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Cauchon (Character)
from The Passion of Joan of Arc (1928)

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"Joan of Arc" (1999)
Bishop Cauchon: As His Majesty's church-appointed spiritual advisor, I advise His Majesty not to take lightly the advice of his church-appointed spiritual advisor.

Bishop Cauchon: Poor, deluded Joan. She has no idea she has put a monster on the throne. Those are my last words as Your Majesty's spiritual advisor.

Bishop Cauchon: [sees Joan dressed in men's clothing again] Oh, God, what have you done? What have you done?
Joan D'Arc: What I confessed, I confessed from fear... but every word was a lie. I retract my abjuration now & for all time.
Bishop Cauchon: You'll die through your own words!
Joan D'Arc: No, dear Bishop... I die through you.

Joan D'Arc: Bishop... the sign that I said I gave to the Dauphin? It, too, was a lie.
Bishop Cauchon: Why?
Joan D'Arc: You asked me to break a vow to God. I saved us both.

Saint Joan (1957)
St.Joan of Arc: Shall I arise from the dead and come back to you, a living woman?
Warwick: Rome made you a saint, we had no hand in the business. Let Rome decide.
Cauchon: Stay where you are, woman. A dead saint is always safer for the Church than a living one...

De Courcelles: Were you in a state of grace when you stole the Bishop's horse?
Cauchon: The devil take the Bishop's horse.

St.Joan of Arc: Be you a saint?
English Soldier: Yes, lady, straight from hell.
Dunois, Bastard of Orleans: A saint, and from hell!
English Soldier: Yes, noble captain, I have a day off. Every year, you know. That's my allowance for my one good action.
Cauchon: Wretch! In all the years of your life did you do only one good action?
English Soldier: I never thought about it: it came natural like. But they scored it up for me.
The Dauphin, Charles VII: What was it?
English Soldier: Why, the silliest thing you ever heard of. I...
St.Joan of Arc: He tied two sticks together, and gave them to a poor lass that was going to be burned.

St.Joan of Arc: [to Cauchon] But what happened to thee? Art thou dead or alive?
Cauchon: Dead. Dishonoured. They pursued me beyond the grave. They excommunicated my dead body; they dug it up and flung it into the sewer.

The Trial of Joan of Arc (1962)
Bishop Cauchon: You must tell your judge the truth.
Jeanne d'Arc: Beware of calling yourself my judge.

Bishop Cauchon: Is it an angel's voice or is it directly from God?
Jeanne d'Arc: It's the voice of St. Catherine and St. Margaret. They wear beautiful crowns.
Bishop Cauchon: How do you know it's those two?
Jeanne d'Arc: They began to guide me seven years ago.

Bishop Cauchon: Which do you love more: your flag or your sword?
Jeanne d'Arc: My flag, 40 times over.
Bishop Cauchon: Who carried the flag?
Jeanne d'Arc: I did, so as to kill no one. I've never killed.

Bishop Cauchon: Do your saints hate the English?
Jeanne d'Arc: They love what Our Lord loves and hate what he hates.
Bishop Cauchon: Does God hate the English?
Jeanne d'Arc: Whether he loves or hates them I don't know. I only know they'll be driven from France or die here.

The Passion of Joan of Arc (1928)
Évêque Pierre Cauchon (Bishop Pierre Cauchon): So you think God hates the English?
Jeanne d'Arc: I don't know if God loves or hates the English; but I do know that the English will all be chased from France - except those that die here!

Évêque Pierre Cauchon (Bishop Pierre Cauchon): Why do you wear men's clothing? If we give you woman's clothing, would you wear it?
Jeanne d'Arc: When the mission that God has entrusted to me is over, I will again dress as a woman.

Évêque Pierre Cauchon (Bishop Pierre Cauchon): How do you know a good angel from an evil angel?

The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc (1999)
Pierre Cauchon: Joan, be careful, you're not helping yourself by refusing to submit to our judgment.
Joan of Arc: You, who claimed to be my judges, you'll be careful, for you too one day will be judged.

Cauchon: Father Vincente, you're the most venerable among us. What do you think?
Father Vincente: I think this trial is a masquerade, and I won't be part of it anymore. I'm willing to be her judge, but not her executioner.
Cauchon: That's what I'm trying to ensure.
Father Vincente: [In a reproving tone] A verdict comes at the end of a trial, Cauchon, not at the beginning.

Joan of Arc (1948)
Pierre Cauchon: Just who's side are you on?
John, Count of Luxembourg: The same side that we are all on - the *me* side.