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Louis XV (Character)
from Fan-Fan the Tulip (1952)

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Du Barry Was a Lady (1943)
King Louis XV: [singing] Tra-la-la-la-la-la-la-la you've come to wash my face!
Maids: [singing in return] Tra-la-la-la-la-la-la-la we've come to wash your face!

Ginny: Can't you see I love you and want you for the father of my children?
Louis Blore: I didn't know you had any!

Louis Blore: You remind me of one of those girls in Esquire, the ones with clothes on, of course.

Louis Blore: Money ain't changed *me*, I'm still lovable!

May Daly: I see you want to buy me.
Louis Blore: Gosh no, Miss Daly, I want to marry you!

King Louis XV: What's this?
Duc de Rigor: Your breakfast, Sire.
King Louis XV: Well, who eats who?

King Louis XV: What's the setup around here, am I really the King?
Dauphin: Anyone who says you ain't, dies.

King Louis XV: Don't you know that kings can do no wrong?
Madame Du Barry: That's my plan!

Duc de Rigor: Who dares to interfere?
King Louis XV: Me! My Majesty!

Ginny: You never look at me like that.
Louis Blore: You never look like that.

Louis Blore: She's just excited. She's never married me before.

Charlie: We'll slip him a Rooney.
Louis Blore: A Rooney? What's that?
Charlie: It's a high-powered Mickey.

Alec Howe: You know, it's too bad May couldn't marry for love *and* money.
Louis Blore: You mean sort of a double wedding?

Louis Blore: Here's to I, May, and you - the eternal rectangle. If this was back in the glorious days of France, I would be King Louis, May would be Du Barry, and you would be one of the common folks - a peasant.

King Louis XV: Hey! Men don't kiss men!
Dauphin: They do in France, Pop.

King Louis XV: We'll give him a fair trial. Then we'll hang him.

King Louis XV: For parading without a license each of you gets thirty days. For planning to knock me off, you get the guillotine.

King Louis XV: Wait a minute, son, how old are you?
Dauphin: 32.
King Louis XV: Hey, that doesn't make sense! I'm only 28!

Marie Antoinette (1938)
King Louis XV: [presenting Marie to Louis the Dauphin on their wedding night] Louis, I cast this pearl before you.

Duke d'Orléans: Bravo, witty & beautiful. Oh most rare lady. To the King:Sire.
Mme. du Barry: Oh, his Grace d'Orleans. I've been waiting.
Duke d'Orléans: I'm desolate.
Mme. du Barry: His grace is late.
Duke d'Orléans: The loss is mine, Madame.
Mme. du Barry: Flatter, I believe you want something.
Duke d'Orléans: Let's see. Why, of course I do. I want to be Grand Admiral of France
Mme. du Barry: Laughing: And can we resist him? He has all the charm of a sailor.
Duke d'Orléans: You're too kind.
Mme. du Barry: Oh, but you have. And I've know lots of sailors. All fancy lads. And all liars.
King Louis XV: What? What?
Mme. du Barry: Handing the pamphlet to the King:Read this little sea ballad. It's about me. This couch, the one you gave me, it was pinned there. Oh, I'll read it! "Is this the couch of a princess? Is this the couch of a duchess? Oh, no indeed twa-la, twa-la. It's only the couch of a laundress."
King Louis XV: Who wrote this?
Mme. du Barry: Ask his Grace d'Oleans.
Duke d'Orléans: Why,I deny it sire.
Mme. du Barry: He had it written. He paid for it. He has writers by the dozen. Riff-raff! Against the state, against you, against me and blast your eyes I never was a laundress, I was a milliner!
Duke d'Orléans: If Madame will kindly permit me to assure her that I...
Mme. du Barry: You fool! I could've made you the biggest man in Paris, but you weren't smart enough. You let me find you out!
Duke d'Orléans: That has its pleasant side, Madame. For to be frank as these gentleman would like to be, I am as weary of paying homage to the somewhat overblown charms of the ladies who rule our ruler as the people are paying their bills.
Mme. du Barry: You royal lout!
King Louis XV: This is enough! You can't forget, cousin, that your great-grandfather was Regent of France. You have his ambition, but without his talent. No, I'm not afraid of you, nor of the nobles, nor of the people, nor of ideas. The state will last my time. After me, the deluge.
Duke d'Orléans: Taking leave & bowing to the King: With your permission, Your Majesty.
King Louis XV: And take care, cousin. The liberals you encourage for your ends, they'll destroy you for theirs. Good morning!
Mme. du Barry: Laughing hysterically: His face when he saw the pamphlet!

