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Robbie Stewart (Character)
from "Hannah Montana" (2006)

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Hannah Montana: The Movie (2009)
Robby Ray Stewart: She is so in trouble.

Robby Ray Stewart: Think of it as a Hannah Detox.

Robby Ray Stewart: You aren't up to your matchmaking again are you?
Ruby: Me? No, never.

Lorelai: She only flies west to east.
Robby Ray Stewart: What? Thats the stupidest thing I've ever heard in my life.

Robby Ray Stewart: You got in a shoe fight!
Hannah Montana: Daddy, don't do this.
Robby Ray Stewart: I Think we're done.
Hannah Montana: So you're saying I can never be Hannah again?
Robby Ray Stewart: Ask me in 2 weeks.

"Hannah Montana: I Am Hannah, Hear Me Croak (#2.5)" (2007)
Jackson Stewart: Hannah Montana has never canceled a concert before, and she not about to start now. I know that would just break your heart... and when your heart breaks, Baby Sis, so does mine.
Miley Stewart: [hands Robbie Ray the board]
Robbie Stewart: [reads] You got a hot date for the concert, don't ya, Jerkson?
Miley Stewart: [turns her head to Jackson]
Jackson Stewart: Dad?
Robbie Stewart: She wrote it.
[points to Miley]
Jackson Stewart: I can't believe you think I'm that selfish that I'll put my own...
Robbie Stewart: What's her name?
Jackson Stewart: Jenny, and she's a total babe.
Miley Stewart: [looks at Jackson, disgusted]
Jackson Stewart: So put a cork in it, Froggy. I got a lot riding on this.
Robbie Stewart: Uh uh uh... use the pad.
[hands her the board]
Miley Stewart: [hits Jackson With it]
Jackson Stewart: [rubs Arm]
Robbie Stewart: Couldn't have said it better myself.

Jackson Stewart: [buttering toast] You want some toast, I bet you do.
Robbie Stewart: Please add some jam and butter too.
Jackson Stewart: We're out of grape, so sad. It's all your fault, you bad dad.
Robbie Stewart: You know what, son?
Jackson Stewart: Yeah, dad?
Robbie Stewart: You got nerve!

Robbie Stewart: There are certain things a daddy knows. I know that the sun's gonna be up tomorrow, I know that Uncle Earl won't be an underwear model and I know that you're gonna be just fine.

Robbie Stewart: [in a nightmare, where Miley is a down-trodden washerwoman] Wait a minute. What's that in the corner of your mouth? Have you been eating the burnt bits off the broiler pan again?
Miley Stewart: But, daddy! I'm just so hungry!
[Eats more burnt bits]
Miley Stewart: Mmm! Month-old trout skin! My favorite!

"Hannah Montana: Miley, Get Your Gum (#1.2)" (2006)
Hannah Montana: [they all get in the limo] Thank you! I love you all!Thank you! Thank you!
[takes off her wig]
Hannah Montana: That was great! Oliver stared right into my eyes and never had a clue.
Lilly Truscott: [dressed up as Lola Luftnagle] Kinda like the look he has in spanish
Hannah Montana, Lilly Truscott: No comprendo!
Hannah Montana: I don't know what I was so worried about anyways
Lilly Truscott: Yeah
[opens the moon roof and Oliver pops through it]
Lilly Truscott: [They all scream, Hannah covers her face with the dog, Lilly/Lola puts Hannah's hat back on, and Robbie grabs the wig]
Robbie Stewart: Pull over driver!
Oliver Oken: Don't be scared, its me, Oliver Oken,
[Hannah puts her wig back on under cover of the dog]
Oliver Oken: wow, your even more beautiful upside down!
Lilly Truscott: Oh... Thank you! Your so sweet!
Hannah Montana: He was talking to me!
[to Oliver]
Hannah Montana: Look, you are very sweet,but, I have a boyfriend.
Oliver Oken: A boyfriend? Wait, I don't understand, then why'd you kiss me?
Hannah Montana: I didn't, the dog did.
[Holds Thor-the dog-up to Olivers face and Thor licks him]
Oliver Oken: Aww man! Those are the lips I've been thinking about for the past 24 hours!
Hannah Montana: [her wig gets turned around and Lilly pars the front so she can see out] I'm sorry,I was trying not to hurt your feelings,its just that, I'm just not interested,ok?
Oliver Oken: ok, I get it
Robbie Stewart: Now get down off the roof son before you dent it, this is a rental.
Oliver Oken: fine, I won't bother you anymore.
Lilly Truscott: [holds her hair in front of her face and Hannah pulls apart her hair so she can see Lola/Lily] If it helps, the dog hasn't stopped talking about you.
Oliver Oken: You must think I'm pathetic.
Hannah Montana: No, I think you sweet
[parts her hair so she can see]
Hannah Montana: and maybe if i didn't have a boyfriend...
Oliver Oken: I'd have a chance with you?
Hannah Montana: I never said that!
Oliver Oken: But you implied it!and thats good enough!I'll wait for you forever!
Hannah Montana: But I never said that!
Oliver Oken: Forever! Do you hear me Hannah Montana!Forever!

