Carol Willick-Geller
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Carol Willick-Geller (Character)
from "Friends" (1994)

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"Friends: The One with the Truth About London (#7.16)" (2001)
Carol Willick-Bunch: [calling from the kitchen] Rach, would you like some sugar in your coffee?
Rachel Green: Yes, I...
[to Ben]
Rachel Green: Do I want sugar in my coffee?
[Ben shakes his head]
Rachel Green: No. Just some milk would be good, Carol. Thanks.

Rachel Green: OK, I know they may not funny to you...
Carol Willick-Bunch: [from the other room] OH, MY GOD!
Rachel Green: ...Or Carol.

"Friends: The One Without the Ski Trip (#3.17)" (1997)
Carol Willick: You slept with another woman?
Dr. Ross Geller: Oh, you're - you're one to talk!

"Friends: The One Where Old Yeller Dies (#2.20)" (1996)
Dr. Ross Geller: I don't believe this. I miss, I miss the first time of everything. I missed, what, the first time he rolled over, the first time he crawled. What else did I miss? Has he spoken yet, is he driving, does he have a favorite liqueur?
Carol Willick: Actually, he is getting closer on the talking thing. He can't quite say mama yet, but once he said Yeman.
Dr. Ross Geller: Ooh, I, I'm so sick of missing stuff. Ya know, I want him for more than, than a day, I want him for a whole weekend. No listen , I mean, I feel like...
Carol Willick, Susan Bunch: Great. That would be fine.
Dr. Ross Geller: Really? I had a whole speech prepared.
Susan Bunch: [sarcastically] Oh, shoot, that would've been fun.

"Friends: The One with the Metaphorical Tunnel (#3.4)" (1996)
Monica Geller: Why are you being such a weenie? So he plays with a doll. You used to dress up like a woman.
Dr. Ross Geller: What?
Monica Geller: You used to dress up in Mom's clothes. You had the pink hat and the little pink bag.
Dr. Ross Geller: You're making this up!
Monica Geller: How can you not remember? You made us call you "B".
Dr. Ross Geller: Oh God!
Susan Bunch: I've literally never been so happy.
Monica Geller: Wasn't there a song?
Carol Willick: Please let there be a song.
Monica Geller: [sings] "My name's B, I drink tea..."
[She follows Ross who locks himself in the bathroom]
Monica Geller: "Won't you, won't you, won't you..."
[opens the door]
Monica Geller: "... Won't you dance around with me?"