Heinrich Himmler
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Heinrich Himmler (Character)
from My Führer (2007)

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The Himmler Project (2000)
Heinrich Himmler: [subtitled DVD version] I know that we will win the war. It is a Law of Nature.

[first lines]
Heinrich Himmler: [subtitled DVD version] Since we last met in June 1942, many comrades have fallen and have given their lives for Germany and for the Führer. In the forefront, I ask you in his honor and in honor of all our dead SS men and dead German soldiers, both men and women, to stand up.

Heinrich Himmler: [subtitled DVD version] It makes no difference to the Russians. Only the masses count, and they must be trampled and butchered, slaughtered. To use a very gruesome example, it is like a pig which has been stuck and has to slowly bleed to death.

Heinrich Himmler: [subtitled DVD version] Our comrade Fegelein once captured a Russian general. You know, they're cheap. They're Slavs.

Heinrich Himmler: [subtitled DVD version] This mixed race of Slavs is based on a sub-race with a touch of our blood, the blood of a leading race. Slavs are unable to control themselves or keep order.

Heinrich Himmler: [subtitled DVD version] One principle must apply absolutely to the SS man: to be honest, decent, loyal and a comrade to your own race, and to no one else.

Heinrich Himmler: [subtitled DVD version] I absolutely don't care what happens to the Russians or the Czechs. When our good blood is present in foreign peoples, we will take it back, even if we have to kidnap their children and raise them ourselves.

Heinrich Himmler: [subtitled DVD version] If other peoples live in affluence, or if they are starving to death, is only of interest to me in that we need them as slaves for our culture. Otherwise, I'm not interested.

Heinrich Himmler: [subtitled DVD version] Whether 10,000 Russian women collape while buiding a tank ditch is only of interest to me insofar as the ditch is finished for Germany.

Heinrich Himmler: [subtitled DVD version] We will never be hard-hearted when it isn't necessary. That's for sure. We Germans, the only people with a decent attitude towards animals, will also adopt a decent attitude toward those human animals.

Heinrich Himmler: [subtitled DVD version] I do not believe that the situation in America is very good. One must keep in mind: America has always had an enormous amount of Jews. And it has always had a brutally plutocratic economy. We can hardly imagine how much pushing and shoving goes on there. We were still babes in the wood by comparison in 1918.

Heinrich Himmler: [subtitled DVD version] Just as we didn't hesitate to do our duty on June 30 1934 and stand up our comrades who had failed up against the wall and shoot them. As we never spoke of it and shall never not speak of it. Thank God, it was an internal sense of tact, a matter of course, that we never talked it over, never talked about it. It made us all shudder, and it was clear to everyone that we would do it again, if ordered to do so and if it was necessary. I mean the evacuation of the Jews, the extermination of the Jewish people.

Heinrich Himmler: [subtitled DVD version] It is something that is easily said. Every Party member says, "The Jewish people will be exterminated. Sure, it's in our program: elimination of the Jews, extermination... no problem." And then they all show up, 80 million good little Germans. Everyone has his own decent Jew and says: "The others are pigs. But this Jew is splendid."

Heinrich Himmler: [subtitled DVD version] Most of you know what it's like when 100 corpses are lined up. Or when there are 500 or 1,000.

Heinrich Himmler: [subtitled DVD version] We had the moral right, we had the duty to our own people to kill this people that wanted to kill us. But we don't have the right to take a fur, a mark, a cigarette, a watch or anything else. No, we don't.

Heinrich Himmler: [subtitled DVD version] As to the SS man's attitude, I believe we've done a respectable job. As with everything else, we've done a respectable job.

Heinrich Himmler: [subtitled DVD version] We can see into the distant future, because we know it. That's why we do our duty more fanatically than ever, more bravely, obediently, decently than ever.

[last lines]
Heinrich Himmler: [subtitled DVD version] We want to be worthy of being Adolf Hitler's first SS men in the long history of the German people which stands before us. Now let us honor the Führer, our Führer Adolf Hitler who will give us the Germanic Empire and who will lead us into the Germanic Future. Our Führer Adolf Hitler. Sieg Heil! Sieg Heil! Sieg Heil!

Downfall (2004)
Reichsführer SS Heinrich Himmler: When I meet Eisenhower, should I give the Nazi salute, or shake his hand?

Reichsführer SS Heinrich Himmler: Between us, I'd say he's had it.
SS-Gruppenführer Hermann Fegelein: Yeah? What do you expect from a teetotal, non-smoking vegetarian?

Reichsführer-SS (2015)
Standartenfuhrer Klein: Personally, I prefer the cold.
Reichsfuhrer-SS Heinrich Himmler: Hmm. Perhaps you're on the wrong front?

Jackboots on Whitehall (2010)
Himmler: So, you still can't find a way into England, Goering?
Hermann Goering: Nein. I have tried everything.Zis endless fog over the Englander Channel has prevented all of our plans for invading England.
Himmler: Well, now that the whole of ze Englander army is stuck in France and ze RAF is annihilated!
Hermann Goering, Goebbels: [singing] Ah-da, da-da, da-da!
Himmler: Ze Fuhrer has an ingenious plan of attack.
Hermann Goering: Oh, what is it, Herr Himmler? I have tried every possible means of attacking zat little island.
Himmler: He wants us to dig under ze Englander Channel right into ze heart of London, capture Herr Winston Churchill from Downing Street, zen lock him in a cage!
Hermann Goering: Ooh, what a beautiful plan, mein Fuhrer.
Hermann Goering: Did you hear that, Goebbels, darling? We will be summering in London!
Goebbels: Oh, joyous joy!
Himmler: Oh-ho! Not even the Englander weather can prevent us now!

The Eagle Has Landed (1976)
Heinrich Himmler: So you see... Radl. Under the terms of that document, even I find myself under your personal command!

The Aryan Couple (2004)
Himmler: Sign, and you're safe.