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Mary Ingalls (Character)
from "Little House on the Prairie" (1974)

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"Little House on the Prairie: Ma's Holiday (#1.8)" (1974)
Laura Ingalls: You didn't die, did you?
Mary Ingalls: Of course he didn't die!
Laura Ingalls: Well, he might have and come back to life again. They do that a lot in the Bible.

Mary Ingalls: What's that awful smell?
Laura Ingalls: I think that's our supper.

Laura Ingalls: [after Mr. Edward's back goes out] What did you do last time this happened?
Isaiah Edwards: Well as I recall, I cussed a lot.
Mary Ingalls: We'll go outside.

Mary Ingalls: I don't think Mr. Edwards can read
Laura Ingalls: Maybe they didn't have school book back when he was a little boy.
Mary Ingalls: They must have. George Washington could read.

"Little House on the Prairie: Going Home (#2.22)" (1976)
Mary Ingalls: But you love Lord Byron!
John Sanderson Edwards: I like Lord Byron. I love you.
[Long silence]
John Sanderson Edwards: I wish you'd say something.
Mary Ingalls: I don't know what to say.
John Sanderson Edwards: Well, do you feel anything for me?
Mary Ingalls: Yes.
Mary Ingalls: Is it like I said?
John Sanderson Edwards: I think so. I can't be sure.
John Sanderson Edwards: They say there's only one way to tell.
Mary Ingalls: How's that?
John Sanderson Edwards: Well... It's... to kiss.
Mary Ingalls: I've never done that.
John Sanderson Edwards: Me neither. But now you're going away and we'll never know.
Mary Ingalls: I'm afraid to.
John Sanderson Edwards: I know. But I think we need to. We have to try.

Mary Ingalls: When I was with John Junior today, we... we kissed each other.
Laura Ingalls: What? Kissed each other? On the mouth?
Mary Ingalls: Of course!
Laura Ingalls: Yuck!
Mary Ingalls: It was not. It was... it was... Well, I can't explain it.
Laura Ingalls: I know how it was. Yuck!

John Sanderson Edwards: Mary, I thought about it a lot. And there's only one thing we can do.
Mary Ingalls: What's that?
John Sanderson Edwards: Get married.
Mary Ingalls: What?
John Sanderson Edwards: That's right. If your Pa's set on leaving, he'll just have to leave without you.

"Little House on the Prairie: The Handyman (#4.4)" (1977)
Nellie Oleson: When the cat's away, the mice do play. Isn't that what Mother said?
Willie Oleson: I wonder what it means.
Nellie Oleson: I don't know. Do you know what it means, Mary?
Mary Ingalls: What?
Nellie Oleson: Oh no you wouldn't. You're too young.
Willie Oleson: Well, what's it mean?
Nellie Oleson: Shut up! I bet your mother knows.
Laura Ingalls: What's she talking about?
Mary Ingalls: Nothing. Just eat your lunch.
Nellie Oleson: Some folks call it Monkey business.
Willie Oleson: I know what that is. It's when a monkey goes...
Nellie Oleson: Shut up! I bet even Mary knows what monkey business is. Don't you, Mary. Thank hard. Monkey business... monkey business... monkey business...
[Mary slaps Nellie]

Laura Ingalls: Then why'd you hit her?
Mary Ingalls: Because I felt like it.
Laura Ingalls: Oh.
Mary Ingalls: And I don't want to talk about it anymore.

Mary Ingalls: I want you to go.
Chris Nelson: What?
Mary Ingalls: I want you to leave here and never come back.
Chris Nelson: I don't understand.
Mary Ingalls: Yes you do.
Chris Nelson: No Mary, I don't.
Mary Ingalls: You love my mother, don't you?
Chris Nelson: Mary, I uh...
Mary Ingalls: Just answer my question. You love my mother.
Chris Nelson: Mary, your Mother is a fine woman.
Mary Ingalls: You don't have to tell me about my Mother. Just answer my question.
Chris Nelson: [Long pause] I'll be gone by morning.

"Little House on the Prairie: I'll Be Waving as You Drive Away: Part 1 (#4.21)" (1978)
Mary Ingalls Kendall: [the tragic moment, when Mary Ingalls awakens to discover she has lost her sight] Help me, Pa! HELP ME! Pa, I can't SEE! Hold me! It's dark! I'm scared, Pa! Hold me! It's too dark! I can't breathe!

