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Filmography by type for
Judas Iscariot (Character)
from The Passion of the Christ (2004)

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The Passion of the Christ -- THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST is a film about the last twelve hours of Jesus of Nazareth's life.
The Passion of the Christ -- A film detailing the final hours and crucifixion of Jesus Christ.
The Passion of the Christ -- A film detailing the final hours and crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

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According to the New Testament, Judas Iscariot is the man who betrayed Jesus Christ to the Sanhedrin... See more »
Alternate Names:
Apstolo Judas / Giuda / Giuda Iscariota / Iuda / Izcariote / Juda of Kiriath / Judas / Judas Escariote / Judas Isacriot / Judas Iscariote / Judas Iscariotes / Judas Ischariot / Judas Iskarioth / Judas of Iscariot / Judas of Karioth / Judas the Apostle / Jude / Juds / Juudas / Juudas Iskariot / Juudas Kirjatilainen / Jds / Mr. Judas Iscariot / Yehuda


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  1. The Hebrew Hammer vs. Hitler (????) Played by Jeffrey Ross (as Judas)
  2. Revival! (2015) Played by Anthony Azizi
  3. Ben-Hur (2016) Played by Alessandro Giuggioli (as Judas)
  4. Caravaggio and My Mother the Pope (2015) Played by Fabrizio Calzolaio (as Judas)
  5. The Gospel According to Bart (2014) Played by Leroy Carver (as Judas)
  6. Jesus Cries (2015) Played by Bardo Böhlefeld (as Judas)
  7. Jesus the Remake (2015) Played by Kevin Mulcahy (as Judas)
  8. Judas (2014/II) Played by Andre Guarany (as Judas)

  9. Jesus the Christ (2015) Played by Aaron Marrero (as Judas)
  10. The Gospel of Luke (2015) Played by El Housseine Dejjiti
  11. The Gospel of Mark (2015) Played by El Housseine Dejjiti
  12. The Gospel of John (2014) Played by El Housseine Dejjiti
  13. Heaven Is Hell (2014) Played by Christopher Marcum (as Judas)
  14. The Savior (2014/II) Played by Ashraf Barhom
  15. Son of God (2014) Played by Joe Wredden (as Judas)
  16. The Jersey Devil (2014/I) Played by Stephen Fontana
  17. The Gospel of Matthew (2014) Played by El Housseine Dejjiti
  18. Wolf: The Betrayal of Judas (2013) Played by Carl Wharton (as Judas)
  19. Trinity - The Passion III: The Re-revenge of Christ (2013) Played by Ignasi Capmany (as Judas)
  20. Out of the Fire (2013/I) Played by Tom Mehl
  21. Judas the Peacemaker (2012) Played by Jack Martin (as Judas)
  22. The King (2012) Played by Antonio Forma (as Judas)
    ... aka "Su re" - Italy (original title)
  23. Fist of Jesus (2012) Played by Noé Blancafort (as Judas)
  24. Timeshifters 2: Alternate Present (2012) Played by Hajgató Lázár (as Jds)
  25. Party of 12 (2012) Played by Steven G. Turner (as Judas)
  26. Unholy Grail (2012) Played by Eric McGowen
  27. Corpus Christi: Playing with Redemption (2012) Played by Steve Callahan (as Judas)
  28. 12+1, una comedia metafísica (2012) Played by Fran Torres (as Izcariote)
  29. Bearers of the Promise (2012) Played by Harry Elmayan (as Judas)
  30. Deux Esprits (2012) Played by Andrew Eitel (as Judas)
  31. Apostle Peter and the Last Supper (2012) Played by Knox Collier (as Judas)
  32. Stuck in the Middle (2011) Played by Oscar Avila (as Judas the Apostle)
  33. Guess Who's Coming to Supper? (2011) Played by Chip Joslin (as Judas)
  34. Black Jesus (2011) Played by Jay P. Brown (as Judas)
  35. The Uncrucibles (2011) Played by Alex Weisbrod (as Judas)
  36. Judas the Lost Soul (2010) Played by Stephen White (as Judas)
  37. Nazareth: Special Features (2010) Played by Jon McLaren (as Judas)
  38. Mr. Iscariot's Basement (2010) Played by Anthony Cosmano (as Mr. Judas Iscariot)
  39. Crown Prince of Heaven (2010) Played by Steve West (as Judas)
  40. The Disciple (2010) Played by Garrett Wall (as Judas)
  41. Empire Belfast (2010) Played by Ståle Kvaalen
  42. Good Friday (2010) Played by David Castro (as Judas)
  43. The Jesus Workout (2010) Played by Phillipe Simon (as Judas)

