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Quotes for
Catherine Langford (Character)
from Stargate (1994)

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Stargate (1994)
Dr. Daniel Jackson: [about the Stargate] It was under the cover-stones?
Catherine Langford: Yes. My father found it, 1928; made out of a mineral unlike any found on Earth.

Catherine Langford: [Catherine meets Jackson in a cab] Jackson.
[shows him photograph]
Catherine Langford: Those your parents?
Catherine Langford: Foster parents. What-what's this all about?
Catherine Langford: A job.
Dr. Daniel Jackson: What kind of a job?
Catherine Langford: Translation: ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. Interested?
Dr. Daniel Jackson: I-I'm gonna go now.
Catherine Langford: Go where?
Catherine Langford: I mean, you've just been evicted out of your apartment, your grants have run out: everything you own are in those two bags. You wanna prove that your theories are right? This is your chance.