Peyton Kelly
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Peyton Kelly (Character)
from The Game Plan (2007)

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The Game Plan (2007)
[repeated lines]
Peyton Kelly: Stupid is a mean word.
Kyle Cooper: No it isn't.
Peyton Kelly: Yes it is.
Kyle Cooper: No it isn't.
Peyton Kelly: Yes it is.

Peyton Kelly: My mommy says Fanny's Burgers make kids fat and give you gas.

Karen Kelly: How are things going there?
Peyton Kelly: Terrific, the food's not all that great, but my room is huge.

Joe Kingman: What did you put in those cookies?
Peyton Kelly: Um, milk, flour, eggs, cinnamon.
Joe Kingman: Cinammon? I'm allergic to cinnamon!
Peyton Kelly: I'm sorry.
Joe Kingman: You're sowry? I'm talking like t'his and all you can say is you're sowry?
Peyton Kelly: I'm allergic to nuts.

Joe Kingman: Then you get inside people's minds, and you drive them crazy, just like her!
Peyton Kelly: Well at least I got a mind, because if I didn't, I'd be just like you!

Joe Kingman: My dad never let me have sugar.
Peyton Kelly: Is that why you never smile?

Peyton Kelly: [to Joe] My name is Peyton. I'm your daughter.

Peyton Kelly: My mom says that she fell in love with you because you played guitar and you sounded just like Elvis.
Joe Kingman: Really?
Joe Kingman: [in Elvis voice] Well, what do you think?
Peyton Kelly: I think she was tone deaf, and you sound more like a wounded moose than the King.
Joe Kingman: Ohh, a wounded moose?

Joe Kingman: Well, who are you here with?
Peyton Kelly: My father.
Joe Kingman: Well you better go get him, because I'm sure he's looking for you.
Peyton Kelly: He's not looking for me.
Joe Kingman: How do you know?
Peyton Kelly: Because he's looking *at* me.
Joe Kingman: What?
Peyton Kelly: Hi, we've never met before, you were married to my mom, Sara. Sara Kelly. My name is Peyton. I'm your daughter.

Karen Kelly: [During a group hug] Joe...
Peyton Kelly: Daddy...
Karen Kelly, Peyton Kelly: Can't breathe.
Joe Kingman: Me neither.
[They let go of each other]

Joe Kingman: You know what? It's all coming back to me. Of course. All the talking, and the arguing and the complaining! And you know what? You're just like her!
Peyton Kelly: Oh yeah?
Joe Kingman: Yeah. You think you're right about everything, just like her?
Peyton Kelly: What else?
Joe Kingman: You scrunch your nose when you get angry, just like her!
Peyton Kelly: Keep it coming!
Joe Kingman: You're always working me with those big brown eyes... Well actually it's really cute, but it doesn't matter. Because it's just like her!
Peyton Kelly: Is that all you got?
Joe Kingman: And then you get inside of people's minds and drive them crazy, just like her!
Peyton Kelly: Well at least I got a mind, because if I didn't I'd be JUST LIKE YOU!
Joe Kingman: Well I'm lucky. Because as far as I'm concerned, you are NOTHING like me!
Peyton Kelly: Good, because I am sick of it here!
Joe Kingman: Well what do you want from me?
Peyton Kelly: AAH!
Joe Kingman: Don't turn your back on me young lady! Tell me what you want!
Peyton Kelly: MY MOM!