Martin Bormann
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Martin Bormann (Character)
from My Führer (2007)

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Supervixens (1975)
Martin Bormann: [answers phone] Martin Bormann's Super Service!

Martin Bormann: [In German] Women: Is the fucking we get worth the fucking we get?

Downfall (2004)
Martin Bormann: [at Hitler's birthday reception] Himmler is such a pompous clown.
General der Infanterie Wilhelm Burgdorf: Big shots. Big shots everywhere. It makes me sick.

Martin Bormann: [reading folder in hand] My Führer, following your decision to stay in Berlin, do I have your approval as Vice Chancellor to immediately take charge of the entire Reich with the necessary power and authority? If I receive no answer by 10 p.m., I will assume that you have been incapacitated. I will serve the well-being of our people and fatherland.
[closes folder and puts it down]
Martin Bormann: He's betraying Germany... and you!
Walter Hewel: Göring's concern isn't unjustified. If our communication system breaks down, which could happen at any time, we'd be cut off from the world; we could no longer pass on orders.
Joseph Goebbels: I see it differently. Göring wants to seize power. I never trusted that mob he gathered at Obersalzberg; it stinks of a coup.
Adolf Hitler: That failure. That sponger... A parvenu! A lazybones!
[Albert Speer returns while Hitler rants offscreen]
Adolf Hitler: How dare he declare me unable to act? Tomorrow he might declare me dead!
Albert Speer: Hello, Frau Junge.
Traudl Junge: Herr Speer. How did you get into Berlin?
Albert Speer: It wasn't easy, but I must speak with the Führer.
Heinz Linge, Kammerdiener: I'd wait here if I were you.
Adolf Hitler: The Luftwaffe... What did he do with it? That was reason enough to execute him! That morphine addict... helped to corrupt this country! And now this...
[Hewel looks down in disappointment]
Adolf Hitler: He betrayed me of all people! Me of all people!
Adolf Hitler: I want Göring to be deprived of power and removed from office. If I don't survive the war, that man is to be executed at once.

Churchill: The Hollywood Years (2004)
Hitler's Pilot: [to Hitler] Mein Fuehrer. It's such an honour to be the pilot who flies you here on such a top secret mission; a secret that I will not impart to a living soul.
Martin Boorman: [shoots Hitler's Pilot 13 times with a pistol from point blank range]
Lord W'ruff: [to Hitler] Please, let me take your bags.
[to self]
Lord W'ruff: Wh-Wha-what a funny thing.

"Seventeen Moments of Spring: Seriya 7 (#1.7)" (1973)
[first lines]
Stirlitz: Parteigenosse Bormann, I appreciate the trust you have put in me.
Bormann: Get in.