Jackson Stewart: It's MY car, I mean... I paid for it with my own money.
Robbie Stewart: Well, I'm proud of you son... exspeacilly the "with your own money' part.

Hannah Montana: Oh, no. Its Oliver again! He snuck into my dressing room last week, nearly jumped on stage the week before, and just when you think he couldn't be any crazier, BAM! he kicks it up a notch.
Robbie Stewart: Look at those boney little elbows go! He cuttin' through the crowd like a weed-wacker!

Robbie Stewart: You know what that boy needs? A real girlfriend.
Hannah Montana: Dad,that is, the smartest thing you've ever said
Robbie Stewart: You know what they say, every now and then even a blind pig snorts up a truffle
Lilly Truscott: and that is the wierdest
[Hannah/Miley nodds]

"Hannah Montana: I Want You to Want Me... to Go to Florida (#2.13)" (2007)
[talking about Hannah's new outfit]
Lilly Truscott: Ooh! What about the thing that you bought at the place next to the place that we went there one time?
Miley Stewart: No, that's too...
Lilly Truscott: Yeah, you're right. Plus, when you wear that you have to...
Miley Stewart: I know. And I hate those.
Lilly Truscott: Who doesn't?
Miley Stewart: What about the one I bought after the one I bought at the place next to the place?
Lilly Truscott: Ooh! The one that goes with the shoes with the things? I love that one.
Robbie Ray Stewart: Me, too!
Miley Stewart: Daddy, do you even know what we're talking about?
Robbie Ray Stewart: No, but as long as it doesn't cost me a wad of cash, I'm all for it.
Lilly Truscott: You're dad is...
Miley Stewart: I know!

Miley Stewart: You know I can do this. You can trust me.
Robbie Ray Stewart: But that's not the point.
Miley Stewart: Then what *is* the point?
Robbie Ray Stewart: The point is you're not ready to do this on your own.
Miley Stewart: Yes, I am, Daddy, and you know it. Come on, Dad. Let me go, please.
Robbie Ray Stewart: That's it, Mile. I don't want to talk about this anymore.
Miley Stewart: That's not fair!
Robbie Ray Stewart: I don't have to be fair. I'm the dad and I'm not letting you go.
Miley Stewart: [raising her voice] Why are you treating me like such a baby?
Robbie Ray Stewart: Because you're acting like one.
Miley Stewart: But, Dad!
Robbie Ray Stewart: No, Miley. Not another word.
Miley Stewart: Fine. How about three?... I hate you!
[runs off about to cry]
Robbie Ray Stewart: Miley? Miley Ray!

Jackson Stewart: Or are you not ready to let go?
Robbie Ray Stewart: Excuse me?

Miley Stewart: Okay, listen here, little one hit bobblehead, the only thing you're taking from me is lessons. Okay, lesson one: THIS is how you do the head thing. Yeah, that's right, I went there!
Mikayla: Well, you know where I'm gonna go?
Miley Stewart: Down the toilet with the rest of your career? Yeah that's right I went there again, and this time, I bought property.
Mikayla's Manager: Back up, kid, don't go shootin' your little tweeny-bopper head off at my client.
Miley Stewart: She started it!
Mikayla's Manager: Yeah, and I am ending it, little soon-to-be used-to-be!
Robbie Stewart: Woah, I don't know who put the burr under your saddle, but no one talks to my client that way!
Miley Stewart: It's okay Dad I can handle it.
Mikayla's Manager: You heard her, Z, why don't you wait down by the wagon.
Robbie Stewart: Excuse me?
Mikayla's Manager: Oh, and while you're at it, you might wanna shave the ferret off your face, okay?
Robbie Stewart: I'll shave mine when you shave yours! That's right I went there!