  44. The Last Supper (2009/III) Played by Angus Sampson (as Judas)
  45. INRI (2009) Played by Emerson Bixby (as Judas)
  46. The Apostles (2009) Played by Lyndon Casey (as Judas)
  47. Color of the Cross 2: The Resurrection (2008) Played by Gerald Webb (as Jude) / Sebastian Siegel (as Judas)
  48. Teenage Christ (2008) Played by Pat Lambert (as Judas)
  49. Uno de vosotros me traicionará (2007) Played by Julián Teurlais (as Judas)
    ... aka "One of You Betrayed Me" - International (English title) (literal English title)
  50. The Greatest Miracle (2007) Played by Richard Mountford (as Judas)
  51. Judas: One of Twelve (2007) Played by Kerry Valderrama
  52. Passion Play (2007) Played by Victor John Beaulieu II
  53. Color of the Cross (2006) Played by Johann John Jean (as Judas of Iscariot)
  54. The Last Supper (2006) Played by Michael Bortone (as Judas)
  55. The Sobbing Stone (2005) Played by Rob J. Moore (as Judas)
  56. Matthew 26:17 (2005) Played by Tom Trudeau (as Judas)
  57. Kvetchin' of the Christ (2004) Played by Robert William Campbell (as Judas)
  58. The Gospel According to God (2004) Played by Yoni Lahav
    ... aka "Ha-Bsora Al-Pi Elohim" - Israel (original title)
  59. The Passion of the Christ (2004) Played by Luca Lionello (as Judas)
    ... aka "The Passion Recut" - International (English title) (cut version), USA (recut version)
  60. The Copper Scroll of Mary Magdalene (2004) Played by Warren Hammack (as Judas)
  61. Mary, Mother of the Son of God (2003) Played by Cláudio Gabriel (as Apstolo Judas)
    ... aka "Maria, Mãe do Filho de Deus" - Brazil (original title)
  62. The Visual Bible: The Gospel of John (2003) Played by Alan Van Sprang / Salvatore Antonio (as Judas)
    ... aka "The Gospel of John" - USA (short title)
  63. Palindrome r.s.s.r. (2002) Played by Jerry Ezekiel (as Judas)
  64. The Cross (2001) Played by Agustin Rodriguez (as Judas)
  65. The Miracle Maker (2000) Played by David Thewlis

  66. Jesus 2000 (1998) Played by Michael Gardner
  67. The Emissary: A Biblical Epic (1997) Played by Curt Lowens (as Judas)
    ... aka "Pablo, el emisario" - USA (Spanish title) (video title)
    ... aka "Paul: The Emissary" - USA (video title)
  68. Satan Returns (1996) Played by Francis Ng (as Judas)
    ... aka "666 Mo Gwai Fuk Wut" - Hong Kong (original title)
    ... aka "Satan's Return" - Hong Kong (English title) (alternative title)
    ... aka "Shaolin vs. The Devil's Omen" - USA (DVD title)
    ... aka "Shaolin vs. The Evil Dead" - USA (video title)
    ... aka "The Resurrection of Devil 666" - Hong Kong (English title) (literal English title)
  69. Kristo (1996) Played by Rez Cortez
  70. The Last Supper (1995/I) Played by Cameron Diaz (as Jude)
  71. Marie de Nazareth (1995) Played by Pierre Lacan (as Judas)
    ... aka "Mary of Nazareth" - USA (informal literal English title)
  72. Master i Margarita (1994) Played by Igor Vernik (as Iuda)
    ... aka "The Master and Margarita" - International (English title) (informal English title)
  73. The Gospel According to Matthew (1993) Played by Dawid Minnaar (as Judas)
    ... aka "The Visual Bible: Matthew" - South Africa (original title)
    ... aka "Jesus the Christ" - USA (video title)
  74. The Judas Project (1990) Played by Ramy Zada (as Jude)

