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Vegeta (Character)
from "Dragon Ball Z" (1989)

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Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods (2013)
Vegeta: [telepathic contact] What does the King Kai want with me?
Kaiô: Listen carefully to what I have to say! Not far from now, Bills the God of Destruction will arrive on Earth.
Vegeta: The God of Destruction? I've heard of him...
Kaiô: If he arrives, never ever lay a finger on him! If you don't listen, the whole Earth will be destroyed!
Vegeta: Earth destroyed?
Kaiô: Even Goku was completely defeated.
Vegeta: What? Kakarot LOST?
Kaiô: Goku at Super Saiyan 3 was defeated in two strikes.
Kaiô: I beg you! The fate of Earth is in your hands!

Bulma: Why are you wearing training attire on your wife's birthday? Why are you so gloomy, are you upset that your wife is aging? You Saiyans are lucky that you don't age...
Vegeta: [waiting for Bills] SHUT UP!

Vegeta: [sees Bills] The Kai was not joking around... this fellow is dangerous! Too dangerous!

Bulma: You ruined my 38th birthday!
[slaps Bills, Bills slaps her back]
Vegeta: You... you hit my Bulma! You bastard!
[attacks Bills]

[Goku, Gohan, Goten, Vegeta and Trunks try to form a Super Saiyan God]
Vegeta: Why is Kakarot the main one?

Vegeta: Hey, Kakarot, next time I'm becoming the Super Saiyan God and you better cooperate!

Beerus: Give me a pudding!
: I don't wanna!
Beerus: What?
: I'm eating them all by myself!
Beerus: You're going to eat all the puddings?
: They're ALL MINE!
Beerus: [grabs the plate of puddings] Hand it over!
: I don't wanna!
Beerus: Hand it over!
: I don't wanna!
Beerus: Hand it over, you idiot!
[Buu swallows all the puddings]
: You called me an idiot! I'll turn you into pudding and eat you up!
Vegeta: [catches sight] Oh, shit! I turn my back for one moment and...
Beerus: You have PISSED ME OFF!
[hurls Buu into a lake]

[looking for a sixth Saiyan]
Bulma: Vegeta, you had a little brother!
Vegeta: He's on some faraway world, I don't know where...
Bulma: Couldn't you have got his number at least?

[last lines]
Goku: [laughs] Oh, yeah, Vegeta, when Bulma got hit, you screamed "My Bulma!" and became a great Super Saiyan!
Bulma: I felt so loved!
Vegeta: [embarassed] I don't remember saying such a thing! But, back then, I definitely exceeded your power!
Goku: Yeah, without a doubt! Next time, when we're fighting someone, I'll ask them to hit Bulma!
Bulma: HEY!
[slaps Goku]
Piccolo: When Vegeta did that, you shouldn't have been there... you'd already arrived, and watched from a distance!
Bulma: Goku?
Oolong: [jumps on Goku] You bastard, are you serious? Everyone was getting battered!
Goku: I'm sorry, I was trying to find a strategy to match him... but there was nothing I could think of!
Vegeta: Bulma, slap him two, no THREE more times!
Bulma: Yes, sir!
Goku: I'm sorry! I regret it!

[English dub]
[Beerus hits Bulma]
Vegeta: How dare you... that's MY BULMA! You bastard!
[attacks Beerus]

[English dub]
Goku: [to Vegeta] When Bulma got hit, you sure went crazy, huh? "My Bulma!" That was funny! She's quite the motivator for you, I was impressed!
Bulma: My hero!
Vegeta: [embarrassed] What, that's ridiculous, I don't remember saying that!... And it's hardly what matters! In that great moment, I surpassed you, Kakarot!

Vegeta: [sings and dances] Bingo! Bingo! Bingo! Fun time Bingo! Earth is a fine place to be, yo! The food is tasty too, yo! Let's go play-o, let's be friends-o! Fun time, bingo! Time to play some bingo!

[English dub]
Bulma: Oh, good! You're finally here, Vegeta! But, This is my birthday, not a Halloween party. So, why are you sitting around in your combat gear? What's wrong? You look even more sullen than usual. Mad that humans do this little thing called aging and your poor wife's another year older? Forget the powers. The best part of being a Saiyan must be never having to worry about losing your looks.
Vegeta: [waiting for Beerus and yells at Bulma] SHUT UP!
[All the Z-Fighters look shocked]
Bulma: It's my birthday, jerk.
Vegeta: [Thinking] I can't shake this pit in my stomach. I am the great Prince Vegeta! I can't be scared, Can't I?
Bulma: What's up your butt?
[takes a drink of punch]

Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F' (2015)
Vegeta: It's cheese.

