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Richmond (Character)
from "The IT Crowd" (2006)

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"The IT Crowd: The Red Door (#1.4)" (2006)
Jen: 'Cradle Of Filth'? I presume that's a band.
Richmond: Hmm.
Jen: It's not literally a cradle of filth.
Richmond: Ooh, no! That would be horrible!

Jen: How come you never see Goths driving cars?
Richmond: Oh, we drive cars. We're just like you really, except we listen to Cradle of Filth.

Richmond: [Explaining what he's seen while at work] And this one, flash, flash, flash, then wait for it. Nothing for awhile. Here it comes. Double flash!
Jen: Wow, it's obvious you're going mad.

"The IT Crowd: The Work Outing (#2.1)" (2007)
Richmond: Hey, where are you lot off to?
Moss: Oh look, Richmond's still alive.

Richmond: An ill wind is blowing. Last night I was stirred from my slumber by a crow calling three times. Caw... caw... well you know what a crow sounds like. Passing to my window, I trod on a piece of lego. Oh, it went right in the heel. Turning on my television set, I noticed the reception wasn't great. Not terrible, just not great. Hear me well, no good can come of your trip to the theatre tonight, no good at all. And if you ask me...
[turns around and notices that everybody's gone]
Richmond: That's just bloody rude. Where's my Heat?