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Heinrich Himmler (Character)
from My Führer (2007)

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Heinrich Himmler was Reichsführer-SS (Reich SS Leader) and Chief of the German police... See more »
Alternate Names:
Heimlich Bimmler / Heinrich Himler / Henrich Himmler / Himler / Himmler / Reichsfuhrer Heinrich Himmler / Reichsfuhrer-SS Heinrich Himmler / Reichsfhrer Heinrich Himmler / Reichsfhrer SS Himmler / Reishsfuhrer Heinrich Himmler / Therapist Himmler / Young Heinrich Himmler


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  1. The Hebrew Hammer vs. Hitler (????) Played by Fran Kranz (as Himmler)
  2. Reichsfuhrer-SS (2015) Played by David B. Stewart III (as Reichsfuhrer-SS Heinrich Himmler)
  3. Christmas at Draculas (2015) Played by Martin Vallely

  4. "El ministerio del tiempo"
        - Cómo se reescribe el tiempo (2015) TV episode, Played by David Luque
  5. Cross & Star (2014) Played by Jessé Henrique (as Himmler)
  6. "Greatest Mysteries"
        - Holy Land (2014) TV episode, Played by Tony Fiore
  7. Haunting Charles Manson (2014) Played by Ben Woolf (as Himmler)
    ... aka "Charlie Is My Darlin'" - USA (original title)
  8. Der Anständige (2014) Played by Tobias Moretti / Lenz Moretti (as Young Heinrich Himmler)
  9. Georg Elser - Das Attentat (2013) Played by Dima Bilenkiy
  10. "Myth Hunters"
    ... aka "Raiders of the Lost Past" - UK (English title) (imdb display title)
        - The Nazi Hunt for Atlantis (2013) TV episode, Played by Wesley Lloyd
  11. The Forgotten King (2013) Played by Lasha Oniani (as Heinrich Himler)
  12. Captain Battle: Legacy War (2013) Played by Todd James Jackson
  13. Death Wish (2012) Played by Benjamin Greenlee
  14. "Danger 5" Played by Ben Finn (as Himmler)
        - Fresh Meat for Hitler's Sex Kitchen (2012) TV episode, Played by Ben Finn (as Himmler)
  15. Die Machtergreifung (2012) (TV) Played by Dominik Schiefner
  16. The Nazi Gospels (2012) (TV) Played by David Bamber
  17. Nazi Apocalypse (2012) Played by Gare Schultz (as Himmler)
  18. Decent Men (2011/II) Played by Dominik Tiefenthaler
  19. Jackboots on Whitehall (2010) Played by Richard O'Brien (as Himmler)
  20. La Rafle (2010) Played by Thomas Darchinger
    ... aka "La rafle" - France (original title)
    ... aka "The Round Up" - International (English title) (imdb display title)
    ... aka "The Roundup" - Hong Kong (English title) (DVD title)
  21. Du cristal à la fumée (2010) (TV) Played by Jean-Damien Barbin (as Himmler)

  22. Picnic (2009) Played by Daniel Dasent (as Himmler)
  23. "Prikazano unichtozhit. Operatsiya 'Kitayskaya shkatulka" (2009) TV series Played by Sergey Stepin (as Himmler)
  24. The Borghilde Project (2009) Played by Titus Forbes-Adam
  25. Valkyrie (2008) Played by Matthias Freihof (as Reichsfhrer Heinrich Himmler)
    ... aka "Walküre" - Germany (literal title), USA (alternative spelling)
    ... aka "Walküre/Valkyrie" - USA (complete title)
  26. National Geographic: Hitler and the Occult (2007) (TV) Played by David Narloch
  27. My Führer (2007) Played by Ulrich Noethen
    ... aka "Mein Führer - Die wirklich wahrste Wahrheit über Adolf Hitler" - Germany (original title)
    ... aka "Mein Führer: The Truly Truest Truth About Adolf Hitler" - International (English title)
    ... aka "The Truly Truest Truth About Adolf Hitler" - Japan (English title) (alternative title)
  28. Felix Kersten, le médecin du diable (2007) Played by Hubert Rollet
  29. Para quê a Guerra? (2005) Played by Vasco Rosa
  30. "Speer und er"
        - Nürnberg - Der Prozess (2005) TV episode, Played by Florian Martens
        - Germania - Der Wahn (2005) TV episode, Played by Florian Martens
  31. Diario de un skin (2005) (TV) Played by Adrián Viador (as Himmler)
  32. "Auschwitz: The Nazis and the 'Final Solution'"
    ... aka "Auschwitz: Inside the Nazi State" - USA (DVD title)
        - Liberation & Revenge (2005) TV episode, Played by Klaus Mikoleit (as Henrich Himmler)
        - Frenzied Killing (2005) TV episode, Played by Klaus Mikoleit (as Henrich Himmler)
        - Corruption (2005) TV episode, Played by Klaus Mikoleit (as Henrich Himmler)
        - Factories of Death (2005) TV episode, Played by Klaus Mikoleit (as Henrich Himmler)
        - Orders & Initiatives (2005) TV episode, Played by Klaus Mikoleit (as Henrich Himmler)
          (1 more)
  33. Uncle Adolf (2005) (TV) Played by Michael Eaves
  34. Hell's End (2005) Played by Chris Burns
  35. The Aryan Couple (2004) Played by Danny Webb (as Himmler)
    ... aka "The Couple" - USA (video title)
  36. Downfall (2004) Played by Ulrich Noethen
    ... aka "Der Untergang" - Germany (original title)
  37. The Angels of Death Island (2003) Played by Chris McNickle
  38. "Hexen - Magie, Mythen und die Wahrheit"
        - Walpurgisnacht (2003) TV episode, Played by Sylvester Groth
  39. Uprising (2001) (TV) Played by Peter Faerber (as Reishsfuhrer Heinrich Himmler)
  40. Invincible (2001) Played by Alexander Duda
  41. The Himmler Project (2000) Played by Manfred Zapatka
    ... aka "Das Himmler Projekt" - Germany (original title)
  42. Spring of Life (2000) Played by Václav Mares (as Himmler)
    ... aka "Pramen zivota" - Czech Republic (original title)