Frieza: [English dub; after lost his golden form] No, this can't be real! This is not the weight, this ends!
[pounds his fist on floor two times]
Frieza: No! NO!
Vegeta: [about to kill Frieza] At least, try to face your death with some honor... and don't dream of resurrecting again.
Frieza: ...You can all go to hell, without me!
[detonates the earth, But Goku stops Frieza]
Vegeta: [shocked] What? No!
[Goku prepares to blast with a Kamehameha to kill Frieza]
Frieza: [his last line] DAMN YOU, GOKU!

[English dub]
Vegeta: Keep walking! I'm not going to thank you! It just means we're even!
Goku: Take it easy, I didn't come to talk about that. I'm just curious... well, you think about Whis saying if we team up with these battles that people like Frieza wouldn't even have a chance to knock us out... Should we practice fighting together? In case, we need to sometime?
Vegeta: [scoffs] I'd rather die if ever do that again.
Goku: [laughs] Glad to hear it, Vegeta! I feel the same way!
Vegeta: Huh. About time we agreed on something.
[Goku laughs]

[English dub]
Vegeta: [about to kill Frieza] At least, try to face your death with some honor... and don't dream of resurrecting again.
Frieza: ...You can all go to hell, without me!
[detonates the earth]

[English dub]
Goku: Thanks, Vegeta! You really saved my neck!
Vegeta: Huh. You can thank me by staying out of this fight from now on, I'm finishing this.
Goku: Yeah, of course! It's your turn anyway. Have fun!

[English dub]
Vegeta: Thanks for the offer. But I can't. As annoying as this bastard can be, it's our rivalry that keeps pushing me to get stronger. I can't afford to kill him.
Frieza: [laughs] What if I sweeten the deal? Take Goku's life and I'll appoint you the supreme commander of the entire Frieza Force. Of course, I know at the moment it only consists of Sorbet. But we'll rebuilt it, stronger than ever!
Vegeta: You would make me your supreme commander? Is that a real offer?
Frieza: [laughing] Should I take that as a yes?
Vegeta: Damn it, now I may actually regret this... But I've already made my decision. I'm going to pulverize you until there's nothing left.
Frieza: [shocked] You dare say that to me?
Vegeta: Use your head. Do you actually think I would stay loyal to you after you blew up the planet I was destined to rule?

[English dub]
Vegeta: Kakarot, I'll take my turn now if you want.
Goku: Aw, come on! That's not fair! The only reason you're volunteer now is cause you see his weakness too!
Frieza: Seeing my weakness?

[English dub]
Goku: Hey. I really botched this one, huh?
Vegeta: Whis tried to warn you and yet, here you are. I guess you always will be a naive idiot.

[English dub]
Goku: I guess we're safe now.
Vegeta: Selfish glory-hog! Do you have any shame?
Goku: Hey! Just take it easy, Vegeta! It's not what it looks like. I can explain, okay?
Vegeta: Oh, no! You're not smooth talking your way out of this one, Kakarot. You told me it was my turn!
Bulma: It's all right, Vegeta! Goku just saved you and the whole world! You should be thanking him!
Vegeta: What does she mean? Save the world from what? I want answers.
[Goku laughs]

[English dub]
Goku: [laughs] You really do like to overthink everything, Vegeta.
Vegeta: Oh, shut your face. You're only thinking less, because you're an idiot.

[English dub]
Goku: Sounds like the old destroyer can be...
Beerus: Hey. What are you two punch jockeys doing up here?
Goku: [exclaims, turns to Beerus] Oh! Hi, Mr. Lord Beerus, sir. We asked your servant Whis to train us.
Beerus: I figured that much, I'm not a fool. What I mean is, How did you two get here?
Goku: Don't be mad, your lordness. We got touch with Mr. Whis and asked him to bring us here. I can't sent your energy to find this place, So he had to hitch a ride with him! It was the only way!
Beerus: So, Whis brought you here? Huh. Let me guess, All it took to get on your good side was something high in calories.
Goku: [laughs] Yep. You guessed it.
Beerus: And why is it so important to build your strength, Goku? I hope all this training isn't your secret way of gunning for the job of destroyer.
Goku: Oh, no! I'd never want your job. All I want is get stronger.
Vegeta: And I won't let this clown leave me in the dust. So, I'm training too.
Whis: It hadn't dawned on me 'til now just how poorly, If you guys get along. If ever found a way to work together for once, you would be able to go toe-to-toe if even Lord Beerus.
Beerus: No one ask me to your opinion, Whis. Can it.
Vegeta: Please, we tried that once and I'll never let it happen again.
Goku: Vegeta doesn't bug me as much as I seem to bother him. But, when it comes to fighting, I work on my own.
Whis: Well, I've said my peace.