  75. The Last Temptation of Christ (1988) Played by Harvey Keitel (as Judas)
  76. Il bacio di Giuda (1988) Played by Giorgio Algranti (as Giuda Iscariota)
    ... aka "The Kiss of Judas" - International (English title) (literal English title)
  77. Uccelli d'Italia (1984) Played by Alfredo Cerruti
  78. Miracoloni (1981) Played by Victor Cavallo (as Giuda)
  79. La vida de nuestro señor Jesucristo (1980) Played by Juan Gallardo
    ... aka "The Life of Jesus Christ" - USA (video title)
    ... aka "The Nativity: The Life of Jesus Christ" - USA (DVD title)

  80. The Jesus Film (1979) Played by Eli Danker / David Goldberg (as Judas)
    ... aka "Jesus" - USA (original title)
    ... aka "The Jesus Movie" - USA (video title)
    ... aka "Word-for-Word, the Bible on Video: Gospel of Luke" - USA (video box title)
  81. Maria's Hours (1979) Played by Nuno Aboim (as Judas Iscariotes)
    ... aka "As Horas de Maria" - Portugal (original title)
  82. The Chosen One (1977) Played by José Carlos Ruiz (as Judas)
    ... aka "El elegido" - Mexico (original title)
  83. Il messia (1975) Played by Raouf Ben Amor (as Judas)
  84. La vérité sur l'imaginaire passion d'un inconnu (1974) Played by Bernard Pinon (as Judas) / Jean de Gaspary (as Judas)
  85. Jesus Christ Superstar (1973) Played by Carl Anderson
  86. Gospel Road: A Story of Jesus (1973) Played by Thomas Leventhal
    ... aka "Gospel Road" - USA (short title)
  87. Godspell (1973) Played by David Haskell (as Judas)
    ... aka "Godspell: A Musical Based on the Gospel According to St. Matthew" - USA (original title)
  88. Greaser's Palace (1972) Played by Buddy Butler (as Judas)
  89. Jesús, María y José (1972) Played by Luis Yáñez (as Judas)
    ... aka "Jesus, Mary and Joseph" - International (English title) (informal title)
  90. Jesús, nuestro Señor (1971) Played by Juan Gallardo (as Judas Iscariote)
  91. A Vida de Jesus Cristo (1971) Played by Pedro Regattieri (as Judas)
  92. Os Senhores da Terra (1970) Played by Roberto Bonfim (as Judas Escariote)

  93. El proceso de Cristo (1966) Played by Sergio Jurado (as Judas)
    ... aka "The Trial of Christ" - International (English title) (literal English title)
  94. The Greatest Story Ever Told (1965) Played by David McCallum
    ... aka "George Stevens Presents The Greatest Story Ever Told" - UK (complete title), USA (complete title)
  95. Acto da Primavera (1963) Played by Germano Carneiro (as Judas)
    ... aka "Passion of Jesus" - International (English title) (informal title)
    ... aka "Rite of Spring" - International (English title) (informal title)
  96. Pontius Pilate (1962) Played by John Drew Barrymore (as Judas)
    ... aka "Ponzio Pilato" - Italy (original title)
  97. King of Kings (1961) Played by Rip Torn (as Judas)
    ... aka "Samuel Bronston's Production King of Kings" - UK (complete title), USA (complete title)

  98. The Redeemer (1959) Played by Manuel Monroy
    ... aka "El redentor" - Spain (original title)
    ... aka "The Life of Christ: Mysteries of the Rosary Volume 2" - USA (series title)
    ... aka "The Life of Christ: The Amazing Trilogy" - USA (video box title)
    ... aka "The Sorrowful Mysteries" - USA (video box title)
  99. La spada e la croce (1958) Played by Bob Morgan (as Giuda)
  100. The Power of the Resurrection (1958) Played by Jan Arvan (as Judas)
    ... aka "The Passion and the Power of the Christ" - USA (video title)
  101. Day of Triumph (1954) Played by James Griffith
  102. Judas' Kiss (1954) Played by Rafael Rivelles (as Judas)
    ... aka "El beso de Judas" - Spain (original title)
  103. Il figlio dell'uomo (1954) Played by Raffaele Costante (as Giuda)
  104. The Robe (1953) Played by Michael Ansara (as Judas)
  105. El mártir del Calvario (1952) Played by Manolo Fábregas (as Judas)
    ... aka "The Martyr of Calvary" - USA (literal English title)
  106. Kalbaryo ni Hesus (1952) Played by Johnny Monteiro (as Judas)
    ... aka "Passion of Christ" - Philippines (English title)