"Hannah Montana: Lilly, Do You Want to Know a Secret? (#1.1)" (2006)
Miley Stewart: He is so cute!
Robbie Stewart: Honey at your age there's only two things that are cute: squirrels and puppy dogs.

Miley Stewart: I am so mad!
Robbie Stewart: So you're going to take it out on my ice cream sundae?

Fairmaine: I love you Hannah Montana!
Jackson Stewart: Do you mind? I am on the phone here, all right? I've got a life too you know. And I would appreciate it if I could have one conversation without hearing the words Hannah Montana.
[on the phone]
Jackson Stewart: Yeah, that's right girl, I know Hannah Montana!
[Hannah/Miley rolls her eyes]
Jackson Stewart: And I got two incredible tickets for tomorrow night, great we'll see you then!
[hangs up phone and turns to Hannah/Miley]
Jackson Stewart: I need two incredible seats for tomorrow night!
Hannah Montama: Sorry, I'm sold out!
Jackson Stewart: Dad!
Robbie Stewart: Hey think about it this way Miley, he goes out with the girl, they fall in love, they get married and he moves out.
Hannah Montama: [tosses her jacket on the couch turns to Robbie and Jackson and points both index fingers at them] You've got the tickets
Miley Stewart: [phone rings] Hello?
Lilly Truscott: [yelling] Hey it's me, landing in twenty seconds!
Miley Stewart: Great!
Miley Stewart: Lilly alert in 18 seconds!
[takes off wig and jacket grabs another jacket and puts it on]
Jackson Stewart: She's your best friend Miley, sooner or later your gonna have to tell her your Hannah Montana.
Miley Stewart: I pick later!
Robbie Stewart: 9 seconds, get the juice!
Miley Stewart: Got it!
Robbie Stewart: Good!
Robbie Stewart: 3!
Jackson Stewart: [opens the door] 2!
Miley Stewart: 1!
Lilly Truscott: Guess who just landed two tickets to the hottest concert in town! Miley, you and I, I being your best friend, are going to see, the one, the only, Hannah Montana! Woo!
[Miley's eyes double in size]
Lilly Truscott: You're not screaming, why aren't you screaming?
Jackson Stewart: Oh believe me, she's screaming on the inside.
[Robbie wraps his arm around Jackson's mouth]
Jackson Stewart: [Miley screams in her head]

Robbie Stewart: [peels off fake mustache] I'll tell you what, I hate wearing this thing, it's like kissing your great aunt Clara
[Hannah Montana/Miley Stewart and Robbie Stewart both shiver]

"Hannah Montana: Torn Between Two Hannahs (#1.17)" (2006)
Mr. Dontzig: Ooh, I'm shaking now!
Robbie Stewart: Well take it outside, Dontzig. I don't have earthquake insurance!

Robbie Stewart: These decorations are meant to scare six year olds it is not like we're going to find something that scares us,
[Mr. Dontzig walks in]
Robbie Stewart: AHH!
Mr. Dontzig: Stewart someone shoved your magazines through my mailslot.
Robbie Stewart: That would be the mailman
Mr. Dontzig: What's with the Halloween decorations, or should I Halloweeny decoration, your winking santa was scarier than this. I was hoping that this year you would be a little compeition for me, but i was wrong.
Jackson Stewart: Dad are you going to get away with that.
Robbie Stewart: Don't worry about it son it is the holiday we are'nt going to get sucked into his little game.
Mr. Dontzig: Said the loser
Robbie Stewart: Don't go challenging me Dontzig.
Mr. Dontzig: Ooh, I'm a shakin'
Robbie Stewart: Well take it outside I don't have earthquake insurance.
Mr. Dontzig: Save the jokes Goldilocks, you are going to need a sense of humor when all the kids see how unscary your house is, and they start pelting it with eggs. HAAA!

Miley Stewart: [after her dad found out about Luanne's plan] And what has all this taught you?
Robbie Stewart: That parents should believe their kids when they tell them their cousins are evil.
Miley Stewart: And?
Robbie Stewart: That I should always take my cell phone when I leave the house in case my daughtor gets tied up in her closet.
Miley Stewart: And?
Robbie Stewart: I'm sorry.

Robbie Stewart: Sometimes people do things without thinkin' 'bout them first!
Oliver Oken: [a fly flies near his pie then he swats it and the pie goes over his shirt then he wipes it] Stupid fly.
[eats pie while the fly is still on it]
Robbie Stewart: I didn't plan that but there you go!