Dragon Ball: Hey! Son Goku and Friends Return!! (2008)
Gure: [bows to Vegeta] How do you do, my brother? I'm Gure. I'm honored.
Vegeta: [bows back] No, the honor's mine.

[in the aftermath of the feast]
Son Goku: [sees a piece of sushi] Vegeta, don't you want this?
[without waiting for an answer, he eats it]
Vegeta: YOU IDIOT! I was saving that sushi for last!
Son Goku: Oh, my mistake. Sorry.
[Vegeta grabs Goku's pork roast and chews it]
Son Goku: VEGETA! That... that was my char-siu pork!
Vegeta: Well, you had it coming!
Son Goku: I was saving that for the end!
Vegeta: Don't incur my wrath, now!
Son Goku: [goes Super Saiyan] I thought we were friends!
Vegeta: [goes Super Saiyan] You thought wrong!

[Vegeta sends Trunks to fight Abo and Kado]
Son Goku: Vegeta, if there's two of them, there should be two of us.
Vegeta: Trunks will be enough.
Son Goku: True! Goten, Vegeta says you can go fight Trunks!

[Trunks and Goten have trouble with Abo and Kado]
Vegeta: What the hell are you doing, Trunks? Sense their chi!
Trunks: Easier said than done!
Vegeta: He's forgotten basics...
Bulma: Which you never taught him!
Vegeta: He lacks motivation... just like his mother!
Bulma: Like his mother? Don't you mean like his father?
Vegeta: You're the one he takes after!
Son Goku: Hey hey, this is no time for a marital dispute!

[Goku and Vegeta charge at Aka]
Son Goku: [points somewhere] Vegeta, what's that?
[Vegeta looks, Goku takes down Aka with a Kamehameha]
Vegeta: Kakarot, that wasn't fair!

Vegeta: [fighting stance] You game?
Son Goku: Always!
[Bulma and Chi-Chi wearily observe their husbands]
Bulma: Why do they always do this?
Chi-Chi: Whenever they meet, they fight...
Son Goku: Hang on, Vegeta, let's eat first! I'm gonna pig out!
Vegeta: Hmph, not as much as me!

Vegeta: [to Tarble] Didn't Father send you to a distant planet because you couldn't fight?

Vegeta: I'll deal with them, it'll be a good after-dinner workout...
Son Goku: No, Vegeta, leave this to me! I can hardly wait, it's been too long...
Vegeta: Kakarot, this is between me and my brother!
Son Goku: Don't be like that!
Vegeta: No!
Son Goku: Oh, come on...
Vegeta: I said No!
Trunks: Papa, let me fight them!
Son Goten: Me too!
Kuririn: I think I'll fight, too...
Android 18: There's no money for it!
Kuririn: So?
Son Gohan: Me, too!
Videl: Eh?
Kamesennin Muten Roshi: I'd like to fight, too.
Oolong: It'd be better if you don't!

Tarble: [scans Goku with his scouter] Excuse me, I don't think you have the necessary combat strength.
Vegeta: Dun't rely on your scouter. Combat strength can change very quickly.

Dragon Ball GT: Final Bout (1997) (VG)
Vegeta: I won't let you interfere.

Vegeta: I will now end this.

Vegeta: Even if there is no hope, why don't you worry about yourself?

Vegeta: You jerk! You surpassed me! Hahaha!

Vegeta: All right! I'm gonna destroy you Kakarot.

"Dragon Ball Z: Abridged: It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Saiyan (#2.8)" (2010)
Vegeta: Which means... which means...
Ghost Nappa: He took the Dragon Ball.
[Vegeta erupts out the water, screaming with rage]

Vegeta: So what are you doing here?
Gohan: Oh, you know, just, flying around.
Vegeta: Flying around?
Gohan: Flying around.
Vegeta: Thwarting my plans?
Gohan: Thwarting your plans?
Vegeta: Are you?
Gohan: No.
Vegeta: Good, 'cause that would be bad.
Gohan: How bad?
Vegeta: I'd have to kill you.
Gohan: That's bad.
Vegeta: Indeed.

Gohan: So, uh... Can I help you?
Vegeta: No. But maybe I can help you.
Gohan: Uh... I need an adult.
Vegeta: I am an adult.

Vegeta: [Vegeta knees Gohan in the stomach] By the way, I only hit you because I have pent-up aggression against your father... Take that.
[Vegeta blasts off, leaving Gohan behind]

"Dragon Ball Z: Deadly Beauty (#4.19)" (2000)
Vegeta: [to 18] If you give up now, I promise I'll turn you into something practical, like a toaster or a washing machine!