  107. The Pilgrimage Play (1949) Played by Leonard Penn
  108. Reina de reinas: La Virgen María (1948) Played by Tito Junco (as Judas Iscariote)
    ... aka "Queen of Queens: The Virgin Mary" - International (English title) (literal English title)
  109. María Magdalena, pecadora de Magdala (1946) Played by Tito Junco (as Judas)
    ... aka "Jesucristo y María Magdalena" - USA (video box title)
    ... aka "Mary Magdalene, Sinner of Magdala" - International (English title) (literal English title)
  110. Jesus of Nazareth (1942) Played by José Pidal (as Judas Iscariote)
    ... aka "Jesús de Nazareth" - Mexico (original title)

  111. The Great Commandment (1939) Played by Marc Loebell (as Judas)
  112. Behold the Man (1935) Played by Lucas Gridoux (as Judas)
    ... aka "Golgotha" - France (original title)

  113. The King of Kings (1927) Played by Joseph Schildkraut
  114. L'agonie de Jérusalem (1927) Played by Paul Franceschi (as Judas)
  115. Crown of Thorns (1923) Played by Alexander Granach (as Judas Ischariot)
    ... aka "I.N.R.I." - Germany (original title)
  116. The Twice Born Woman (1921) Played by Eduardo Napoleoni
  117. Der Galiläer (1921) Played by Georg Faßnacht (as Judas Ischariot)
  118. Leaves Out of the Book of Satan (1920) Played by Jacob Texiere (as Judas)
    ... aka "Blade af Satans bog" - Denmark (original title)

  119. Christus (1916) Played by Augusto Mastripietri (as Giuda)
  120. The Last Supper (1914) Played by Jack Richardson
  121. The Life of Our Saviour; or, The Passion Play (1914) Played by Jean Jacquinet (as Judas)
    ... aka "La Passion" - France (original title)
  122. Mary Magdalene (1914) Played by Joe Harris
  123. From the Manger to the Cross; or, Jesus of Nazareth (1912) Played by Robert G. Vignola (as Judas)
    ... aka "Jesus of Nazareth" - USA (recut version)
  124. The Holy City (1912) Played by George Larkin (as Judas)

  125. The Kiss of Judas (1909) Played by Paul Mounet (as Judas)
    ... aka "Le baiser de Judas" - France (original title)