"Hannah Montana: My Boyfriend's Jackson and There's Gonna Be Trouble (#1.21)" (2007)
Robbie Stewart: [pushes through paparazzi] CLEAR IT! OUT OF MY WAY! THIS IS MY HOUSE! GET BACK! HEY! why don't y'all go chase a crooked pollitician? at least he'll smile for ya!
[robbie smiles and twiddles his at to paparazzi then enters house]
Robbie Stewart: [robbie looks at miley and jackson] So! when exactly where you two gonna tell me you were dating?
Miley Stewart: come on dad it's not funny! it's horrible
[sits down]
Jackson Stewart: yeah how could anybody believe that i would go out with someone like her?
Miley Stewart: Jackson! it would be the luckiest day of your life if you got to date hannah montana and WHAT am i saying?

Robbie Stewart: I never thought I'd have to say this to any of my kids, but why didn't you break up with your sister, Jackson?

Robbie Stewart: Im gonna ask something I've never had to tell any of my children
[looks at Jackson]
Robbie Stewart: Why didn't you break up with your sister?

"Hannah Montana: New Kid in School (#1.14)" (2006)
Jackson Stewart: My door! Wha-where's my door?
Robbie Stewart: Ok I-I know it looks bad but, it wasn't my fault! So, you want nuts with those brownies and some of those little sprinkly things?
[Runs away]
Jackson Stewart: Dang flabit! Robbie-Ray Stewart!
[Goes after him]

Robbie Stewart: [to a reporter to which Miley revealed she was Hannah and Miley was pretending not be Hannah by pretending she is] Last week, she was the Olsen twins. Both of them! Talk about a Full House!

Robbie Stewart: [Robbie puts the mullet on his head] ... and allow me to introduce myself... I'm Billy Ray Cyrus.

"Hannah Montana: You're So Vain, You Probably Think This Zit Is About You (#1.13)" (2006)
Miley Stewart: Come on, Lilly. This is really getting stupid, there's nobody up here.
[Robbie carrying Lilly on his back]
Robbie Stewart: We passed stupid on the 3rd floor. Now we're up to sports hernia.
[Robbie setting Lilly down when they reach the roof]

Jackson Stewart: Whoa. It worked. They are whiter.
Robbie Stewart: And lemon fresh.
Robbie Stewart: On the bright side, I'm just glad to see you are wearing clean underwear again.

Robbie Stewart: [to Miley] You're my special little girl.
Jackson Stewart: Well, what am I?
Robbie Stewart: Tina, my other little girl.

"Hannah Montana: (We're So Sorry) Uncle Earl (#2.22)" (2008)
Uncle Earl: Remember when I was the hot one?
Lilly Truscott: He was the hot one?
Jackson Stewart: No, it's true, Uncle Earl was the prom king and dad had the unibrow.
Robbie Stewart: Sexiest unibrow in Bruford county.

Robbie Stewart: What's the worst thing he could say?
Jackson Stewart: Well how about, Hannah Montana, what did that poor state ever do to you?

Robbie Stewart: Why don't I just change the channel?
Oliver Oken: Hey I think "Are You Dumber Than a Dog" is on.
Lilly Truscott: Oh yeah, it'll be much more fun watching Oliver lose to the beagle again.
Oliver Oken: That dog was coached.

"Hannah Montana: She's a Supersneak (#1.3)" (2006)
Robbie Stewart: who knows? maybe it'll turn into a little somethin' somethin'.
Jackson Stewart: like what what?

Robbie Stewart: You should've seen it when I caught this fish! First it was him, then it was me, then it was him, then it was me
Jackson Stewart: Dad, you got that at the fish-mart.
Robbie Stewart: You should've seen the size of the lady who tried to take it from me! First it was her, then it was me, then it was her...

Margo Diamond: You won't believe it but I've got Hannah Montana hiding in my closet, she's what we call a 1/2 bath short of a condo. I blame the parents.
Robbie Stewart: Me too.

"Hannah Montana: I Can't Make You Love Hannah If You Don't (#1.4)" (2006)
Robbie Stewart: Would you look at that... that boy's got three feet.

Robbie Stewart: Son of a gun! That boy's got three feet!

Miley Stewart: OK, Daddy. We just have to stay calm. Just be calm.
Robbie Stewart: Honey, if I was any calmer I'd be dead.

