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Ali Baba (Character)
from Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves (1944)

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Ali Baba Goes to Town (1937)
Sultan: I hope you'll enjoy what we've got - if you don't mind taking pot luck?
Ali Baba: Can I get a hot dog and a bottle of pop?
Sultan: Hot dog? Pop?
Ali Baba: That's the great national diet in America. I've just come from there.
Sultan: America? Where is that?
Ali Baba: A great open space between New York and Hollywood.

Ali Baba: Excuse me, who are these fellows? They're not even listening!
Sultan: They're my new musicians from Africa.
Ali Baba: Africa?
[to musicians]
Ali Baba: What part of Africa?
Sultan: I'm afraid they don't understand you. You see, they talk a strange tongue.
Ali Baba: [to musicians] Parlez-vous Français?
[No response]
Ali Baba: Se hable espanol? Capisce italian'?
[No response]
Ali Baba: Verstehse bissel Yiddish?
[No response. Ali Baba has a flash of inspiration]
Ali Baba: Wait a minute! Hi de hi de ho?
Musicians: Hee de hee de hee!
Ali Baba: Hey de hey de hey!
Musicians: Ho de ho de ho!

Ali Baba: Wait, I think I've got something! You don't have to be a sultan - you can resign!
Sultan: Resign? Desert my throne? Forsake my people? Allah would never forgive me.
Ali Baba: You don't have to desert your people. You can go on being the head man, but instead of sultan you become a president.
Sultan: A what?
Ali Baba: A president, like they have in America.
Sultan: Well, does he rule the country?
Ali Baba: Does he rule the country? Hunh! Ask the Republicans!

"Electra Woman and Dyna Girl: Ali Baba: Part 1 (#1.7)" (1976)
Ali Baba: [to Professor Nabakov] Enough. You've exhausted my impatience.
Ali Baba: [addressing the Genie] I don't care what you do to him, just get that formula.

Ali Baba: Ah, it's time for a change:
[sprays a fragrance on Dyna Girl]
Ali Baba: A special fragrance, designed especially for you: Metamorphosis formula no. 5

"Electra Woman and Dyna Girl: Ali Baba: Part 2 (#1.8)" (1976)
Ali Baba: Bravo, Dyna Girl. You're more evil than I dared hope for!
Dynagirl: Forget the compliments, we're wasting time!

The Seven Tasks of Ali Baba (1962)
Lota: My father admires what you've done, and he likes you.
Ali Baba: So he likes me? Well, why has he been so anxious to have me tortured?