Seth Barton: I really like your family.
Mary Ingalls Kendall: They like you, Seth.
Seth Barton: I don't think Laura likes me.
Mary Ingalls Kendall: I think she likes you a little too much.
Seth Barton: Oh.

Charles Ingalls: I wanted to talk to you. See, your Mother and I have been hoping and... praying, but it was the scarlet fever and it weakened the nerves in your eyes.
Mary Ingalls Kendall: It'll get better, won't it, Pa? My eyes will be alright again.
Charles Ingalls: The doctor thinks that it'll get worse
Mary Ingalls Kendall: Pa?
Charles Ingalls: He uh... He feels that... your gradually going to lose your sight.
Mary Ingalls Kendall: Blind? I'm gonna be... blind?

"Little House on the Prairie: Troublemaker (#2.17)" (1976)
Mary Ingalls: You say that again, and I'll slap your face!
Nellie Oleson: You do and I'll pull your hair out by the roots!

Laura Ingalls: I bet Nellie Olsen brings that new teacher an apple.
Mary Ingalls: You're probably right.
Laura Ingalls: Maybe he'll hate apples.
[Both giggle]

"Little House on the Prairie: The Collection (#3.1)" (1976)
Mary Ingalls: Pa, can I go to town with Mr. Hodgekiss? I can kinda introduce him to everybody and let him know who's stingy and who's generous.

Mary Ingalls: ...We wondered if you'd be willing to rent part of this room.
Harriet Oleson: Rent? Did you say rent?
Mary Ingalls: We'd consider the money you'd charge for rent as part of your contribution to the drive. I mean, if you rent fifty dollars for the room, we could enter that fifty dollars as part of the donation. And people around would be terribly impressed.
Harriet Oleson: Fifty dollars... my, that sounds like a rather large donation to charity
[laughs thoughtfully]
Mary Ingalls: Probably one of the biggest gift that size in the whole county.
Harriet Oleson: Ah... lIs that the ledger? May I? Mr. Sprague is only giving thirty dollars?
Mary Ingalls: He's temporarily strapped for funds.
Harriet Oleson: I see... Put the rental down for sixty dollars. The least I can do is contribute twice as much as the town banker.

"Little House on the Prairie: The Runaway Caboose (#2.16)" (1976)
Carl Sanderson Edwards: Your Pa going to Springfield next week?
Laura Ingalls: Sure. He's going with your Pa.
Carl Sanderson Edwards: I wish we could go. I wouldn't be able to get on the train, but at least I'd be able to see it up close.
Mary Ingalls: Why don't you ask him?
Carl Sanderson Edwards: It wouldn't do no good. It would be a school day.
Mary Ingalls: But we're studying railroads. It would just be some extra special homework.
Carl Sanderson Edwards: Yeah.
Laura Ingalls: Mary can ask our Pa.
Mary Ingalls: Why me?
Laura Ingalls: Because you can put your glasses on and look serious, if you ask him. If I ask him, he'd just think I want to go for fun.

Mary Ingalls: You shouldn't lie.
Laura Ingalls: Well, I didn't yet.
Mary Ingalls: What do you mean you didn't lie? You said Mr. Edwards said Carl could go and his Ma didn't say anything.
Laura Ingalls: Well, all we can do is ask him. If he says Carl can go, we didn't lie. Your Ma didn't say anything about it, did she?
Carl Sanderson Edwards: Of course not, she doesn't even know yet!

"Little House on the Prairie: Money Crop (#1.21)" (1975)
Laura Ingalls: Mrs. Coulter's nice.
Mary Ingalls: Yeah.
Laura Ingalls: She's pretty too.
Mary Ingalls: She sure is.
Laura Ingalls: It would be awful if she wasn't gonna have a baby.
Mary Ingalls: What are you talking about?
Laura Ingalls: Well, if she just had a giant stomach forever and ever.
Mary Ingalls: That's silly. She'll have the baby and it'll go away.
Laura Ingalls: Mrs. Ledbetter has a big stomach and it doesn't go away.
Mary Ingalls: Mrs. Ledbetter isn't gonna have a baby. She just eats too much.
Laura Ingalls: How can you tell the difference? I mean, how do you know if it's a baby or just too much supper?
Mary Ingalls: Dr. Baker can tell. And Ma says the baby kicks inside.
Laura Ingalls: Yuck. I know I don't want to have a baby!
Mary Ingalls: Why not?
Laura Ingalls: Well, it hurts enough when Willie Olsen kicks me on the outside. It must hurt twice as bad when you get kicked from the inside.
Mary Ingalls: No it doesn't.
Laura Ingalls: Why not?
Mary Ingalls: Because the baby doesn't have shoes on.
Laura Ingalls: Oh yeah.