Vegeta: [to 18] Your warranty ran out with me a long time ago, so you're going to be recycled!

Vegeta: [laughs at 18] What's the matter? You look a bit ruffled.
Android 18: Yes, well. Looks aren't everything. You fight quite well for being such a little man. It's impressive. Even if you are a Saiyan.
Vegeta: I know. There are very few willing to train as intensely as I did to achieve this kind of power.
Android 18: How sad. To work so hard, for so little.
Vegeta: Sad for YOU!
[attacks 18]

"Dragon Ball Super: Yakusoku no rizôto e! Bejîta ga kazoku ryokô!? (#1.2)" (2015)
[eating a raw octopus for lunch]
Bulma: This is delicious!
Vegeta: I will eat it all up!
[he pulls on a tentacle... and gets sprayed with ink]
Trunks: Papa?
Bulma: Vegeta?
Vegeta: DAMN IT!
[everything around him starts to shake and crack... ]
Bulma: Vegeta, stay calm!
Trunks: Papa, let's get out of here!
[Trunks and Bulma usher Vegeta out of the restaurant poste-haste]
Bulma: Sorry for the fuss, you guys are welcome to what's left!

Vegeta: Kakarot, I've accepted that you are the strongest Saiyan. But even so, I have no interest in being the Number 2 Saiyan! One day, I will surpass you! No, I will surpass everyone in this universe! I will be Number 1!

Dragon Ball Z: Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan (1993)
Vegeta: [finally joining the battle] I am the ruler of all Saiyans! Even you, Broly!
Broly: Then please - do your best to make me kneel before you!

Vegeta: There is no use. This is the end.
Piccolo: What do you think you're doing? Why don't you stop whining like a baby and fight like a man?
Vegeta: Why? What for? Broly's unbeatable.
Piccolo: You call your self the prince of Saiyans.

"Dragon Ball Z: Final Atonement (#14.6)" (2001)
Vegeta: You are a fool! I'm going to crush you, and throw you into the wind!

Vegeta: His last thoughts before the final fight with Majin Buu: "Trunks, Bulma, I do this for you. And yes, even for you, Kakarot."

Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn (1995)
Vegeta: How many times do I have to tell you, that if anyone's going to end your existence, it's going to be me!
Goku: Vegeta? But how?
Vegeta: I've been trying to answer that question myself, Kakarot. I don't know how I got my body back. It was as if death was a dream and I just woke up.
Goku: Uh... it must have something to do with the check-in station being out of commission...
Vegeta: It doesn't matter. I'm here and I'm ready to fight. That's that. Now stay back while I handle this!
Goku: But he's strong. I don't think he can be beat.
Vegeta: Hmm. Don't worry. I have one thing in my favor. I have nothing to lose.
Goku: What do you mean? Don't say that!
Vegeta: You've been good, Kakarot. I haven't. The afterlife quite frankly sucks for me! Fighting him will be a piece of cake. Anything's better than my existence here.

Vegeta: Fuse with you? I'd rather die!
Goku: But Vegeta, you're already dead.

"Dragon Ball Z: Union of Rivals (#15.15)" (2002)
Goku: Come on, Vegeta, we don't have much time left! Please, you've got to help me, just this once!
Vegeta: You want my help? You got some nerve asking me to help you! You still don't think I know what you did to me?
[Goku gasps]
Vegeta: I have traveled to the Other World! I know all about your technique - your Super Saiyan 3! You hid it from me during our battle! You allowed me to believe that I can beat you!
Goku: Yeah, that's part true. I do have the ability to become a Super Saiyan 3. But, hey, I can only do it for a short time.
Vegeta: Ugh! That's enough of your lies! Brainless! Do you not realize my humiliation? Just stay from me!
[Goku goes hurt]

Goku: Look, if we don't do something soon, we'll be history, along with whole planet.
Vegeta: Why do I care?
Goku: Wake up! Majin Buu's eaten everyone we care about! Everyone is gone - even Bulma!
[Vegeta gasps in shock and goes angry]
Goku: They've become part of Buu! They can't even die! I just thought the least we could do is put our old differences aside, just this once, and really work together. We owe that to our teammates, our families, Vegeta. Our friends! Look, you've always talked about our Saiyan race, how we're the last of the mighty people. Well, it's time we accept we're starting a new race; one that can be just as strong, just as proud. But not if we're caught up in so much of our old birthrights to see what we have right in front of us! We've lost our old race, Vegeta! Let's not lose this one, too!
[Buu hears them]
Vegeta: [stands up after a long pause] Kakarrot, how do you know this fusion will be enough to stop him?
Goku: I don't know for sure, but I know it's the best chance we have of saving the Earth!