"Hannah Montana: Me and Mr. Jonas and Mr. Jonas and Mr. Jonas (#2.16)" (2007)
Robby Ray Stewart: [after the Jonas Brothers ask him to write them a song] I'd love to!
Miley Stewart: Song-writing daddy say WHAT?

Nick Jonas: [after Hannah and Robby burst into the recording room] Dudes... it's Hannah Montana!
Kevin Jonas: [Nick, Joe and Kevin scramble to the door, trying to get through first; Kevin steps forward] We're such big fans!
Joe Jonas: [Joe steps forward to join Kevin] We love your music!
Nick Jonas: [Nick steps forward, too] You're pretty.
[Kevin hits him over the head]
Nick Jonas: Uh, pretty good at the singing and dancing that you do. Wow, you're pretty.
Kevin Jonas: [looks at Nick] Nice save.
[looks back at Hannah, holding out his hand]
Kevin Jonas: I'm Kevin.
Miley Stewart: [shakes Kevin's hand] The cute, romantic one.
[shakes Joe's hand]
Miley Stewart: And you're Joe, the cute, funny one.
[shakes Nick's hand]
Miley Stewart: And you're Nick, the cute, sensitive one.
Robby Ray Stewart: [breaks handshake] And I'm her daddy, the cute, protective one.

Joe Jonas: You're Robbie Ray.
[to Kevin]
Joe Jonas: He writes all the songs.
Kevin Jonas: I know! "Nobody's Perfect" is genius.
Robby Ray Stewart: I like the cute, romantic one.
Joe Jonas: I love how it starts off soft, and then BAM! Everybody makes mistakes, everybody has those days...
[Kevin and Nick join in]
Joe Jonas, Kevin Jonas, Nick Jonas: Everybody knows what, what I'm talkin' 'bout, everybody gets that way!
Robby Ray Stewart: I was wrong. I like 'em all.
Miley Stewart: Step aside, cowboy, I saw 'em first.

"Hannah Montana: It's a Mannequin's World (#1.7)" (2006)
Robbie Stewart: Miles, come here, I got somethin' to show ya!
Miley Stewart: [to Lilly] If it's the matching pants, you're eating it with me.

Robbie Stewart: Hey, does that pelican have have frosting on it's beak?
Miley Stewart, Robbie Stewart: [Miley and Robbie turn to each other] Jackson!

"Hannah Montana: Oops! I Meddled Again (#1.11)" (2006)
Robbie Stewart: I walked right up to her and said, My Robbie name is hi.
Oliver Oken: And it worked?
Robbie Stewart: Like a charm, the thing you have to remember it's not what you say but having the guts to say anything

Robbie Stewart: Miley told me about Ollie's trolleys little de-railment

"Hannah Montana: Oh Say, Can You Remember the Words? (#1.10)" (2006)
[after being busted by Oliver]
Miley Stewart: We need to work on a new warning signal!
Robbie Stewart: I did everything but baste you with barbecue sauce.

Robbie Stewart: Mile, listen. If you wanna put this thing behind you, you gotta get back on the horse, just like Uncle Earl.
Miley Stewart: Uncle Earl forgot the words to the national anthem?
Robbie Stewart: No, Uncle Earl fell off a horse. Took four of us to get that fat old coop back up.

"Hannah Montana: Everybody Was Best Friend Fighting (#2.14)" (2007)
Robbie Ray Stewart: [Robbie is having his palm read] What do you see?
Madame Escajeda: You, dancing in front of many people.
Robbie Ray Stewart: Fortune teller say what? I'm not much of a dancer.
Madame Escajeda: I can see that too! But if you would just bend your knees...
Robbie Ray Stewart: Oh that's it! Give it a rest woman, I'm out of here!
Madame Escajeda: Oh, sure. Now, you move your feet!

Robbie Ray Stewart: What takes you girls so long?
Miley Stewart: Wig.
Lilly Truscott: Make-up.
Miley Stewart: Wardrobe.
Miley Stewart: [with Lola, showing their bracelets] Bling!
Miley Stewart: And then you hate it and you gotta start all over again.

"Hannah Montana: Grandmas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Play Favorites (#1.6)" (2006)
Robbie Stewart: [robby ray talking on cell phone] we're rehearsing to meet the Queen, no not Latifah i'm talking about the Queen of England
Miley Stewart: hey Simon when I met that Queen all I had to rehearse was what's up girlfriend.
Miley Stewart: you get it.
Simon: yes unfortunately I did

Robbie Stewart: Sweet mercy! That woman makes a snail look like a cheetah!

