Dakota Moss
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Dakota Moss (Character)
from I Know Who Killed Me (2007)

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I Know Who Killed Me (2007)
Dakota Moss: I know who killed me.

Dakota Moss: Do I look like I'm in a fucking coma?

Dakota Moss: You'd let both of us die just to keep your secret?

Daniel Fleming: Aubrey, honey - We'll have you home in no time.
Dakota Moss: Who are you? Who... is Aubrey? Where am I?

Dakota Moss: I think I'm Aubrey's twin sister.

Dr. Greg Jameson: What's your social security number?
Dakota Moss: I don't have one.

Dakota Moss: I don't like cats.

Dakota Moss: So my finger got cut off. But nobody did it. Who's going to believe that? Look at you. You don't even believe it.
Jerrod Pointer: Yeah, I do.
[Dakota scoffs]
Dakota Moss: That's because I fucked you.

[after having sex with Jerrod]
Dakota Moss: Did she ever fuck you like that?
[pause; Jerrod doesn't answer]
Dakota Moss: Did she ever fuck you at all?
[again, Jerrod doesn't answer]
Dakota Moss: Do you think she'd start now?