Mary Ingalls: Look what you did! You oughta be ashamed of yourselves talking to her that way! And she's gonna have a baby! You're awful! God will punish you! You'll see! You deserve it, all of it. God will punish you! I know he will!

"Little House on the Prairie: The Music Box (#3.19)" (1977)
Laura Ingalls: Mary, if I was to tell you something bad, would you tell Pa?
Mary Ingalls: Yes.
Laura Ingalls: Oh. Good night, then.

Mary Ingalls: Good-night, Laura!
Laura Ingalls: Good-bye, Mary.

"Little House on the Prairie: The Gift (#2.11)" (1975)
Mary Ingalls: Miss Beadle!
Eva Beadle: Yes Mary?
Mary Ingalls: Have you been feeling well lately?
Eva Beadle: Well yes Mary, very well. Thank you.
Mary Ingalls: Miss Beadle!
Eva Beadle: Yes?
Mary Ingalls: You haven't felt weak, or tired recently? Or lost your appetite? Or maybe you don't sleep very good.
Eva Beadle: No really, Mary. I'm fine.
Mary Ingalls: Miss Beadle...
Eva Beadle: Yes Mary?
Mary Ingalls: Is your stomach weak? Are you getting thin? How's your circulation?
Eva Beadle: Mary, I assure you I feel wonderful. And I'm enjoying the best of health.
Mary Ingalls: Miss Beadle...
Eva Beadle: Yes Mary?
Mary Ingalls: If you do get to feeling poorly, would you tell me please?
Eva Beadle: Certainly Mary.

Mary Ingalls: We just can't go to church today, Pa.
Laura Ingalls: We have Laran-gitis.
Charles Ingalls: You have what?
Mary Ingalls: Laran-gatas
Charles Ingalls: How long do you thing this... laran-gatas is gonna last?
Laura Ingalls: We need a few more hours to get over it, Pa.
Charles Ingalls: How about by the time your ma and me and Carrie get back from church. Will you feel better by then?
Mary Ingalls: I'm sure we will, Pa. We just have to get our strength back.
Charles Ingalls: Yeah. First of all, it's pronounced laryngitis. It means you can't talk...

"Little House on the Prairie: To Run and Hide (#4.7)" (1977)
Mary Ingalls: Pa sent us over to see how you're doing.
Dr. Hiram Baker: I'm doing just fine.
Mary Ingalls: Well, if you want my honest opinion... your not.
Dr. Hiram Baker: If you want mine, you're absolutely right.

Mary Ingalls: You know, we sure miss you. Especially when we need a doctor.
Dr. Hiram Baker: Who needed treatment and didn't get it?
Mary Ingalls: Well... Carrie for instance.
Dr. Hiram Baker: Carrie? What's wrong with Carrie?
Mary Ingalls: She's got this pain in her middle...
Dr. Hiram Baker: [runs to Carrie and kneels down in front of her] Carri, what kind of pain is it? Is it sharp?
Mary Ingalls: Yeah. Sometimes it is.
Dr. Hiram Baker: Does it stay in one place?
Mary Ingalls: No. It seems to move around. It moves from here... to here... to here... to here...
Dr. Hiram Baker: Let Carrie answer.
Mary Ingalls: Yes sir.
Dr. Hiram Baker: Where does it hurt, Carrie?
Carrie Ingalls: It doesn't.
Mary Ingalls: She did have a stomach ache last week...
Dr. Hiram Baker: Mary, you're going to have to understand something. I've retired. Now, I might be the worst farmer in the county, but that's all I am. Thanks for your concern.

"Little House on the Prairie: The Wedding (#5.9)" (1978)
Adam Kendall: You know, the school's getting way to crowded and I think you should give up your room.
Mary Ingalls: And go where?
Adam Kendall: Into my room?
Mary Ingalls: Adam Kindle, that's not funny!
Adam Kendall: It's not supposed to be funny. It's supposed to be a proposal.

