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Fa Li (Character)
from Mulan (1998)

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Mulan (1998)
Fa Li: I should have prayed to the ancestors for luck.
Grandmother Fa: How lucky can they be? They're dead. Besides, I've got all the luck we'll need.
[to Cri-Kee]
Grandmother Fa: This is your chance to prove yourself.

Mulan: You shouldn't have to go!
Fa Li: Mulan!
Mulan: There are plenty of young men to fight for China!
Fa Zhou: It is an honor to protect my country and my family.
Mulan: So you'll die for honor.
Fa Zhou: I will die doing what's right!
Mulan: But if you...
Fa Zhou: I know my place! It is time you learned yours.

Fa Li: You must go after her. She could be killed!
Fa Zhou: If I reveal her, she will be.

Grandmother Fa: [to Cri-Kee] This is your chance to prove yourself.
[Covers eyes and steps into traffic]
Fa Li: Grandma, no!
[Grandmother crosses the road unharmed, leaving a massive cart pile-up behind her]
Grandmother Fa: Yup, this cricket's a lucky one!

Bather: [singing] We'll have you washed and dried, / primped and polished till you glow with pride. / Trust my recipe for instant bride. / You'll bring honor to us all.
Fa Li: [seeing the notes Mulan has written on her arm] Mulan, what's this?
Mulan: [nervously] Uh, notes, in case I forget something?
Grandmother Fa: [handing Cri-Kee's cage over] Hold this. We need more luck than I thought.