"Dragon Ball Super: Odoroke dai 6 uchû yo! Kore ga Sûpâ Saija-jin - Son Gokû da! (#1.33)" (2016)
[Goku hits Botamo, to no effect]
Vegeta: Kakarot, use your head a little!
Goku: My head?
[he headbutts Botamo, who falls down]
Goku: I see now! You've been defending your attacks for so long, your fighting ability has decreased!
[hauls Botamo out of the ring]

"Dragon Ball Z: The Secret of Dr. Gero (#4.14)" (2000)
Vegeta: [to android 19 after beating him up] Fresh from the factory with no warranty..and already broken.

"Dragon Ball Z: Goku... Super Saiyan? (#2.27)" (1998)
Vegeta: So I'm right. After three millenniums, it's finally happened. A new Super Saiyan has emerged. And I, the Prince of Saiyans, have somehow become this pauper's witness. I am the only one who understands what he has become, perhaps even better than him. If Kakarot managed to do it, then I should be able to as well. Until then, I am at his mercy. He is the strongest Saiyan in the universe.

"Dragon Ball Z: Piccolo's Return (#3.9)" (1999)
[after Porunga vanishes without a trace leaving the Dragon Balls into inert stone balls]
Vegeta: Hey! What's the deal? Darn! I don't feel any different! Is this suppose to happen or what! Somebody speak up! Am I immortal or not?
Dende: [sadly falls to his knees] No, you're not immortal.
Krillin: [sees Dende crying] Dende? Hey, are you alright? What's the matter?
Dende: It's Guru, he's gone!
[Krillin, Gohan, and Vegeta gasp, a shot of Guru is shown deathly still]
Krillin: [solemnly] It hurts, I know.
Dende: [cries still] He was like a grandfather to me. Guru, I asked you not to die while I was gone.
Vegeta: [furiously] That's it? It's over? Hey! You mean that when this guy kicks, the Dragon Balls are useless, huh?
Dende: Yes, of course. They're part of him.

"Dragon Ball Z: Abridged: The Punchline (#1.10)" (2009)
Vegeta: [Having been knocked into a cave, leaving a large hole in it] . This. Proves. Nothing.
Goku: You okay in there?
Vegeta: [Sarcastically] Yeah, I'm fan-f*cking-tastic. Nothing but gumdrops and ice cream in here.
Goku: Ooh! Can I come in?
Vegeta: ...I'm surrounded by idiots.
Goku: I thought you were surrounded by gumdrops and ice cream.
Vegeta: [Screams and shatters the rock around him] I WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS! I WILL NOT BE HUMILIATED BY A LOWER CLASS WRETCH!
Goku: Ohh, someone's got an ice cream headache.

"Dragon Ball Z: The Return of Goku (#1.21)" (1997)
Nappa: [about Goku] Vegeta, what does the scouter say about his power level?
Vegeta: [removes his scouter and crushes it] It's over *9000*!
Nappa: What? 9000? There's no way that could be right, can it?
Goku: I think it's right. After all, I was trained in the art of Kaio-ken.
Vegeta: Huh, Kaio-ken?
Nappa: [Charges at Goku] Why you little...! You're no match for me! I don't care how much you've learned!

"Dragon Ball Z Kai: No Chance of Victory Against No. 19! Super Vegeta Arrives Late (#1.61)" (2010)
Vegeta: Feast your eyes on Super Vegeta's BIG BANG ATTACK!

Dragon Ball Z: Bardock - The Father of Goku (1990) (TV)
[Vegeta appears on Frieza's ship]
Zarbon: Prince Vegeta, what do you think you're doing?
Dodoria: Frieza didn't send for you, kid. You know that no one sees Lord Frieza unless he calls them first.
Vegeta: Look, I'm bored. This is lame. I need an assignment.
Zarbon: Who do you think you are? I ought to teach you a lesson in etiquette, Prince!
Frieza: Give him an assignment, Zarbon. Immediately.
Zarbon: Lord Frieza?
Frieza: The boy doesn't mean any harm Zarbon, he just hasn't learned how to control his passion. Give him the hardest assignment that you have. And Vegeta, do come back alive.
Vegeta: I will, sire. Thank you very much.
Frieza: [laughs] You don't have to thank me, Vegeta. You certainly earn your keep around here. You might want to mind your manners a little better though.
Vegeta: ...Sire.

Dragon Ball Z: Wrath of the Dragon (1995)
Vegeta: [after having just broken Gohan out of Hirudegarn's grip with an energy ball] Hey! You, over here! I was enjoying my first day off in over a month until some flat footed, mutated behemoth stepped on my house! You're gonna regret this you freak... all the way to the GRAVE!