Adam Kendall: Mary, every day of my life since I went blind I've been afraid I couldn't handle what might come up. But I know that what I'm afraid of, it's not out there. It's inside me. If there's something that I have to do or want to do, it gets done because I try.
Mary Ingalls: Well, I can't.
Adam Kendall: Let's just talk about it tomorrow.
Mary Ingalls: This is tomorrow.
Adam Kendall: [Walks to door and slams it shut] You know, this is really funny. I mean, all parents ever pray for when they have a child is that it be healthy. And we can't have a child because God might give us a healthy one? Maybe... Maybe we should just pray to God and ask Him for a blind baby so we can take care of it and not have to worry about it!

"Little House on the Prairie: I'll Be Waving as You Drive Away: Part 2 (#4.22)" (1978)
Adam Kendall: I'm looking for a... Mary Ingalls. Got one in here?
Mary Ingalls: I'm Mary Ingalls.
Adam Kendall: Uh huh. I thought so. Well, allow me to introduce myself. Adam Kendall, your teacher. Now I'm here, Miss Ingalls, to escort you to your room.

Adam Kendall: Don't use your fingers.
Mary Ingalls: If you don't like watching a blind person eat, why don't you just get out?
Adam Kendall: All you think about is being blind. You happen to be a perfectly normal person who just happens not to be able to see with her eyes. When are you gonna get on with living?
Mary Ingalls: Get out!
Adam Kendall: Pitying yourself won't help. Blind people are just as good or as bad as everybody else. You're not special.
Mary Ingalls: I told you to get out!
[throws plate full of food]
Adam Kendall: The roast beef was good. You'll find the towels on the shelf in the closet. This is your room as long as you're here. You make a mess, you clean it up.

"Little House on the Prairie: Country Girls (#1.2)" (1974)
Mary Ingalls: That Nellie Olsen's the meanest girl I ever did see. I could never be that mean!
Laura Ingalls: I could... meaner! If Ma and Pa'd let me!

Mary Ingalls Kendall: That Nellie Oleson is the meanest girl I ever did see! I could never be as mean as that!
Laura: I could - meaner!
Laura: If Ma and Pa would let me!

"Little House on the Prairie: The Pride of Walnut Grove (#2.14)" (1976)
Caroline Ingalls: It's one of the problems that come with having a mind.
Mary Ingalls: Have you ever felt that way?
Caroline Ingalls: Yes. Many times...

Charles Ingalls: They're pretty proud of you anyway.
Mary Ingalls: You mean even though I came in second best?
Charles Ingalls: We're proud because you ARE the best!

"Little House on the Prairie: Author! Author! (#6.11)" (1979)
Adam Kendall: Uncle Theodore had twins, you know.
Mary Ingalls Kendall: Twins?
Adam Kendall: Yeah. I even heard of an aunt on my mother's side that had triplets.
Mary Ingalls Kendall: Are you sure?
Adam Kendall: Nah, I guess she could have miscounted.

Mary Ingalls Kendall: I can't believe they'll be here to see our baby, Adam!
Adam Kendall: Babies, remember? Many, many babies!
Laura Ingalls: Many babies?
Mary Ingalls Kendall: Don't worry. He's just joking... I hope.

"Little House on the Prairie: Four Eyes (#2.2)" (1975)
Mary Ingalls: You know Pa, I just love my glasses.
Charles Ingalls: Well, I just love you.

Mary Ingalls: Pa, if I don't find my glasses you don't have to buy me another pair.
Charles Ingalls: What kind of thing is that to say?
Mary Ingalls: I don't deserve another pair. I lost them. It was my fault.
Charles Ingalls: Everybody makes mistakes, Mary.
Mary Ingalls: You told me not to take them off and I did. I don't think I should be allowed to have another pair.

"Little House on the Prairie: The Voice of Tinker Jones (#1.11)" (1974)
Nellie Oleson: Wait till I tell my mother!
Mary Ingalls: No. He wants it to be our secret.
Nellie Oleson: Well!
Laura Ingalls: If you tell your mother, you won't have anybody to play with.
Nellie Oleson: [Mouth pops open in shock]
Laura Ingalls: Or... anybody to be mean to!
Nellie Oleson: [Mouth opens even wider]
Willie Oleson: She's right.
Nellie Oleson: All right. I'll help.

