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Baloney (Character)
from Animaniacs: Wakko's Wish (1999) (V)

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"Animaniacs: Baloney & Kids/Super Buttons/Katie Ka-Boom: The Driving Lesson (#1.61)" (1994)
Yakko Warner: Is that cute girl coming back?
Baloney: Cute girl? Goshums, Yakko, I don't know what you're talking about.
Yakko Warner: There's a shocker.

Baloney: [holding a paper plate, with a face drawn on it in front of his own face] Guess who.
Wakko Warner: Is it... Abraham Lincoln?
Baloney: [laughs] No.
Dot Warner: Hmm... could it be Nancy Kerrigan?
Baloney: [laughs] No.
Yakko Warner: Is it a... big, fat polyester dinosaur, who's the color of an international house of pancakes, with a paper plate over his face?
Baloney: No. It's me, Baloney!
Wakko Warner, Dot Warner, Yakko Warner: You're kidding!

Baloney: You're silly.
Yakko Warner: Boy, that's the pot calling the kettle, black.

Yakko Warner, Wakko Warner, Dot Warner: [singing] We love you
Baloney: I love we!
Yakko Warner, Wakko Warner, Dot Warner: [pointing at Baloney] He's as dumb as dumb can be
Baloney: Yep
Yakko Warner, Wakko Warner, Dot Warner: [singing] But we found a way that we can get along
Baloney: [singing] I stand still for the anvil song
[laughs then gets crushed by a falling anvil]