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Scheherazade (Character)
from "Arabian Nights" (2000)

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"Arabian Nights" (2000)
Sultan Schariar: Look into my eyes. What do you see, Scheherezade?
Scheherezade: Me. Looking at you, my love.

Scheherezade: [narrating] Life often turns upon such small things as a flickering oil lamp.

Scheherezade: [narrating] The trial of Jerome Gribben was the social event of the season. The judge in the case was the venerable Judge Zadic. Judge Zadic was totally incompetent but being a Judge nobody had noticed.

Scheherezade: [narrating] Feed a grub royal jelly and he will turn into an Emperor Butterfly in an instant.

Storyteller: Here again, milady?
Scheherezade: These people sit for hours, just listening.
Scheherezade: It's a miracle.
Storyteller: People need stories, more than bread, itself.
Storyteller: They teach us how to live, and why.

Sultan Schariar: You saved me. Why did you do it?
Scheherezade: Because I loved you.
Sultan Schariar: Is that the real reason?
Scheherezade: [She smiles] It'll have to do, until...
[Schariar kisses her]

Scheherezade: [narrating] The storyteller always said, "Stories can save us." I guess what he meant was... they can save us! If we use our imagination.

Scheherezade: [Schariar has drawn a sword and hacked the pillows to shreds around her] Are you all right? Can I do anything for you?
Sultan Schariar: I just missed *killing* you, and you ask if there's anything you can do for *me*?

Sultan Schariar: Is that the end of the story?
Scheherezade: [hastily] No, no...! At the wedding, there was an important guest...
[She sees a silhouette of a bowing servant, thinking quickly]
Scheherezade: ... a hunchback. His name was... Bacbac.

Scheherezade: These people sit for hours - just listening. It's a miracle!
Storyteller: People need stories more than bread itself. They tell us how to live, and why.

Scheherezade: A master storyteller once told me the audience must be hooked in the first moments, otherwise you've lost them.

Scheherezade: Stories are less simple than we think they are.

Scheherezade: Is this the time for stories?
Storyteller: It's the perfect time! Stories show us how to win, and in your case: defeat death.

Scheherezade: He said the world was an inferno full of darkness and evil, and that there were only two ways of dealing with it. The first was easy and wrong: to accept it and become part of it. The second way was harder and right: you fight it, and recognize those who aren't evil, and help them endure.

Scheherezade: They say 'Fortune favors the brave'... and those who can learn from their mistakes.

Scheherezade: Death comes in many shapes and disguises.

Twisted: The Untold Story of a Royal Vizier (2013) (TV)
Sherrezade: Once upon a time, in a far away land, there was a magic kingdom that prospered through its commitment to two simple ideals: Duty and Devotion. The 2D's.
[first lines]

Ja'far: And what of our story? How does it end?
Sherrezade: It doesn't.
[last lines]

The Magic of Aladdin (1989) (TV)
[Abanazar rubs his ring to summon its Genie]
Scheherezade: Your wish is my command, O Master.
Abanazar: Tell me, Sheherezade... what is it like being my slave?
Scheherezade: Master, 'tis cold within the ring.
Abanazar: Well then, I ought to keep my hands in my pockets more often!
Scheherezade: 'Tis but a *little* thing...

The Chastity Belt (1972)
Scheherazade: [performing the film's title song] Give me a modern man who knows how it has to be / Not some old miser who's guarding my chastity / Treating his woman as though she were some kind of chattel / It's unnatural / Give me a born true fighter who'll willingly tilt for me / Not some poor flower who'll suddenly wilt when he's hard / Pressed, right in the thick of the battle / Oh for a knight for my nights! / Oh for a knight for my nights! /

Les 1001 nuits (1990)
Sheherazade: I am very good at running away.