"Little House on the Prairie: Mr. Edward's Homecoming (#1.4)" (1974)
Charles Ingalls: What did you girls learn in Sunday School today?
Mary Ingalls: Susan Zigler passed a note to Freddie Hoffman. And it made Amanda Butterfield jealous.
Charles Ingalls: I mean about religion.
Mary Ingalls: Oh.

"Little House on the Prairie: The Fighter (#4.10)" (1977)
Mary Ingalls: What were you and Nellie fighting about now?
Laura Ingalls: About fighting.
Mary Ingalls: What?
Laura Ingalls: Nevermind.

"Little House on the Prairie: At the End of the Rainbow (#2.10)" (1975)
Mary Ingalls: That's about mining. That's not homework.
Laura Ingalls: It's history, and it is.
Mary Ingalls: I thought you hated history.
Laura Ingalls: I do.
Mary Ingalls: Then how come you're staying up so late reading it?
Laura Ingalls: Well, it's a sin to hate and I'm trying to get over it.
Mary Ingalls: How long are you gonna read?
Laura Ingalls: Until I'm finished.

"Little House on the Prairie: His Father's Son (#2.12)" (1976)
Mary Ingalls: How old do you have to be to be a poet?
Charles Ingalls: I don't know, any age.
Mary Ingalls: Do you have to college to be one?
Charles Ingalls: No. Emerson what about it in that book your bringing to John. He said there's two classes of poets. Poets by education and practice, those we respect; and poets by nature - those we love.
Mary Ingalls: The last one. That's John.
Charles Ingalls: Those we love.
Mary Ingalls: I gotta go. I'll be late!

"Little House on the Prairie: I'll Ride the Wind (#3.12)" (1977)
John Sanderson Edwards: I never even asked you.
Mary Ingalls: Yes you did.
John Sanderson Edwards: That was yesterday... when I was a boy... I think I better ask you again.
Mary Ingalls: Go ahead.
John Sanderson Edwards: Mary Ingalls, I love you very much. More than anything in the world. I want you to be my wife.
Mary Ingalls: Thank you, John.

"Little House on the Prairie: Meet Me at the Fair (#4.11)" (1977)
Patrick: It was all my fault.
Cass McCray: Your fault?
Patrick: Yeah. I cut them. I didn't know she was in there.
Cass McCray: You cut them? What for?
Patrick: I was mad... jealous... I'm sorry.
Cass McCray: Sorry wouldn't have patched a hole in that balloon if you had torn it. It's lucky for you it's alright or I would have had your skin for it!
Mary Ingalls: He risked his life to save it.
Cass McCray: No. He wasn't trying to save the balloon. He was trying to be a hero.
Mary Ingalls: And all you care about is your balloon. Well, you just go to your balloon and leave us alone.

"Little House on the Prairie: The Talking Machine (#2.13)" (1976)
Charles Ingalls: Where's Laura?
Mary Ingalls: She said she was going to be late.
Charles Ingalls: How come? She get a bad grade on a test again?
Mary Ingalls: No, she's in love with a scientist.

"Little House on the Prairie: The Family Tree (#6.3)" (1979)
Nelson "Nels" Oleson: [enters blind school] May I see your water closet?
Mary Ingalls Kendall: [she and Hester-Sue snicker] You came all the way over here just to use the water closet?
Nelson "Nels" Oleson: No I want to see how it's installed. Harriet's making me install one.
Hester-Sue Terhune: Right this way Mr. Oleson

"Little House on the Prairie: Plague (#1.18)" (1975)
Laura Ingalls: Well, Nellie and Willie eat candy all the time - even for lunch sometimes. Their teeth are fine.
Mary Ingalls: I know Willis' teeth are. He bit me once!
Charles Ingalls: He bit you?
Mary Ingalls: Uh huh.
Charles Ingalls: Well, if he does it again, I want you to cuff him good!
Caroline Ingalls: Charles.
Charles Ingalls: I don't like that. I don't want any biting. He needs a lesson.
Caroline Ingalls: Your father's right. If he bites you again, cuff him good.
Mary Ingalls: I already did.