  126. The Passion Play of Oberammergau (1898) Played by Frank Gaylor
  1. "A.D. The Bible Continues"
        - The Spirit Arrives (2015) TV episode, Played by Cesare Taurasi (as Judas)
        - The Tomb Is Open (2015) TV episode, Played by Cesare Taurasi (as Judas)
  2. The Passion (2015) (TV) Played by Jeroen van Koningsbrugge (as Judas)
  3. Killing Jesus (2015) (TV) Played by Youssef Tounzi (as Jude) / Joe Doyle (as Judas Isacriot)
  4. The Jesus Mysteries (2014) (TV) Played by Charles Reston (as Judas)
  5. The Passion (2014) (TV) Played by Jamai Loman (as Judas)
  6. "Off2Kali Comedy"
        - Small Talk Denial (2013) TV episode, Played by Kristopher Turner (as Jude)
        - Awkward Easter (2013) TV episode, Played by Richard Young (as Judas)
  7. The Passion (2013) (TV) Played by Daniël Boissevain (as Judas)
  8. "The Bible"
        - Betrayal (2013) TV episode, Played by Joe Wredden (as Judas)
        - Mission (2013) TV episode, Played by Joe Wredden (as Judas)
  9. "The S&M Experience"
        - Djesus Uncrossed (2013) TV episode, Played by Jordan Szymanowski
  10. "Saturday Night Live"
    ... aka "NBC's Saturday Night" - USA (complete title)
    ... aka "SNL" - USA (informal title)
    ... aka "SNL 25" - USA (alternative title)
    ... aka "Saturday Night" - USA (first season title)
    ... aka "Saturday Night Live '80" - USA (sixth season title)
    ... aka "Saturday Night Live 15" - USA (fifteenth season title)
    ... aka "Saturday Night Live 20" - USA (twentieth season title)
    ... aka "Saturday Night Live 25" - USA (twentyfifth season title)
        - Christoph Waltz/Alabama Shakes (2013) TV episode, Played by Jay Pharoah
  11. Barabbas (2012) (TV) Played by Matteo Branciamore (as Giuda)
  12. "Jesus: The Teenage Years" (2012) TV series Played by Alex Perry (as Judas)
  13. "Jest Originals"
        - The Passion of Tebow (2012) TV episode, Played by David Bluvband (as Judas)
  14. The Passion (2012) (TV) Played by Charly Luske (as Judas)
  15. "CollegeHumor Originals"
        - The Last Supper at a Chain Restaurant (2012) TV episode, Played by Connor Ratliff (as Judas)
  16. Mary of Nazareth (2012) (TV) Played by Nikolai Kinski (as Judas)
    ... aka "Maria di Nazaret" - Germany (original title)
  17. "The Cleveland Show"
        - Brown Magic (2012) TV episode, Played by Will Forte (as Judas)
  18. The Passion (2011) (TV) Played by Frank Lammers (as Judas)
  19. "Saved by the Savior"
        - Pilot (2011) TV episode, Played by Michael Monsour (as Judas)
  20. Who Framed Jesus (2010) (TV) Played by Harel Noff
  21. "The Messiah Jesus, the Spirit of God" (2010) TV series Played by Mortada Daraby

  22. "Who Was Jesus"
        - The Last Days (2009) TV episode, Played by Helmi Dridi (as Judas)
  23. "Biblical Mysteries Explained"
        - The Lost Gospels of Judas (2008) TV episode, Played by Sergio Candido (as Judas)
  24. "The Passion"
        - Episode #1.4 (2008) TV episode, Played by Paul Nicholls (as Judas) / Ben Caplan (as Yehuda)
        - Episode #1.3 (2008) TV episode, Played by Paul Nicholls (as Judas) / Ben Caplan (as Yehuda)
        - Episode #1.2 (2008) TV episode, Played by Paul Nicholls (as Judas) / Ben Caplan (as Yehuda)
        - Episode #1.1 (2008) TV episode, Played by Shaz Kiran (as Jude) / Paul Nicholls (as Judas) / Ben Caplan (as Yehuda)
  25. "Family Guy"
    ... aka "Padre de familia" - USA (Spanish title)
        - Believe It or Not, Joe's Walking on Air (2007) TV episode, Played by Alec Sulkin (as Judas)
  26. "The Easter Experience" (2007) TV series Played by Paul Jones (as Judas)
  27. The Last Supper: 13 Men of Courage (2007) (TV) Played by Keith Allen (as Judas)
  28. Manchester Passion (2006) (TV) Played by Tim Booth (as Judas)
  29. The Gospel of Judas (2006) (TV) Played by Sami Temimi (as Judas)
    ... aka "The Lost Gospel of Judas" - Europe (English title) (alternative title)
  30. Matthäuspassion (2006) (TV) Played by Mathis Reinhardt (as Judas)
  31. "Unlocking Ancient Secrets of the Bible" (2006) TV series Played by Stefan Kollmuss (as Judas)
  32. "The Master and Margarita"
    ... aka "Master i Margarita" - Russia (original title)
        - Episode #1.8 (2005) TV episode, Played by Dmitriy Nagiev (as Judas)
  33. The Life and the Passion of Christ (2005) (TV) Played by Ryan Sweeney
  34. Judas (2004) (TV) Played by Johnathon Schaech
  35. "Jesus & Josefine"
        - Hjemkomsten (2003) TV episode, Played by Lelo Shalby (as Judas)
        - Slangen i ørkenen (2003) TV episode, Played by Lelo Shalby (as Judas)
        - Søg og i skal finde (2003) TV episode, Played by Lelo Shalby (as Judas)
        - Fristelsen (2003) TV episode, Played by Lelo Shalby (as Judas)
        - Bag døren (2003) TV episode, Played by Lelo Shalby (as Judas)
          (5 more)
  36. "Jesus, Josefine og budskabet bag" (2003) TV series Played by Lelo Shalby (as Judas)
  37. Judas: Traitor or Friend? (2002) (TV) Played by Robbie Morris (as Judas)
  38. The Friends of Jesus - Judas (2001) (TV) Played by Enrico Lo Verso (as Judas)
    ... aka "Gli amici di Gesù - Giuda" - Italy (original title)
    ... aka "Close to Jesus" - USA (DVD box title)
    ... aka "Judas" - Europe (English title)
  39. "Great Performances"
        - Jesus Christ Superstar (2000) TV episode, Played by Jérôme Pradon
  40. Joseph of Nazareth (2000) (TV) Played by Omar Lahlou (as Judas)
    ... aka "Gli amici di Gesù - Giuseppe di Nazareth" - Italy (original title)
    ... aka "Close to Jesus" - USA (DVD box title)
    ... aka "The Friends of Jesus - Joseph of Nazareth" - International (English title)