"Hannah Montana: Me and Rico Down by the School Yard (#2.1)" (2007)
Miley Stewart: [as Hannah] I say we jump out of bed tomorrow and say, "Yeah! Yeah!"
Miley Stewart: [next morning, as Miley, not wanting to get out of bed] No! No! No!
Robbie Stewart: Come on, Miles! Don't make me get the water bucket!
Miley Stewart: You wouldn't!
Jackson Stewart: [shivering, soaking wet] Oh yes, he would!

"Hannah Montana: Money for Nothing, Guilt for Free (#1.19)" (2006)
Robbie Stewart: You can buy a thirsty man a cow, and he'll have all the milk he wants, but he still won't have enough to wash down his cookies.

"Hannah Montana: You Gotta Not Fight for Your Right to Party (#2.6)" (2007)
Robbie Stewart: Why dont you read it, see how it sounds?
Lilly Truscott: "Dear Lilly and Oliver", Oh boy.
Robbie Stewart: Keep reading, it gets better
Lilly Truscott: "How dumb do ya'll think I am?
Lilly Truscott: "Love, Robbie Ray".
Lilly Truscott: I like the love part.

"Hannah Montana: Good Golly, Miss Dolly (#1.16)" (2006)
Miley Stewart: There's more other things in life like world peace and... Whales! Why can't we do a song about whales? And not stupid boy whales, girl whales. Happy independent girl whales.
Robbie Stewart: I'll get on it darling. Girl whales doing there nails. Don't need no males. Practically writes itself.

"Hannah Montana: Bye Bye Ball (#2.21)" (2008)
[after many failed attempts to build a bookshelf, Jackson finds Robbie sitting by the barbecue]
Jackson Stewart: Hey Dad, how's the bookshelf going?
Robbie Stewart: Oh, it's really cooking now.
[Robbie throws a piece of the bookshelf on the barbecue]

"Hannah Montana: He Ain't a Hottie, He's My Brother (#3.1)" (2008)
Delivery Man: Robbie Stewart?
Robbie Ray Stewart: That would be me. Hey, first thing what do you think of this?
Robbie Ray Stewart: I'm super cute, "I'm super hot, I'm the girl you like a lot, I'm super super girl, I'm super super girl."
Robbie Ray Stewart: What do you think?
Delivery Man: I think you're super super weird.

"Hannah Montana: I Will Always Loathe You (#2.20)" (2007)
Robbie Stewart: [back home after the disasterous awards show; sarcastically to Aunt Dolly and Mamaw] Gee, I wonder what's wrong with my shoulder. Oh, that's right, I was body slammed into the stage door!

"Hannah Montana: Don't Stop Til You Get the Phone (#2.17)" (2007)
Robbie Stewart: [to Jackson] Nap? Stewart men don't nap when there's Football on! That's what golf is for!

"Hannah Montana: Achey Jakey Heart: Part 2 (#2.10)" (2007)
Miley Stewart: Maybe I should just give up boys for good.
Robbie Stewart: Aw. Not for good, honey. Just until I'm dead.

"Hannah Montana: Bad Moose Rising (#1.26)" (2007)
Donsig: [at door with leaf in hand] Stewart, I'm sick of your leaves in my pool.
Robbie Stewart: And I'm sick of your face in my house!

"Hannah Montana: Achey Jakey Heart: Part 1 (#2.9)" (2007)
Robbie Stewart: [Miley is about to throw a muffin] Not the chocolate chip ones! Use the bran, no one eats those.

"Hannah Montana: Ooh, Ooh, Itchy Woman (#1.9)" (2006)
Jackson Stewart: [the rat, Linda, is playing the piano] Dad, you've got to get rid of it!
Robbie Stewart: You can't just kill a rat with that kind of talent. Hey Linda, do you know "Achey Breaky Heart"?

"Hannah Montana: Cuffs Will Keep Us Together (#2.2)" (2007)
Oliver Oken: [key breaks in hand cuffs] Uh Oh!
Miley Stewart: I hate when he says uh oh!
Robbie Stewart: Yeah, it's almost as bad as when he thinks!

"Hannah Montana: Debt It Be (#1.20)" (2006)
Jackson Stewart: Why are you staring at me?
Robbie Stewart: It's fun.