"Little House on the Prairie: Freedom Flight (#4.13)" (1977)
Laura Ingalls: When can I play with the little girl, Pa?
Charles Ingalls: I'm afraid you can't, at least, not outside.
Mary Ingalls: Who'd want to? I mean they're all nothin' but heathens!
Charles Ingalls: Mary, they may not read the same Bible we do, or worship God in the same way, but they are His children too.

"Little House on the Prairie: The Raccoon (#1.10)" (1974)
Charles Ingalls: ...No more arguing about it. Just take him outside, play with him for a little while, then turn him loose in the woods where he blongs.
Mary Ingalls: Pa, he's just a baby!
Laura Ingalls: Like Carrie. You wouldn't leave Carrie out in the woods, would ya?

"Little House on the Prairie: For My Lady (#2.19)" (1976)
Mary Ingalls: Come into my parlor said the spider to the fly.
Laura Ingalls: What?
Mary Ingalls: Just thinking about widows. Black widows. Pa was wrong. They are alike. They invite their prey into the parlor, and before they know it, they're trapped.
Laura Ingalls: Just like Pa.

"Little House on the Prairie: Castoffs (#4.1)" (1977)
Nellie Oleson: I don't see any coffee.
Mary Ingalls: Nellie!
Nellie Oleson: Well, this is dumb! I don't see any coffee!
Kezia Horn: Well then, you'll have to leave.
Nellie Oleson: What?
Kezia Horn: You can't drink coffee you can't see. You might burn yourself.

"Little House on the Prairie: The Enchanted Cottage (#5.21)" (1979)
Mary Ingalls Kendall: What color did you paint it?
Laura Ingalls: Pink and purple!
Mary Ingalls Kendall: Pink... and purple?
Laura Ingalls: Yeah.
Mary Ingalls Kendall: You know Laura, I'm... kinda glad I can't see it.

"Little House on the Prairie: The Man Inside (#5.4)" (1978)
Adam Kendall: You know what I like about this school?
Mary Ingalls: No, what?
Adam Kendall: I can kiss you in front of the entire class and no one would ever know.

"Little House on the Prairie: School Mom (#1.9)" (1974)
Laura Ingalls: But Ma, he's just dumb Able!
Caroline: What did you say?
Laura Ingalls: I said... he's just... dumb Able.
Caroline: Laura, I'm ashamed of you!
Mary Ingalls: It's just a nickname. What all the kids call him.
Caroline: Well, it's a cruel nick name! And the next one I hear use it, my child or any other's, gonna get her mouth washed out with soap, the strongest soap I can find!

"Little House on the Prairie: A Matter of Faith (#2.15)" (1976)
Laura Ingalls: I've never seen Ma so sick before.
Charles Ingalls: Neither did I, darling, but Dr. Baker's with her. He'll do everything he can.
Mary Ingalls: She ain't gonna die is... is she, Pa?
Charles Ingalls: There's no reason to be talking like that. God takes care of those that love Him.

"Little House on the Prairie: In the Big Inning (#2.4)" (1975)
Mary Ingalls: Well, it's all over now. Mr. Olsen is up.

"Little House on the Prairie: Ebenezer Sprague (#2.3)" (1975)
Laura Ingalls: How does a bank make money if they just give it to other folks?
Mary Ingalls: Interest.
Laura Ingalls: Sure I'm interested. That's why I asked.
Mary Ingalls: No silly. I said interest. You have to pay back more than you borrow.
Laura Ingalls: Really?
Mary Ingalls: Yep.
Laura Ingalls: Mary, do you have any money?
Mary Ingalls: No. Why?
Laura Ingalls: I was thinking I might loan you a penny.

"Little House on the Prairie: The Monster of Walnut Grove (#3.5)" (1976)
Mary Ingalls: When we get to town, why don't you stop by the Olsen's and see Mrs. Olsen for yourself.
Laura Ingalls: I don't want to see her!
Mary Ingalls: Why not?
Laura Ingalls: Because she doesn't have a head.

"Little House on the Prairie: Journey in the Spring: Part 1 (#3.6)" (1976)
Laura Ingalls: I just can't believe it. She doesn't know.
Mary Ingalls: I guess not.
Laura Ingalls: Pa surely told him we were going to have the turkey for supper.
Mary Ingalls: That's it! That's just gotta be it. Pa told her we were going to HAVE him for supper, not have HIM for supper.