  41. Jesus (1999) (TV) Played by Thomas Lockyer (as Judas)
  42. "This Morning with Richard Not Judy"
        - Episode #2.10 (1999) TV episode, Played by Kevin Eldon
        - Episode #2.8 (1999) TV episode, Played by Kevin Eldon
        - Episode #2.7 (1999) TV episode, Played by Kevin Eldon
        - Episode #2.6 (1999) TV episode, Played by Kevin Eldon
        - Episode #2.5 (1999) TV episode, Played by Kevin Eldon
          (6 more)
  43. The People's Passion (1999) (TV) Played by Kevin Whately (as Judas)
  44. Jésus (1999) (TV) Played by Hippolyte Girardot (as Judas) / Ben Aïssa El Jirari (as Judas)
  45. Godspell (1997) (TV) Played by Rodrigo Saraiva (as Judas)
  46. "The Easter Stories"
        - Judas's Tale (1994) TV episode, Played by Craig Charles (as Judas)
  47. Incident in Judaea (1991) (TV) Played by Jason Carter (as Judas of Karioth)

  48. Caligula helytartója (1984) (TV) Played by Csaba Jakab (as Juds)
  49. The Day Christ Died (1980) (TV) Played by Barrie Houghton (as Judas)

  50. La passion (1978) (TV) Played by François Dyrek (as Judas Iscariote)
  51. "Jesus of Nazareth"
        - Part 2 (1977) TV episode, Played by Ian McShane
        - Part 1 (1977) TV episode, Played by Ian McShane
  52. Juudas Iskariot (1977) (TV) Played by Ville-Veikko Salminen (as Juudas Iskariot)
  53. "Os Apóstolos de Judas" (1976) TV series Played by Jonas Mello (as Judas)
  54. "Witness to Yesterday"
        - Judas Iscariot (1974) TV episode, Played by Donald Davis
  55. Pilatus und andere - Ein Film für Karfreitag (1972) (TV) Played by Jerzy Zelnik (as Juda of Kiriath)
  56. Jesus Christ Superstar (1972) (TV) Played by Jon English (as Judas)
  57. Bach: Matthäus-Passion (1971) (TV) Played by Siegmund Nimsgern (as Judas)
  58. "Teatterituokio"
        - Pilatus (1970) TV episode, Played by Arto Tuominen (as Juudas Kirjatilainen)
  59. Der Mann am Strick (1970) (TV) Played by Georg-Martin Bode (as Judas Iskarioth)
  60. Neither Are We Enemies (1970) (TV) Played by Leonard Frey
    ... aka "Hallmark Hall of Fame: Neither Are We Enemies (#19.4)" - USA (anthology series)