"Dragon Ball Z Kai: A Nightmarish Super Transformation! Freeza's Battle Power Reaches One Million (#1.37)" (2009)
Frieza: Heheheheheh! Well Done Runts! HA! I applaud your swift withdraw. But that was just me saying hello. Even a lowly Saiyan could be capable of that.
Vegeta: [Vegeta shudders] Dammit!
[He says to himself]
Frieza: Oh, the look on your face, Vegeta. I'm guessing that means you really had no idea a being as powerful as me could exist after all! Now then. Which one of you should be the first to see Hell?

Dragon Ball Z: Budokai (2002) (VG)
Vegeta: Big Bang Attack!

Dream 9 (2013) (TV)
Vegeta: [arrives] Nobody told me a thing about this! Where is Kakarot? I'll give him a birthday present once and for all!
Roronoa Zoro: Who the hell are you, motherfucker?
Zebra: Ah, cut the crap!
[Vegeta looks at Zoro and Zebra]
Vegeta: So, you two think you can fight...
[all three go at each other]

"Dragon Ball Z: Immortality Denied (#2.19)" (1997)

"Dragon Ball GT: Doragon bôru jîtî: The Attack on Vegeta (#1.27)" (1996)
Bulla: Even though this is the first time you've been shopping with me in a while, we made quite a haul!
Vegeta: Don't you mean you made quite a haul and I ended up paying for everything?
Bulla: Yeah, but that's what dads are for.
Vegeta: You're just like your mother.
Bulla: So you decided to take my advice and shave! Good!

A Dragon Ball Z Fourth of July (2016)
Vegeta: How about this Kakorat? Galick Gun!

"Dragon Ball Z Kai: No. 17, No. 18, and...! The Artificial Humans Awaken (#1.64)" (2010)
Vegeta: Well, well. Not the sort of place I expected to find you three, but it will have to do.
Android 17: Look, he's back. But what on earth did you do to your hair?
Vegeta: You'll find out what soon enough. Your leaving all of a sudden got me curious, I'll admit. Where is your destination?
Android 18: Goku's house, where it is. To kill him.
Vegeta: Just as I thought, but you're never going to get there. Because I, Vegeta, shall crush you here and now.
[17 and 18 grin to each other]
Vegeta: Funny was it? Go right ahead, laugh it up while you can.
Android 17: Hey guys, Vegeta seems to be pretty cocky, doesn't he? It must be a Saiyan thing. They always talk such a big talk and then they end up dying soo fast, it's a shame.
Vegeta: You shut your mouth! You disrespectful toy! I'll rip you all three to pieces, who's first?
[to 17]
Vegeta: You boy?
[to 18]
Vegeta: Or you?
[to 16]
Vegeta: Or the big bastard? Or maybe I'll just demolish all three of you in a single go!
Android 18: Or maybe you'll die.

"Dragon Ball GT: Doragon bôru jîtî: Baby's Arrival (#1.25)" (1996)
Goten: Yeah, I'm in the Western City right now! So come on, let's meet! I'm in the neighborhood, so...
Chi-Chi: I was wondering why he wanted to follow me to the city. Now I know why.
Goten: Curfew? At five? No problem. I'll drop you off on time, alright? Come on, let's go out, Valese!
Chi-Chi: This is embarrassing me!
Goten: Come on, pleeease? Let's go! Huh? Where? Hercule City? Sure, okay, okay, I'd go anywhere to see you, Valese. Alright, I'll be back.
Bulma: Good luck.
Chi-Chi: Goten! Be careful around city women!
Goten: M... Mother...! Good afternoon, Vegeta. See you.
Vegeta: Hey, wait. How is it, Goten?
Goten: How's what? Sorry Vegeta, I gotta run. Bye!
Vegeta: Hmpf.
Bulma: Hey Vegeta, you look better without your mustache.
Vegeta: Really?
Chi-Chi: Huh?
Vegeta: Why don't you say so if you're here?
Bulma: Why're you blushing, Vegeta?
Chi-Chi: So, Vegeta shaved himself?
Bulma: So it seems...
Bulla: Papa!
Vegeta: Hm?
Bulla: You look stupid in that mustache! Stupid in that mustache! Stupid in that mustache! Stupid in that mustache! Stupid in that mustache!
Bulma: It seems it was a great shock to him!
Chi-Chi: To be honest, I didn't think it looked good, either.
Bulma: Me too!
Vegeta: Kill...

"Dragon Ball GT: Doragon bôru jîtî: 17 Times 2 (#1.44)" (1997)
Android 17: I must admire your ability to stand up after that.
Vegeta: And I admire your ability to DIE! Final Shine... ATTACK!

