jacqueline Susann: All I know about are people fucking their way to the movies, and popping pills and ending up in the gutter. All I know about are aging stars, hopeful whores and cheap studs. All I know about are tits, ass and the truth... and nobody writes books about that.

Michael Hastings: Mimsy.
Jacqueline Susann: Mimsy? Is that code?

Jacqueline Susann: You're a tight-ass and a smart cookie, but are you my friend?

Scandalous Me: The Jacqueline Susann Story (1998) (TV)
Jacqueline Susann: That's Patty Duke over there, and this is Sharon Tate.
Annie Laurie Williams: Um. And where is, what's her name - Barbara Parkins?
Sharon Tate: She's not in this scene.
Annie Laurie Williams: Well, she should be.