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Quotes for
Remy (Character)
from Higher Learning (1995)

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Higher Learning (1995)
[Malik confronts Remy at the door of his room]
Malik Williams: Remy is it? Man, I gotta admit you've been really polite by staying out of my way. But you ain't been honest. See I figure, it's not what a person says it's what they think. So in my mind, you've been walking around here calling me a nigger in you head. Am I right?
Remy: I got nothing to say to you man.
[Remy tries to close the door, Malik forces it open]
Malik Williams: Oh, I think you do! You want to say what you feel don't you? You think I'm a nigger? You be a man and call me one to my face!
[after a few moments of silence, Malik psyches Remy out]
Malik Williams: I thought so. You're just a punk-ass white boy... with a fucked-up haircut. Bitch.

Remy: How would you feel if I came in your room and I started playing my music.
Fudge: I wouldn't feel nothing. 'Cause it'd never happen.
Remy: Why not?
Fudge: 'Cause I'll whoop your ass. That's why.

[Remy is holding his roommate and Malik at gunpoint]
Remy: Fuck all you damn Jews and Niggers! You stick together, don't you! You stick together to work against ME, the Pure White Christian Man! Don't you know he controls you, nigger? You're nothing without him. You're NOTHING! You're NOTHING! You're a SLAVE! I'll fucking take my fucking belt off, man, and I'll make you my fucking MONKEY!
Remy: [to David] Get on the floor.
David Isaacs: Remy, please.
Remy: ON THE FLOOR! You're not white! You're Jewish! You're NOTHING! You're not me. I'm the man! I'm the man!
Remy: [to Malik] Dirty Nigger! What do you have to say now!
[cocks the gun]
Remy: I ain't playin' with you. What do you have to say now! Huh! Mr. Fucking Hot Shot APE! You're NOTHING! Mal-lick! You're NOTHING! You're DEAD! YOU'RE *DEAD*!
[Remy starts packing while still holding the gun]
Remy: Don't move, fucker.
[Remy finishes packing]
Remy: You're gonna die. That's right, you're gonna die. You're ALL gonna die. You're gonna DIE, MONKEY!

[Malik confronts Remy after Remy shoots DÈja]
Remy: This is MY world! This is MY country! This is MY WORLD! You're nothing but a monkey. Look at me! I'm the man! I'm the man! You're NOTHING! You can't hurt me.
Malik Williams: FUCK YOU!
[Malik grabs Remy by the throat and starts choking him to death]
Malik Williams: God, I fucking HATE you! You're gonna DIE! You DEAD! You're gonna DIE!
[Malik continues to choke Remy until Campus Security forces him off]

Scott Moss: Hey, um... listen. Me and some of my buddies over there are gonna go down to his bar down on corner for a drink. You wanna come along?
Remy: Huh?
Scott Moss: I said me and my buddies are going to get a drink. Do you want to come along?
Remy: [stands up] What are you? Some kind of queer?
Scott Moss: What? What is that? What are you talking about?
Remy: [pushes Scott] I should kick your ass! Making the moves on me.
Scott Moss: First, don't ever touch me again. Because I will beat you to the fucking ground, boy! Second, I ain't no faggot. I just wanted to know if you wannted to come get a drink with me and my friends. That's all.
Remy: Oh. I'm sorry, man. This is a new city, new place... my first time away from home and I don't know anyone here. Please don't kick my ass. I didn't know. I overreacted.
Scott Moss: That's okay. I understand. Look... why don't we just forget about this and come have a drink with my and my friends? There's this bar down on the corner where we can get a drink, hang out with some good people, and talk. Come on. Get your books and come with me. We're young, we're white, we live in America. What more do you want?
Remy: [as he gets his textbooks] What was that?
Scott Moss: I said we're young, we're white, we live in America. What more do you want?