"Dragon Ball Z: Abridged: Vegeta: Kills Bugs Dead (#1.5)" (2008)
Nappa: [From inside his pod] Are we there yet?
Vegeta: [Annoyed] No.
Nappa: Are we there yet?
Vegeta: [Becoming more annoyed] No!
Nappa: Are we there yet?
Vegeta: [Much more annoyed] No!
Nappa: Are we there yet?
Vegeta: [Now very angry] NO!
Nappa: Are we there yet?
Vegeta: [Even angrier] NO!
Nappa: Hey, Vegeta.
Vegeta: [Ready to snap] WHAT?
Vegeta: ...Can we stop at that bug planet?
Vegeta: Nappa, if it will shut you up for FIVE MINUTES, then FINE!

Dragon Ball Z: Super Android 13 (1992)
[Last lines, English version, while Piccolo and Vegeta sit back to back on a floating ice glacier]
Piccolo: Is it over?
Vegeta: Not till the fish jumps.
[a small fish jumps from the water and falls back in]
Vegeta: It's over.

"Dragon Ball Z: Upgrade to Super Saiyan (#4.13)" (2000)
Vegeta: That's right my friend. Let me ask you: does a machine like yourself ever experience fear?

"Dragon Ball Z: Abridged: Cell Reception (#3.14)" (2014)
Trunks: Do you really believe your own hype that much?
Vegeta: [shouts] I am the hype!

"Dragon Ball Z: The End of Vegeta (#3.19)" (1999)
Vegeta: He killed our home planet... It was him...
Frieza: He's just a corpse and he's still blabbing. I'll have to gag him to shut him up.
Vegeta: Your father and mine... the whole planet... he blew it up... it's true... No one survived but us... Ask him if you want... He'll tell you. He's proud of it...
Goku: Please, stop talking, Vegeta. It's sapping all of your strength.
Vegeta: No... Listen. You have to hear this. We worked so hard for him. We did everything he asked of us, and more. He took me from my father when I was just a little boy. He made me do whatever he wanted and said he would kill my father if I didn't. I did everything he asked, but he killed him anyway along with everyone else. He was scared of us. Scared that a Super Saiyan would be born to rise up and overthrow him.
[breaks down in tears]
Frieza: A touching story.
Goku: Please, no more. Save your strength.
Vegeta: Kakarot, please... destroy Frieza. He made me what I am... don't let him do it to anyone else. Whatever it takes... Stop him, please.
[Vegeta dies]
Goku: Vegeta.
Frieza: Well, it's about time. Saiyans tend to linger like a bad odor.

"Dragon Ball Z: Gohan Attacks (#3.12)" (1999)
Vegeta: I can't believe it. It's impossible. From out of nowhere he just explodes with power like I've never seen before.

"Death Battle: Goku VS Superman (#1.25)" (2013)
Boomstick: [about Goku] At fifteen, he was already so powerful that the only worthy teachers left were gods... and a talking cat, but mostly GODS! He was only a kid and already, his power level was already enormous!
Vegeta: It's over 9,000!
Boomstick: Not yet!
[video fast-forwards through the Dragon Ball Z series]
Boomstick: Okay, now it is.
Wizard: FALSE! In the Japanese manga, Goku's power level at that time was 8,000. But it doesn't even matter because power levels are absurd. The entire point of introducing them was to show how unreliable and meaningless they were. By relying on power levels, the villains constantly underestimated the heroes. Therefore, using them to judge Goku's abilities is pointless. Besides, the Daizenshuu says that...
Boomstick: Dai-what now?
Wizard: The Official Dragonball Encyclopedia. It states power levels eventually become immeasurable, not because they are so high they can't be measured, but because the characters, and hopefully the audience, have realized just how futile these numbers are.

"Dragon Ball Z: Abridged: The Best Laid Plans of Saiyans and Nameks (#2.14)" (2011)
Vegeta: [Suddenly wakes up beside Goku's healing pod] I HAVE TO PEE!
[He darts out of the room and over to the window, and notices that the sky has gone dark]
Vegeta: Jesus, I overslept. It's already night. For the first time since I got here... on a... planet with three suns...
[a little alarm goes off inside his head and he realizes that Gohan and Krillin have summoned the dragon without him]
Vegeta: Oh you mother-
[Scene cuts to Gohan, with Vegeta screaming offscreen]
Vegeta: - FUCKERS!
Piccolo: [Also offscreen] Ow, my ears!