Mme. du Barry: I'm late, Madame, but with His Majesty's permission... a slight headache.
Marie: I'm so sorry, Madame. It was a pleasure delayed.
Mme. du Barry: For me too, Madame. I might say a triumph.
Marie: You're very kind.
Mme. du Barry: I presume I shall not have the honor of meeting his Royal Highness?
Marie: My husband does not care for dancing, madame.
Mme. du Barry: Quite the family man, isn't he? The fireside, the nursing room and all that? To the duc Orleans: Well, here is my old friend and how well he takes the husband's place!
Marie: I'm sorry you feel your triumph incomplete, madame. My husband has better sense than I. He knows where to draw the line.
King Louis XV: To du Berry: Will you dance, Madame?
Mme. du Barry: Ignoring the King's request: So that's it? I'm dirt, ah? Not good enough for your high and mightiness?
Marie: But, nooo, madame! Royalty loves an occasional roll in the gutter, don't they Grand-pappa?
King Louis XV: Madame!
Marie: Ignoring the King's dismay at her rudeness: I enjoy nothing more than meeting people of broad experience.
King Louis XV: To both Marie-Antionette & du Berry: Recollect yourselves!
Marie: Still ignoring the King: You see I've never walked the streets of Paris, but I am sure you could tell me something about that.
King Louis XV: To du Berry: You will prefer to leave, madame, as I do.

King Louis XV: What's the meaning of this? Why are you here?
King Louis XVI: I don't want her to be sent back!
King Louis XV: Ha, ha! Indeed.
Mme. du Barry: [Sharply to Louis XVI] His majesty is not well!
King Louis XVI: [Ignoring du Barry] But it isn't her fault! Don't you understand?
King Louis XV: [Looking up to Du Barry with confusion] What? What's he talking about?
Mme. du Barry: [Even more sharply to Louis XVI] Will you go, please?
King Louis XVI: No! You get out!
[Then to the king & now pleading on his knees]
King Louis XVI: Listen, grandfather, it's going to be different now...
King Louis XV: Get up you fool! Your argument is as unimpressive as your appearance. Your wife goes back to Austria! Your marriage will be annulled! I'll hear no more of it!
[Looking frail & weak he starts coughing uncontrollably & waves him impatiently away]
King Louis XV: Get out! Get out!
King Louis XVI: I'll get out, but I'll come back! I'll come back when your dead! I'll be king then!
King Louis XV: Silence!
King Louis XVI: [Ignoring the king he turns to du Barry] And you! You know what will happen to you when I'm king? There are places for women like you in the Bastille!
Mme. du Barry: Stop it!
[to the king]
Mme. du Barry: Make him stop!
King Louis XV: Silence!
King Louis XVI: I'm going to have my wife back! I'm going to have children! I know!
[he starts loosing his composure]
King Louis XVI: But you... your weak! Your not going to live long! I'll be sitting there and you'll be dead!
King Louis XV: [Trembling with anger he starts to rise] Be silent!
King Louis XVI: [Roughly shoving the king down hard] Sit down!
[Then with shame he hangs his head as he leaves]
King Louis XVI: Forgive me, sire. I didn't mean to touch you. Forgive me.

Marie Antoinette (2006)
Louis XV: [on his death bed] Bring me Du Barry.
Duc de Choiseul: She is gone.

Duc de Choiseul: [about Louis and Antoinette's wedding night] Appearently... nothing happened.
Louis XV: [surprised] Nothing?
Duc de Choiseul: Nothing, my lord.
Madame du Barry: [chuckling] Oh, dear!

Louis XV: [blessing Louis and Antoinette's marriage] Good luck and good work.

Monsieur Beaucaire (1946)
King Louis XV: [to le Chandre, referring to his mistress, Madame Pompadour] Should I chance to find her, I'm afraid I shall have your head...
[to Beaucaire]
King Louis XV: ... and yours too!
Monsieur Beaucaire: Naturally! Two heads are better than one!

King Louis XV: know how I am about weddings.
The Queen of France: Do you remember? Louis? Our wedding?
King Louis XV: Hanh?
The Queen of France: Ours.
King Louis XV: [Recalling the past fondly] Of course, I do. Forty years ago. Ah, My Dear, you were the most beautiful, the most radiant woman in all France.
The Queen of France: Oh, Louis!
King Louis XV: Yes, My Dear, you were. When I look at you today...
[Changing mood]
King Louis XV: Forty years is a long time!

When a Man Loves (1927)
Louis XV - King of France: [to Fabien] You are much too good a cheat to go to prison. You must come to court.

Louis XV - King of France: She is a little Venus, present her to me!

"Doctor Who: The Girl in the Fireplace (#2.4)" (2006)
[first lines]
[members of the royal court are running and screaming]
King Louis: We are under attack! There are creatures - I don't even think they're human - we can't stop them!
Madame Du Pompadour: [staring at a broken clock on the mantel] The clock is broken. He's coming.
King Louis: Did you hear what I said?
Madame Du Pompadour: [she turns and steps up to him] Listen to me: there is a man coming to Versailles. He has watched over me my whole life, and he will not desert me tonight.
King Louis: What are you talking about? What man?
Madame Du Pompadour: The only man, save you, I have ever loved.
Madame Du Pompadour: [King Louis XV's face turns angry and insulted at the revelation] No. Don't look like that. There's no time. You have your duties. I am your mistress. Go to your queen.
Madame Du Pompadour: [crouches in front of the fireplace and speaks loudly into the fire] Are you there? Can you hear me? I need you, now! You promised! The clock on the mantel is broken! It is time! Doctor! Doctor!