Lee Krasner
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Lee Krasner (Character)
from Pollock (2000)

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Pollock (2000)
Lee Krasner: Jackson Pollock, I'm Lee Krasner. I thought I knew all the outstanding artists in New York and I don't know Jackson Pollock.

Peggy Guggenheim: I have just climbed up and down five flights of stairs. I'm Peggy Guggenheim...
Lee Krasner: We're sorry.
Peggy Guggenheim: [to Pollock] My God and you're drunk.
Jackson Pollock: No.
Lee Krasner: No.

Lee Krasner: [seeing his breakthrough painting] You've done it, Pollock. You've cracked it wide open.

Lee Krasner: [reciting] To whom shall I hire myself out? / What beast must I adore? / What holy image is attacked? / What hearts must I break? / What lie must I maintain? / And, what blood shed?

Lee Krasner: You're not just randomly putting paint on the canvas, you're painting *something*. You can't abstract from nothing, you can only abstract from life, from nature.
Jackson Pollock: I *am* nature.