  61. "The Wednesday Play"
        - Son of Man (1969) TV episode, Played by Edward Hardwicke
  62. Heeft geleden onder Pontius Pilatus (1967) (TV) Played by Jan Decleir (as Judas)
  63. Pontius Pilatus (1966) (TV) Played by Rolf Boysen (as Judas)
  64. Antakaa ihmisen elää (1965) (TV) Played by Ville-Veikko Salminen (as Juudas)
  65. Herodes und Mariamne (1965) (TV) Played by Arno Görke (as Judas)
    ... aka "Herod and Marianne" - International (English title) (literal English title)
  66. Yhdeksännellä hetkellä (1964) (TV) Played by Uolevi Vahteristo (as Juudas Iskariot)
  67. Laudes Evangelii (1961) (TV) Played by Alberto Testa (as Judas)
  68. Bibliska bilder (1961) (TV) Played by Aloysius Valente (as Judas)
  69. The True Mistery of the Passion (1960) (TV) Played by Patrick Troughton (as Judas)

  70. O Mártir do Calvário (1953) (TV) Played by Astrogildo Filho (as Judas)
  71. "The Living Bible" (1952) TV series Played by Jan Arvan
  72. "The Living Christ Series" Played by Gayne Whitman / Keith Richards (as Judas)
    ... aka "Greatest Bible Stories" - USA (cable TV title)
    ... aka "The Life of Christ" - USA (DVD title)
    ... aka "The Story of Jesus" - USA (video title)
        - Triumph & Defeat (????) TV episode, Played by Gayne Whitman
        - Fate of John the Baptist (????) TV episode, Played by Gayne Whitman
        - Return to Nazareth (????) TV episode, Played by Keith Richards (as Judas)
        - Crucifixion & Resurrection (????) TV episode, Played by Gayne Whitman
        - Retreat & Decision (????) TV episode, Played by Gayne Whitman
          (2 more)

  73. Cæsar's Friend (1939) (TV) Played by Alan Wheatley (as Judas)
  1. Jesus Christ Superstar (2013) (V) Played by Jason Bouman
  2. Jesus Christ Superstar - Live Arena Tour (2012) (V) Played by Tim Minchin (as Judas)
  3. Jesus Sex Scandal (2011) (V) Played by Greg Pritikin (as Judas)
  4. The Liturgy Series (2010) (V) Played by El Housseine Dejjiti (as Judas)

  5. Messiah (2004) (V) Played by Michael J. Peluso / David Goldberg (as Jude)

  6. Atlanta Passion Play: 2nd Edition (1998) (V) Played by Rob Smithers
  7. The Revolutionary (1995) (V) Played by Nir Kaleff (as Judas)
    ... aka "The Life of Jesus: The Revolutionary" - USA (video box title)
  8. The Visual Bible: Acts (1994) (V) Played by Constantine Zakochenko (as Judas)
    ... aka "Falling Fire: The Gift of the Spirit" - USA (DVD title)

  9. His Last Days (1987) (V) Played by Daniel Yoffe (as Jude) / Yakar Tzemeh (as Judas)
  10. Lyrics by Tim Rice (1985) (V) Played by Murray Head
Archive Footage:
  1. Saturday Night Live Presents SNL Shorts (2014) (TV) Played by Jay Pharoah
  2. "The Bible"
        - Passion (2013) TV episode, Played by Joe Wredden (as Judas)
  3. "The Naked Archaeologist"
        - Holy Threads (2008) TV episode, Played by Leonard Penn
        - What Happened to the JC Bunch? Part 3: The Early Christian Underground (2008) TV episode, Played by Leonard Penn
        - What Happened to the JC Bunch?: Tracking the Tribe (2008) TV episode, Played by Leonard Penn
        - What Happened to the JC Bunch? (2008) TV episode, Played by Leonard Penn
        - Hangin' with Judas (2008) TV episode, Played by Leonard Penn
  4. The 100 Greatest Musicals (2003) (TV) Played by Jérôme Pradon (as Judas)

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From Godspell (1973)
Judas: Then the man they called Judas Iscariot went to the chief priests and said, "What will you give me to betray him to you?" They paid him thirty pieces of silver, and from that moment he began to look out for an opportunity to betray him. See more »

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