  43. Who Was Felix Kersten (1998) Played by Ilpo Jämsen
  44. Handelsresande i liv (1998) (TV) Played by Rolf Forthmann
  45. Snide and Prejudice (1997) Played by Joseph Bottoms (as Therapist Himmler)
  46. "The Smell of Reeves and Mortimer"
        - Water (1993) TV episode, Played by Paul Whitehouse
  47. Angely smerti (1993) Played by Erich Thiede
    ... aka "Angels of Death" - International (English title) (informal title)
  48. Stalingrad (1990) Played by Erich Thiede

  49. L'orchestre rouge (1989) Played by Bernard Charnacé (as Himmler)
    ... aka "The Red Orchestra" - Europe (English title) (informal literal title)
  50. The Man Who Lived at the Ritz (1989) (TV) Played by David Shawyer
  51. Jewel of the Gods (1989) Played by Michael Brunner
    ... aka "Grinder's War" - South Africa (English title) (alternative title)
  52. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989) Played by Ronald Lacey
  53. De hvite bussene (1989) (TV) Played by Peter Sodann
  54. "War and Remembrance"
        - Part 2 (1988) TV episode, Played by Dieter Wagner (as Reichsfuhrer Heinrich Himmler)
  55. "Space" Played by Michael Sheard (as Himmler)
        - Part I (1985) TV episode, Played by Michael Sheard (as Himmler)
  56. Hitler's S.S.: Portrait in Evil (1985) (TV) Played by John Normington
  57. To Catch a King (1984) (TV) Played by Stephen Moore (as Himmler)
  58. "The Winds of War"
    ... aka "Herman Wouk's The Winds of War" - USA (complete title)
        - The Changing of the Guard (1983) TV episode, Played by Dieter Wagner
  59. The Scarlet and the Black (1983) (TV) Played by T.P. McKenna (as Reichsfhrer Heinrich Himmler)
  60. Inside the Third Reich (1982) (TV) Played by David Shawyer
  61. Front v tylu vraga (1982) Played by Erich Thiede
  62. "Kessler"
        - Episode #1.5 (1981) TV episode, Played by Robert Eddison
  63. The Bunker (1981) (TV) Played by Michael Sheard
  64. Wyrok smierci (1980) Played by Erich Thiede