"Little House on the Prairie: The Love of Johnny Johnson (#1.5)" (1974)
Laura: [referring to Johnny Johnson] I think he's the best looking boy in the whole school.
Mary Ingalls Kendall: That's not saying much!

"Little House on the Prairie: The Reincarnation of Nellie: Part 1 (#8.1)" (1981)
Caroline Ingalls: I won't cry, and I won't say goodbye.
Mary Ingalls Kendall: [Mary cries] I love you, Ma!
Caroline Ingalls: Well, at least I won't say goodbye.

"Little House on the Prairie: As Long as We're Together: Part 2 (#5.2)" (1978)
Mary Ingalls: [Charles walks into the room all busted up after a fight] Pa, I was afraid you'd get in a fight with those two men.
Charles Ingalls: You don't have to worry about me. I'm a farmer, not a fighter.
Jonathan Garvey: You can say that again.

"Little House on the Prairie: A Harvest of Friends (#1.1)" (1974)
Laura Ingalls: We have our own window and we can see the stars.
Mary Ingalls: We're supposed to be sleeping when the stars are out. And it'll sure be nice to hear the rain on the roof then to have it get us all wet!

"Little House on the Prairie: To Live with Fear: Part 2 (#3.17)" (1977)
Mary Ingalls: Ma, if something happens... if I'm not there when Pa comes...
Caroline Ingalls: Mary... Mary, look at me. What are you talking about?
Mary Ingalls: I just want you to tell him that I love him and that I tried but I just can't...
Caroline Ingalls: Mary, stop talking like that!
Mary Ingalls: I'm not getting any better, Ma. I can feel it!
Caroline Ingalls: Mary, I don't care want you feel. The doctor tells me you're doing fine.
Mary Ingalls: But Ma, just in case something happens, I want you to tell Pa I love him.
Caroline Ingalls: If you want to tell you Pa something, you're going to have to tell him yourself! And to do that, you're going to have to stop feeling sorry for yourself and get well!

"Little House on the Prairie: The Rivals (#4.14)" (1978)
Charles Ingalls: That sister of yours is sure acting funny.
Mary Ingalls: Yeah well... maybe she found something a bit more interesting than frogs.
Charles Ingalls: What's more interesting than...
[Look of panic when he realizes what Mary was speaking of]

"Little House on the Prairie: The Sound of Children (#5.18)" (1979)
Mary Ingalls Kendall: Adam, I'm going to have a baby
Adam Kendall: Okay, don't start without me

"Little House on the Prairie: Child of Pain (#1.20)" (1975)
Graham Stewart: That big one... he'll probably lay a ton of eggs too.
Mary Ingalls: That's a rooster. A boy chicken. Boy chickens don't lay eggs.
Graham Stewart: Then how do you tell which is which?
Mary Ingalls: Their just... well, they're different. You know... different. Boy chickens are like Pa's and girl chickens are like Ma's and... Well, there's one way to tell. If you lift a girl chicken off the next, there'll be an egg under her.
Graham Stewart: Boy chicken... no egg.

"Little House on the Prairie: Doctor's Lady (#1.17)" (1975)
Mary Ingalls: Laura, are you asleep? Laura, answer me! Are you asleep?
Laura Ingalls: Why do you do that?
Mary Ingalls: Do what?
Laura Ingalls: Tell me to answer you if I'm asleep. Because if I'm asleep, I would have to wake up to answer you and then I wouldn't be asleep anymore.
Mary Ingalls: You know your right. For now on, I'll ask you if you're awake.
Mary Ingalls: Laura, are you awake?
Laura Ingalls: No.

"Little House on the Prairie: The In-laws (#7.9)" (1980)
Kavendish: By noon? Is that what he's been telling you?
Almanzo James Wilder: What's funny?
Kavendish: By noon, your father-in-law had us stuck in a bog in the middle of a prairie. And by 1:30, he had driven us on to a dead end! Some shortcut. He had to drive at least five miles back to the road!
Mary Ingalls Kendall: I don't understand any o f this.
Almanzo James Wilder: Well, I sure do. It means your Pa's treatin' us to supper instead of me. I think that I'm gonna have a nice big steak. The biggest one you got. Then I think I'm gonna have two eggs over easy. Then I'm gonna have a nice big side of mushrooms, and a nice green salad. And for dessert, a nice big piece of your peach pie.