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Franois I (Character)
from Diane (1956)

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Ever After: A Cinderella Story (1998)
King Francis: [half-asleep] Off... with his head...

Henry: Mother, Father, I want to build a university, with the largest library on the continent, where anyone can study, no matter their station!
King Francis: All right... Who are you... and what have you done with my son?
Henry: [laughs] Oh, and I want to invite the gypsies to the ball!

King Francis: You sir are restricted to the grounds.
Henry: Are you putting me under house arrest?
King Francis: Do not mock me, boy, for I am in a foul disposition. And I will have my way...
Henry: Or what? You'll ship me off to the Americas like some criminal? All for the sake of your stupid contract?
King Francis: You are the Crown Prince of France!
Henry: And it is my life.
Queen Marie: Francis, sit down before you have a stroke. Really. the two of you.
[to Henry]
Queen Marie: Sweetheart... you were born to privilege and with that comes specific obligations.
Henry: Forgive me, Mother, but marriage to a complete stranger never made anyone in this room very happy.
King Francis: You will marry Gabriella by the next full moon or I will strike at you in any way I can.
Henry: What's it to be, father, hot oil or the rack?
King Francis: I will simply deny you the crown and... live forever.
Henry: Good. Agreed. I don't want it.
[Walks out]
King Francis: [to the Queen, frustrated] He's your son.

King Francis: I will simply deny you the crown and live... forever!

King Francis: Baroness. Did you or did you not - lie to Her Majesty, the Queen of France?
Queen Marie: Choose your words wisely, madame, for they may be your last.
Baroness Rodmilla De Ghent: A woman would do practically anything for the love of a daughter, Your Majesties. Perhaps I did get... a little carried away.
Marguerite: Mother, what have you done? Your Majesty, like you, I am just a victim here. She has lied to us both and I am ashamed to call her family.
Baroness Rodmilla De Ghent: [pushes her] How dare you turn on me, you little ingrate?
Marguerite: You see? You see what I have to put up with?
King Francis: Silence, both of you! Good Lord!
[to Jacqueline]
King Francis: Are they always like this?
Jacqueline: Worse, Your Majesty.
Baroness Rodmilla De Ghent: Jacqueline, darling, I should hate to think you had anything to do with this.
Jacqueline: [sarcastically] Of course not, Mother. I'm only here for the food.

[seeing the king and queen of Spain argue at the aborted wedding]
King Francis: And I thought I had problems.
[he and Queen Marie begin to snicker]

"The Tudors: Simply Henry (#1.2)" (2007)
King Henry VIII: [after he loses a wrestling match to Francis] I want a rematch! I want a rematch!
King Francis I: Let's have it then!
King Henry VIII: Are you afraid?
King Francis I: Of what am I suppose to be afraid of?
King Henry VIII: OF ME!
[quietly to More]
King Henry VIII: I won't sign it! I won't sign the treaty! Tell them I won't sign it!
Sir Thomas More: Your Majesty...
King Henry VIII: Tell them!
Sir Thomas More: Fine! If you want the world to know that the King of England is not capable of keeping his word, easily changeable, shallow, then of course I will tell them! After all, I am merely Your Majesty's humble servant!

"The Tudors: Tears of Blood (#2.2)" (2008)
King Francis I: [to Anne] It is much harder to have everything than to have nothing.