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Tracy Barlow (Character)
from "Coronation Street" (1960)

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"Coronation Street: Episode #1.5903" (2004)
[Liz enters the Barlows' living room wearing a low-cut, short sparkly dress]
Liz McDonald: Morning, all. What do you think?
Deirdre Rachid: Oh, I say, you look very glam!
Tracy Barlow: We don't normally dress for breakfast.
Liz McDonald: No, this is for me job interview.
Tracy Barlow: What job?
Blanche Hunt: Prostitute.
Liz McDonald: Blanche!
Deirdre Rachid: Mother!
Blanche Hunt: You were all thinking it. I just said it out loud.

"Coronation Street: Episode #1.5694" (2004)
Karen Phillips: [holding up one of her shoes] Don't defend her, Steve, cause I've got one of these for each of you.
Tracy Preston: You touch me with that, I'll sue for criminal injuries, together with child support from him.
Karen Phillips: Dead people don't sue!
Steve McDonald: She means it, Karen. When it comes to screwing money out of people, she does it very well!
Tracy Preston: As opposed to just screwing people!