  65. Duma o Kovpake: Karpaty, Karpaty... (1979) Played by Nikolai Prokopovich (as Himmler)
  66. "Holocaust"
    ... aka "Holocaust: The Story of the Family Weiss" - USA (alternative title)
        - Part 4 (1978) TV episode, Played by Ian Holm
        - Part 3 (1978) TV episode, Played by Ian Holm
  67. Death Is My Trade (1977) Played by Hans Korte
    ... aka "Aus einem deutschen Leben" - West Germany (original title)
  68. Hitler: A Film from Germany (1977) Played by Heinz Schubert (as Himmler)
    ... aka "Hitler - ein Film aus Deutschland" - West Germany (original title)
  69. Zítra vstanu a oparím se cajem (1977) Played by Jan Sedlisky (as Himmler)
  70. Reinhard Heydrich - Manager des Terrors (1977) (TV) Played by Franz Rudnick
  71. "Soldaty svobody" (1977) TV series Played by Erich Thiede
  72. Le lunghe notti della Gestapo (1977) Played by Tino Polenghi (as Reichsfhrer SS Himmler)
  73. The Eagle Has Landed (1976) Played by Donald Pleasence (as Himmler)
  74. Rodiny soldat (1975) Played by Nikolai Prokopovich (as Himmler)
  75. Schweik na Segunda Guerra Mundial (1975) (TV) Played by Luís Cerqueira (as Himmler)
  76. "Semnadtsat mgnoveniy vesny"
    ... aka "Seventeen Moments of Spring" - USA (DVD box title)
        - Seriya 7 (1973) TV episode, Played by Nikolai Prokopovich (as Himmler)
        - Seriya 3 (1973) TV episode, Played by Nikolai Prokopovich (as Himmler)
        - Seriya 9 (1973) TV episode, Played by Nikolai Prokopovich (as Himmler)
        - Seriya 5 (1973) TV episode, Played by Nikolai Prokopovich (as Himmler)
        - Seriya 4 (1973) TV episode, Played by Nikolai Prokopovich (as Himmler)
          (2 more)
  77. Days of Betrayal (1973) Played by Josef Vorel
    ... aka "Dny zrady" - Czechoslovakia (original title)
  78. "ITV Saturday Night Theatre"
        - The Death of Adolf Hitler (1973) TV episode, Played by Michael Sheard
  79. Liberation (1971) Played by Erich Thiede (as Himmler)
    ... aka "Osvobozhdenie: Napravleniye glavnogo udara" - Poland (original title)
    ... aka "The Direction of the Main Blow" - International (English title) (informal literal title)
  80. When Heroes Die (1970) Played by Vicente Roca
    ... aka "Consigna: matar al comandante en jefe" - Spain (original title)
  81. Svejk i anden verdenskrig (1970) (TV) Played by Søren Rode (as Himmler)
  82. "Monty Python's Flying Circus"
        - The Naked Ant (1970) TV episode, Played by Michael Palin (as Heimlich Bimmler)

  83. The Great Battle (1969) Played by Erich Thiede
    ... aka "Osvobozhdenie" - Soviet Union (original title)
    ... aka "Liberation" - International (English title)
  84. Shchit i mech (1968) Played by Vyacheslav Dugin (as Himmler)
    ... aka "The Shield and the Sword" - International (English title) (informal literal title)
  85. Frozen Flashes (1967) Played by Jindrich Narenta (as Himmler)
    ... aka "Die gefrorenen Blitze" - East Germany (original title)
  86. "Hogan's Heroes"
        - A Tiger Hunt in Paris: Part 2 (1966) TV episode, Played by Henry Corden (as Himmler)
  87. Der Fall der Generale (1966) (TV) Played by Ralf Gregan (as Himmler)
  88. Hitler (1962) Played by Rick Traeger
    ... aka "Women of Nazi Germany" - USA (reissue title)
  89. Operation Eichmann (1961) Played by Luis Van Rooten
  90. I Aim at the Stars (1960) Played by Eric Zuckmann
    ... aka "Wernher von Braun" - West Germany (original title)

  91. The Black Chapel (1959) Played by Werner Peters
    ... aka "Geheimaktion Schwarze Kapelle" - West Germany (original title)
  92. Urok istorii (1957) Played by Pyotr Berezov (as Himler)
    ... aka "A Lesson in History" - International (English title) (informal title)
    ... aka "In the Face of the World" - International (English title) (complete title)
  93. Ernst Thälmann - Führer seiner Klasse (1955) Played by Will van Deeg
  94. The Last Ten Days (1955) Played by Erich Stuckmann
    ... aka "Der letzte Akt" - West Germany (original title)
    ... aka "The Last Act" - International (English title) (literal title)
  95. "The Motorola Television Hour"
    ... aka "Motorola TV Hour" - USA (alternative title)
    ... aka "Motorola TV Theatre" - USA (alternative title)
        - The Last Days of Hitler (1954) TV episode, Played by Luis Van Rooten
  96. The Magic Face (1951) Played by Eric Zuckmann
  97. Sekretnaya missiya (1950) Played by Pavel Beryozov (as Himmler)
    ... aka "Secret Mission" - International (English title) (informal literal title)

  98. The Hitler Gang (1944) Played by Luis Van Rooten
  99. The Strange Death of Adolf Hitler (1943) Played by Frederick Giermann
  100. Hitler's Madman (1943) Played by Howard Freeman
  101. Nazty Nuisance (1943) Played by Wedgwood Nowell
    ... aka "Double Crossed Fool" - International (English title) (TV title)
    ... aka "The Last Three" - International (English title) (new title)
Archive Footage:
  1. Hitler: The Comedy Years (2007) (TV) Played by Michael Palin

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From The Himmler Project (2000)
Heinrich Himmler: [subtitled DVD version] As to the SS man's attitude, I believe we've done a respectable job. As with everything else, we've done a respectable job. See more »

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