"Dragon Ball Super: Kaiô-sei no kessen! Gokû tai hakai-shin Birusu (#1.5)" (2015)
Vegeta: [telepathic contact] What does the Kai want with me?
Kaiô: Listen carefully... Beerus, the God of Destruction, has awoken.
Vegeta: The God of Destruction? I've heard that name somewhere before...
Kaiô: When he arrives on Earth, do nothing to upset him no matter what, understand? It would result in the destruction of Earth!
Vegeta: The destruction of Earth? Is that possible?
Kaiô: Goku fought him, and was defeated in two blows.
Vegeta: What are you saying? How could Kakarot LOSE?

"Dragon Ball Super: Hakai-shin o okora seru na! Dokidoki tanjô pâtî (#1.6)" (2015)
[Vegeta kills an octopus and rushes to a takayoki stall with its flesh]
Vegeta: [rapid cooking] Tako-tako-tako-tako-tako-tako-tako-tako-tako-tako-tako-tako-tako...

"Dragon Ball Z: No Refuge from Recoome (#2.25)" (1998)
Vegeta: This freak is too much! I don't have anything left to defend myself, let alone take him down. If there was some way to summon enough strength to defeat this overgrown android... Cause if I could, they'd need tweezers to pick up the pieces!

"Dragon Ball Z: Unwelcome Discovery (#4.23)" (2000)
Vegeta: No... the Super Saiyans of legend were an invincible warrior race! I am their son, and at long last, I have risen to claim my birthright. I have stepped into the ranks of greatness. All my life, I have worked towards this goal and for what... to be brushed aside as easily as a common housefly by an android? A true Super Saiyan would not have fallen. Maybe I'm not who I think I am. Perhaps there are still new plateaus for me to reach. Far greater heights to which I must ascend. Yes... I will ascend! The universe will marvel to see the ultimate Saiyan potential once again realized! And I will be legendary! And then Kakarot, then I will see you bow before your prince!

"Dragon Ball Z: The Might of Vegeta!! The Blood of a Super Saiya-jin Awakens (#3.4)" (1992)
Vegeta: That's right my friend. Let me ask you: does a machine like yourself ever experience fear?

"Dragon Ball Super: Yokumo ore no Buruma o! Bejîta ikari no totsuzenhen'i!? (#1.7)" (2015)
Bulma: [slaps Beerus] Listen, this is my birthday party! Either behave yourself or leave!
[Beerus looks at Bulma]
Bulma: What is it? Come on, spit it out!
[Beerus slaps Bulma]
Vegeta: What the hell... what the hell did you do to my Bulma?
[goes Super Saiyan]
Vegeta: Damn you, Beerus, I'll never forgive you for that!

Bardock: Father of Goku Abridged (2009) (TV)
Narrator: And so, Planet Vegeta was destroyed, along with all of its inhabitants, save a lone Saiyan child... And his brother... And a space pirate... and a renegade monster and his father... and of course, Prince...
Nappa: Vegeta!
Young Vegeta: What is it, Nappa?
Nappa: Well, I've got good news and bad news. The bad news is: Reports say our entire planet has been destroyed by a gigantic meteorite along with all its inhabitants.
Young Vegeta: Ahh- But what about-?
Nappa: And your father.
Young Vegeta: My... whole... family! My race!
Nappa: But the good news is we're going to Dairy Queen!
Young Vegeta: My entire race is go...
Young Vegeta: ...Just take me to the damn Queen, Nappa.

"Dragon Ball Z: Goku's Next Journey (#16.16)" (2003)
Goku: Hey, Vegeta! Sorry to disappoint you. I was really looking forward to one more bout with the prince of all Saiyans.
Vegeta: Heh. Don't worry about it. We couldn't play. Not here. When we fight, we'll need a whole planet for an arena.
Goku: [laughs] You're too much. Bye, my friend!

"Dragon Ball Z: Goku's Unusual Journey (#1.4)" (1996)
Vegeta: What an idiot! How could he let himself be beat by men with such low fighting powers?

Dragon Ball Z: The Return of Cooler (1992)
[Last lines]
Goku: Thank you Vegeta, I couldn't have done it without you.
[Cut to Vegeta's space ship; Vegeta has the Big Gete Star's original chip in his hand, and crushes it]
Vegeta: Hmph!

"Dragon Ball Z: Bow to the Prince (#9.4)" (2000)
Cell: *Vegeta comes back after his training from the hyperbolic time chamber and giving Cell a hard time* Cell: How did you get so strong in one day?
Vegeta: Vegeta: I do a lot of Push ups and sit ups...

"Dragon Ball Z: Saiya-jin no môi! Kami-Sama mo Pikkoro mo shinda (#1.28)" (1989)
Nappa: [about Goku] Vegeta, what did you say his power level is?
Vegeta: [removes his scouter and crushes it] It's over *9000*! Raah!
Nappa: 9000? There's no way that can be right! It can't!