Le roi Louis XI
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Le roi Louis XI (Character)
from Miracle of the Wolves (1924)

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The Vagabond King (1956)
King Louis XI: Once more the shadows darken Paris, and now Charles proposes to hang me from one of my own apple trees - no doubt from the very one I was saving for him.

King's Aid: Salmon do not swim back once they have slipped through your fingers.
King Louis XI: Alas, your bird has flown, Brother Short-Life, but don't fret. I'll clip his wings for him in my own time.

King Louis XI: Your fine-feathered suitor has been revealed in his true plumage.

King Louis XI: Master Villon, you can render your country a great service before you die. You notice that I said "the country" and not "king?"
François Villon: Why the distinction, your majesty?
King Louis XI: Because you seem to have the impression that the king is not as patriotic as you are.
François Villon: The fault is not mine, sire.

Quentin Durward (1955)
King Louis XI: [Louis and Burgundy are arguing over which faction to marry Isabelle into] Wait. I have a revolutionary proposal. A shocking proposal. Let us stand aside. Both of us. Let us allow the lady to marry whom she pleases.
Charles, Duke of Burgundy: Marry whom she pleases? I'm too astonished to speak!
King Louis XI: It's rather an immoral notion.
Charles, Duke of Burgundy: You're up to something!

King Louis XI: [Lady Isabelle has selected Durward as a husband] Quentin Durward? Preposterous! No, no.
Charles, Duke of Burgundy: But you agreed. Now, why not?
King Louis XI: It's ridiculous, he's poor, he's a foreigner, he's honest... I don't trust him!

The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1939)
[Watching Esmeralda dance]
Louis XI, King of France: Doesn't she make your pulse beat faster?
The King's Physician: I'm a widower four times, sire, but I could begin all over again.

Louis XI, King of France: Doctor, lend me half a livre.
The King's Physician: Half a livre?
Louis XI, King of France: Afraid I won't repay you?

The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc (1999)
Charles VII: Hey, shouldn't you be learning your lessons?
Louis XI - 5 Years Old: I don't want to learn. I want to fight.
Charles VII: You will, you will. But for now you must at least learn to wipe your nose.